Toolbar Pushback

Toolbar Pushback gives you full control over your pushback! Control the tug direction with your rudder pedals, joystick, keyboard or mouse and steplessly adjust the tug speed to your liking. All natively from within Flight Simulator without the need for running any apps or alt tabbing out of the sim. Additionally, ground services can be called with a click of a button.


  • Download the latest release of “Toolbar Pushback” from
  • Extract the zip file into the community folder
  • Press the Pushback Icon in the Flight Simulator Toolbar or press the classic “shift + p”
  • Enjoy and happy pushbacking!


Feel free to ask questions, show your appreciation and spread the word :wink:


Reserved post.

Great work! Finally a tool to control all ground services inside the sim!


Thanks, much more convenient than an external tool that I always forget to start up :+1:


Really cool!

And already more or less predicting the future of pushback with an electric motor in the nose wheel. See: The FUTURE of PUSHBACK is ELECTRIC! Without a pushback truck! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE - YouTube

A suggestion: when setting the parking brake you get feedback with a changing button color. Maybe that’s also a good idea for other buttons.

Thanks for this excellent and creative addon.

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Thanks for your comments!

I’ve released an update (v1.0.1) on that fixes two bugs and improves the UI.


I’ve seen the video. Very interesting concept, but not sure if that’ll make it to mass production. For the passengers it would be a huge time saving though and a lot less hazardous for the ground crew.


Added your suggestion on my todo list :wink:

A massive thank you! This has to be one of the best utilities I have ever seen for MSFS. It works so flawlessly and is a great enhancement.

Gone are the days when I have to worry about how on earth I am going to satisfactorily get my aircraft out of this tight parking spot without ending up on the grass!


wow this is just amazing! normally in other platforms there’s no native feature like this and the aircraft devs have to spend a lot of time adding functions, graphics etc to enable the user to do the pushback and stuff (For example Simcoders C172 dev had to code exactly this but by himself as the core sim doens’t have them), but this addon renders all that hard work unnecessary, which many aircraft devs will appreciate.


Thanks for the update and the to-do-list extension. Just installed it and had a look.

If I may give another suggestion: It would be nice if the dialog-window of the addon could be shown and hidden with a keyboard-binding just like the VFR-map and ATC. You can call it indeed with Shift-P, but for hiding it after use you have to use the mouse.

This is a true marvel, it beats any alternative out there including payware. It has all the options and it is fully integrated in the UI. You can even use the rudder for steering, I couldn’t ask for any more. I hope it gets the attention it deserves. I don’t think Asobo needs to worry about developing the pushback feature any further because this is the definitive answer to your pushback needs.


Wow, nearly perfect Pushback Tool! Thank you so much! :+1:
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Amazing add on, but is there a solution to keep the stairs longer?

^ the stairs can’t be forced to stay (it’s a wider issue within MSFS affecting all mods that control ground services…

Side note:
I think this is awesome! I’ve made a video on it and discussed the differences between this, FS2Crew’s payware Pushback Express and the well known Pushback Helper (also free)… won’t take long for you to work out which is my favourite!


out of curiosity, how did you make it look like the native UI? :smiley:

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I’m interested in this too - I’ve got a few ideas for some add-ons and I like this implementation. From a programming perspective, @AmbitiousPilots, can you give us a hint?

Love the addon!

@Tamalien Appreciated!

@EvidencePlz Think so too!

@Sansemiano You call it with shift + p. What key combo would you think of for closing the add-on?

@puffycumulus @Nixm4n Great to hear you enjoy Toolbar Pushback!

@BritishAvgk Nice review! Thanks for that.

@omarsmak @Midcon113 I’m currently not planning on making the add-on open source.

@Nassef77 Like BritishAvgk said, this is caused by the simulator itself. But I’m experimenting on a workaround.


@AmbitiousPilots - let me rephrase my question - can you direct me to something to help get me started on a UI interface add-on? Not looking to copy your code, just looking for a starting point. I’ve been searching through the SDK and don’t see much on UI stuff for examples or anything. What I’m thinking of has nothing to do with pushbacks. :slight_smile:

Love this!

Please add a way to close the window. I am trying to go completely mouseless.


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Can we bind the Start/Stop command into a joystick button? as well as the Pushback Reverse and Forward commands as well.

I like using this tool, but I don’t like having the panel open when I want to start and control my pushback. I was wondering if I can still start pushback, reverse, making my turn, switch to forward, and stop pushback all using my joystick buttons and rudder controls.

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Yes very happy with this addon. Big congratulations and thanks to the creator(s).

It works flawlessly. This kind of integrated addon (as opposed to having to load up separately) is the way forward. Would love to see the same integration for replay/playback of 3rd party addons.

Thanks again for your work.