Track IR not recognized after FS2020 has started

Today in mid-flight my track IR was gone although it was working perfectly fine just before that. I unplugged it restart Track Ir software then replugged it and it was recognised again in the track ir software. But For FS2020, the device was gone and not detected anymore (no blue light), my view remained stuck on the overhead panel and I couldn’t figure a way to reset it to center.

Is there a workaround to make track ir recogised by FS if it usb plugged after the game has started?

thanks for any help


Yves lefevre


I have always found that TrackIR is not usually detected reliably by software if the software is already running. It tends to be mostly reliable if the TrackIR is already connected and the TrackIR software running before starting the software/sim/game.

I get that in your particular situation there was a problem causing TrackIR to stop working while already in use though. I cannot think of what key re-centres your view, but you should find it under cockpit cameras somewhere in the options.

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A bit of an aside but what is a realistic price these days to pay for the latest TrackIR and the required TrackIR headgear? So many other things are in short supply and are being price-gouged. Just wondering if Track IR has leapt up in price, too, and whether I should wait for the buying frenzy to die down?

Edit_Update: To answer my own question, it doesn’t seem like the cost of the TrackIR 5 Pro Bundle has changed much, if at all, since February, 2020, and I ordered one directly from Natural Point based on the recommendation of “Tim Pilotman” in the just-published Gizmodo FS 2020 review of how much the TrackIR setup adds to the sim visual experience (and he’s supposed a real regional jet airliner pilot, apparently new to MSFS). Interesting, Laudatory, and Honest Review of MSFS in Gizmodo

When I get my TrackIR in 2 to 3 weeks, I’ll post my experience using it with my MSFS setup in this thread.

You have to switch to the TrackIR software and press F12 by default to set the view to your current head position. Ideally, you need to be facing forward with your head level (of course).

If you updated the TrackIR software to pick up the FS2020 configuration, you will know if TrackIR is linked to Flight Simulator by two green lights on the sensor. I have the TrackClip version.


Have anyone found a solution to restarting Trackir mid game.
Have had 2 trackie crashes today. My wiev is sticking out of the cockpit and remains frozen. Nothing I can do in game works. It appears that it is when I look away for awhile the crash occur. Anyone tried this?
Looking at the trackir interphase the display with the grid is gone and only a black screen.
Then I have to turn off Trackir and turn on again but it is not recognised by Mfs. Tried the DCS workaround unplugging/,replughing the USB…no joy.
Last trackir version.

Anyone with a suggestion


I can launch MSFS 2020, load a .FLT file, click Fly, then hit my SET PAUSE ON key shortcut, and after that launch TrackIR 5. So basically, I don’t have any problem launching and having TrackIR work great when I am already in mid-flight. As Mr. MooreySJ mentioned, after updates (don’t know if it was TrackIR or MSFS), both lights on the TrackIR camera will light showing the TrackIR software is active and it recognizes MSFS as software to interact with (whereas before recent updates only the left TrackIR light came on):

TrackIR 5

  • Left Green : A clip IS being tracked.
  • Right Green : A TrackIR Enhanced Title IS running and has registered with the TrackIR software to receive tracking data.

Is your TrackIR version 5 or an earlier version?

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Will try the pause on. Assumes this is the pause key not mapped by default, not esc or active pause.

I loose the right green light when this happens.

Will also try and reinstall the trackir software if I can find where my profiles are stored. Would hate to loose them.

@KeepingCoder267 I see your problem. Launching TrackIR after loading MSFS and an .FLT file works de novo for me (and the right green light comes on-sometimes there’s a bit of a delay before it kicks in). But if I exit the TrackIR app (through the SysTrack EXIT option for TrackIR) when MSFS is still running, I’m lucky if I can relaunch and have TrackIR restart and track head movement again. If the relaunch works but I exit TrackIR again, I can’t relaunch and get it to connect a third time. But if I exit MSFS and relaunch MSFS then both green lights come on right before the Xbox Game Studios splash screen and head tracking works great.

So I’m lucky. Once I start TrackIR and launch MSFS, everything is very stable, both MSFS and TrackIR. And if I forget to turn on TrackIR before launching MSFS, I can dependably turn on TrackIR ONCE after MSFS is already running but I don’t seem to be able to have TrackIR stop and then successfully restart it a second time or more.

