Top 5 favourite aircraft to fly in MSFS2020?

For me the choice of aircraft has been coloured by the stability of the sim over time since release. I came into this back in August as a commercial aircraft flyer but back then things were such that the only reliable platform was the smaller GA aircraft. I’ll be honest, I’ve had sufficient fun, albeit interspersed with periods of intense frustration, that I’ve yet to go back to the big jets. I’m not even thinking about the FBW until its available on the store as I really don’t want to start accumulating vast amounts of gigabytes in the community folder. Accordingly my 3rd party acquisitions have also all been acquired via the store and the only things cluttering up my community folder are liveries and my Navigraph data. All of that said my go to airframes as of today are as follows:

#5. Cirrus SR22.
For those journeys that are low and slow my favourite single prop is the SR22. It has a reasonable turn of speed and the avionics are clean enough to be able to be operated in flight if you want to change your route or approach.

#4. Embraer Bandeirante
The closest thing I’ve got to an airliner. It’s multi purpose role and avionics makes it more fun to fly than the Caravan although it is let down by its speed.

#3 TBM 930
Fantastic aircraft, Fast, easy to fly and easy to update the GPS in flight. If you’re looking to do some extended journeys and don’t want to spend forever doing it then this is the aircraft for you. Let down by the turboprop issues which have probably got many of us into bad habits when trying to balance torque with speed but overall it has been great fun to date.

#2 Piper Seneca V
My latest acquisition, and after a period of orientation fast becoming my favourite aircraft. The combination of steam guages and baby Garmins makes it very easy to fly. Once again speed isn’t great but an hour’s flying will still find you over 200 miles from your starting point.

#1 King Air 350i
The perfect balance between the speed of the TBM and the enjoyment of the Seneca. It takes a while to learn the intricacies of the touch screen MFD, which is so different from other planes in the sim, but then once you learn where everything is it all becomes second nature and you just end up flying all over the world in it.

So there’s my top 5. What’s yours?

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My Top 5

  1. Daher TBM 930
    Excellent prop job for longer journeys with some decent speed. To my mind, a decent feel and works a treat.

  2. AIrbus A320
    Only because I’m enjoying being in an airliner again - mostly works really well after some help from the forum. Worst part of it is the take off control - nose drops like an axe so easily. Rest of it works well, and at least the screens don’t flicker like they did on XP11!!

  3. Longtitude
    Brick of a jet, but fun to fly. Absolute brute to land, but again fun to be in a jet again.

  4. Baron
    Reliable - have always loved flying the Baron in this and other sims. Nice to have a Baron with a GPS system on board - the one in XP11 that was freeware was a great idea but had serious stability problems with a bouncing nose when autopilot engaged.

  5. FlyByWire’s A32NX Airbus - really excellent - hugely detailed and enhanced with the iPad-like control on side window. Links to 3rd party flight planning. Huge fun to fly.

Savage Cub- great fun for hands on flying and hopping from Airstrip to Airstrip

Cessna 208 - awesome for all purposes - I use this plane on my Wolrd Tour now for weeks. It’s just perfect for this purpose as it handles well in all conditions and surroundings and is faster than it looks.

Cirrus SR 22 - really nice for cruising in AP and loking at the world

Robin DR400 - hands-on flying and awesome view from the cockpit

Citation Longitude - for long legs

My favourite?

AIRBUS A320 neo

For the love of the IFR

Cirrus rs22

Nice for world tour

Bonanza 136

My Best choose for groups flight

Cessna 152

Just because is the only ones i have my custom livery for it.

Savage cub

STALL landing on heliport or stand :upside_down_face: :joy:


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As it stands, my top five are as follows:-

FlyInside Bell 47G
GotGravel Savage Vertigo
FBW A320
Aerosoft CRJ

The order below my first choice however, is a little arbitrary, as I’m more or less just flying the Bell 47G at the moment.

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My favourite, just the A32nx mod.

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JustFlight’s Piper Arrow lll
Seneca V
M20 Ovation

That’s only four, I know


#5 Pitts, just because it is exciting to fly a looping with it :stuck_out_tongue:

#4 Cessna L-19 i regard that as the easiest tail dragger

#3 Kitfox-STI for the opposite reason (it’s difficult) and it can take off short

#2 Blériot XI for the challenge of landing it and the nice pictures

#1 C152, aircraft accounts for ca 80% of my flights

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  1. Flyinside Bell 47G
  2. Savage Cub
  3. FlyingIron Spitfire
  4. Cessna 152
  5. See no.1 (haven’t flown anything else since it released)
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The TBM and the Xcub. I like the Pipistrel too but not the GPS.
I don’t like the SR22 (and all the planes with the G1000) : too cumbersome to use with a mouse ! And you cannot see very well outside from the cockpit of the SR22.

Airliners all…the…way. GAs are so boring. :slight_smile:

  1. Just Flight PA28R Arrow III
  2. Carenado Mooney
  3. Baron
  4. C172
  5. Savage Cub

As of now:

  1. Vertigo turbo prop racer
  2. H135
  3. Carenado Mooney Ovation
  4. SR22
  5. C172
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My favorites:
#5 747-8
#4 the Longitude
#3 the KingAir
#2 the A320
#1 Aerosoft CRJ

My favorites.

  1. JF Arrow III
  2. TBM 930
  3. Cessna Longitude
  4. Cessna C-172 (Steam version)
  5. Extra 300LT
  1. Bonanza
  2. Baron
  3. TBM
  4. Longitude
  5. Longitude with mods
  1. Spitfire
  2. Spitfire
  3. Spitfire
  4. FBW A320
  5. TBM 930
  1. MB-339
  2. JMB VL-3
  3. King Air 350i
  4. Milviz Corsair
  5. Pitts.
  1. Airbus H135
  2. Just Flight Arrow
  3. ATSimulations P.149D
  4. Sim Skunk Works Fiat G.91
  5. Milvis FG-1D Corsair

I don’t have 5 but only 2…

  1. H135
  2. 787