TrackIr not working? Try this

If you can’t get TrackIr working in MSFS 2020, you’ll need to download the latest TrackIR game updates: Open the TrackIr Software…top left corner (white ball) of the software - download the latest game updates then restart TrackIr.

I already did that but the SIM don’t even recognize the Track Ir, not even with the app Open

You may have other issues then. Do you get both sensor lights of the TrackIr illuminate when you start the sim?

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Not both, just the left one on before opening the sim

Look in game profiles - lower left…can you see Flight Simulator 2020?

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Yes, i updated them earlier today

I’m at a loss…that’s all I did with mine and it works flawlessly.

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That’s very astonishing how it can improve the sim experience. On x-plane it was a mess using it

I can’t fly without it

One very stupid thing I noticed, if TrackIR is not tracking while MSFS is loading (TrackIR app running but not wearing the hat or not in range) then it won’t be activated during that session.


Another thing I noticed during my re-install of TrackIR - I had to manually choose the MSFS 2020 option during install, it was x’d out in the install dialog.

@Codexus Excellent and best information ever: You must wear the hat when MSFS!

Just like DCS… they’re not smart enough to check at the time of usage, only at startup.

I re-installed TrackIR tonight. That additional install was for Flight Simulator 2002. (old).

Click white globe in top left corner…game updates

I had to reboot computer after game list update then everything worked!