I am using the pause key (SET PAUSE ON) that’s not mapped by default, not ESC or Active Pause.

If it makes any difference, I’m running with Maximum Performance settings for Dell, Game Mode on, and in Advanced Performance settings for Windows, I’ve given background processes preference over Programs.

Edit_Update: My profiles are stored at C:\Users\jim_l\AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5\Profiles

Thanks alot for a very detailed input. Have just had a 1 hour flight in tha Cessna 172 completely uneventful despite trying to look down or away or trick trackir/sim to misbehave. So far so good. My 3 freeze issues yestoday were all in the TBM. Will try that later today as well as turning trackir on, off like you.
Thanks for the trackir profile path.

Here’s what I’m pretty sure is happening: Since update 5 or so, there has been a mappable command to disable head tracking. The problem is, when you look away or the Track IR loses tracking, it toggles this to disabled.

A workaround is to map a key or button to toggle the head tracking back on if this happens. I have been troubleshooting this for weeks and this is the only reliable way to correct without restarting Flight Sim.

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Oy, this literally just started happening for me the first time I tried to fly with the GOTY edition.

I have a HOTAS button mapped to “Pause TrackIR” (usually F9) for times when I want to manipulate switches or otherwise keep a fixed view.

It took me quite a while to figure out how the sim messed up my TrackIR setup; it became clear when I had the Camera menu open, clicked on the TrackIR Enable slider, then watched it go back to Disable as soon as I hit TrackIR Pause.

Beats me why they felt the need to change this behavior.

I’ve never had MFS ( or DCS for that matter ) detect TIR if I start the trackIR exe after the game - what is new is ( as above ) hitting F9 not only disabling trackIR tracking but moving the camera to a different position - this is driving me nuts, honestly. Has anyone come up with a workaround? what also turns tracking off now is if there’s a minor USB reset & the camera blinks off momentarily, or even if the camera just loses the tracker momentarily ( like if you just turn your head too far or there’s a flash of light ). The bug thread for this seems to be closed.

Edit: not only that but sometimes if there’s a momentary loss of detection the game refuses to re-enable tracking completely. Please just remove all this autodetection & just let us turn the thing on & off ourselves… or just leave it on permanently & just not move the ingame camera if there’s no movement from the TIR device…


I am having the problem beginning with the GOTY edition and cannot get this fixed. KellyHrdina is yours fixed or did you just discover what is going on? MSFS team please work to fix this! The game is unplayable for me at this time.

Definitely not fixed, @PRTHDBOB1 .

There is another (much longer) thread for this topic that has some workarounds but they don’t really help me that much. MSFS should really just not decide on its own that when I pause my TrackIR it is “disconnected”.

You can also Vote on this other thread to hopefully help attract the devs’ attention to this issue.

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Hi, I have the same problem disabling Track ir 5. could you explain to me how to deal with the problem? What parameter do you change in the track ir control options?

Salut, J’ai le même problème de désactivation du Track ir 5. pourrais tu m’expliquer la démarche à suivre pour régler le problème? Quel paramètre tu changes dans les options de commande du Track ir?

Oh you beautiful beatiful stranger, I owe you a beer! XD

This was driving me absolutely bonkers. Thanks a million!!

No worries! I found that with a combination of view switching and centering along with turning head tracking on and off with the hotkey, I barely notice when it loses connection, I just look center and hit the button.

Something I Noticed last night with doing some Throttle quadrant programming that here is an event in the event list shown in SPAD.NEXT to enable and disable TRACKIR dunno how long its been around but it definitely turn off and on the capability there is also a keybind that can be used to reenable it if freeze midsimulation. I use that hack myself.

On Flight Simulator’s Joystick settings, select Camera settings. There you can assign a button to External Camera - Change Head Tracking. (Not sure if that’s it in English). When TrackIr stops working, just click that button and it comes back alive (and you can be in cockpit).

For some reason this got spam-binned.

I only changed parameters in game. I did later map a button to the center function in TrackIR software. In game you must map a button to “Enable Head Tracking”

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