Toolbar - Handle Bar - Flight Menu (triangle) will not disappear

v1.18.13 .0 My Flight Menu (triangle) will not disappear. Mouse over an open panel (like the map) and it does disappear, only to return when I move the mouse back over the main screen. I have reported this to the ZenDesk.


I just came here to report the same. In windowed mode, if you move the mouse arrow outside of the screen/window, the toolbar pull down tab (triangle) will disappear, but in full screen mode, it simply won’t go away (unlike previous versions).

it will disappear if you click an arrow key but be back as soon as you move the mouse.

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This sounds like a reproducible bug. I’d advise that you post this in the bugs section of this forum to let people vote on it.

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Why does the toolbar indicator at the top of the screen not disappear anymore since the latest update? Why do some controls inside the cockpit light up blue? Is this a simulator or a game? Been flying Microsoft Flight Simulator since 1995 FSX kind of nice but come on remove all the addons to update things that do not improve the game ? Just to change things? Been checking it out for a month now and yes the graphics are to kill for wish they were in FSX but come on man just another marketing ploy to sell XBox if you ask me rather disappointed


Hi there,
I moved your post to Bugs & Issues, and I also gave it a vote, because it’s happening to me, too.


Same here. Menu does not go away anymore.

Two options from fellow simmers:

  1. If you press the “up” arrow key (or some other keys) it goes away (haven´t tested yet’.
    2.This mod No Handle Bar » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Same Probleme here.

A quick tap of the up / down / left / right arrow key makes it go away until you move the mouse. Thanks for the tip re: No Handle Bar.

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Same Prob here, i will test the mod now.

Seems to be also a prob with thrustmaster joystick TM16000.
After the update yesterday, my joystick is like a controller. I can navigate thrue the menu with the over view arrows. The white triangle fo me only disappear when i use the view button on my joystick. Before, it was enough, not to move the mouse for couple seconds. Something is really wrong now… Trimm also works not perfect, testet with the c172.

Experiencing this issue also. Sigh.

It ruins all my screenshots now

Update: It doesn’t anymore since I found the posts in this thread saying that pressing an arrow key starts the fadeout


get the mod: No Handle Bar » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Looks like this has already been asked, but does anyone know how to hide the menu bar?

Yes , if pc user there is an add on that you can use called no toolbar handler from the website flight
But if your Xbox customer I don’t know , sorry

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Wunderbar! Works perfectly - thank you!!


Get the No Handlebar mod posted by GhostlyFrend and Speedbrake22.

For the blue highlighted controls and switches, turn off the tooltips options in Accessibility settings.

Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.
Community folder is empty, no mods from the marketplace apart from world updates.
Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
Brief description of the issue:
When starting any flight from the world map, the top handle bar (the one with the small arrow pointing down) remains visible. This bar used to auto hide after 5 seconds approximately. The only to hide it is to click on another software/desktop to remove the focus from the sim.
This is a small issue that can ruin screenshots - see below

I have unplugged my mouse and tried different strategies to make it wasn’t a mouse twitching or moving constantly.
Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:


Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Simply go to the world map, pick any airport and plane.
The first set of screenshot is the floaters xcub in the Lofoten Islands discovery flight
The third screenshot is the Bonanza flying from CYBY to LFVP - live weather
Last 2 screenshots is from CYFD in the Cessna 172
PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
Not applicable.
Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
Microsoft Store version
Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?
Request #112587

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Press arrow button.


Thanks for the indication.
Pressing any arrow key will hide the handle bar, until you click somewhere in the cockpit/sim again or move the mouse.
I’d consider it a workaround, as it needs to be pressed after every interaction or mouse movement in the sim.

Thanks for figuring this one out, I wouldn’t have thought of it!

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