Triple Monitors Support (different resolutions)

Be careful with resolution for triple monitor setup. 3xfull HD (1920x1080) results in 5900x1080 (with bezel correction applied), it’s a lot of pixels already to handle for you GPU. If you go even higher you will probably need 3080 at least with MFS2020.

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This may help:

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I use three monitors and extend the MSFS window approximately 50% across the left & right monitors. This gives me a reasonable side view (with some distortion at the sides) but leaves me space to pop out some of the instruments without them obscuring the FOV.
I am running 4k Acer monitors on a RTX3090 which does help with performance (got fed up waiting for a RTX 3080 which has been on back order since release day).

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Multimonitor is being worked on now and is coming in 2021-2022:


Hi, I also have 3 4K acer monitors, and an RTX3090 (i9-10980XE CPU). When you use MSFS in windowed mode and drag it partially across, are you using 4K resolution in MSFS, or dropping it to a lower resolution? If lower resolution, are you changing the MSFS resolution setting, or changing MSFS graphics settings to lower render scaling–I’ve heard that might be preferable to changing the resolution itself from 4K.
Thanks for your experience,

Sounds like you have a similar build to me.
I have the monitors set at 4K, NVIDIA and MSFS at 4k too. I adjusted the NVIDIA and MSFS graphics settings as per another post on optimising 4K performance and for me overall, I have a good smooth flying experience.

My 2070 SUPER 4K settings and suggestions - episode 2 - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

These setting adjustments were against a RTX2070 but were a good starting point for me. I’m not one of the “must have 60FPS” junkies as I realise that a game of this complexity is never going to achieve that consistently at 4K with todays hardware.

Maybe in the new year I’ll update my motherboard/CPU to one with PCIe4 as I’m sure that will improve performance slightly.
There are lots of posts here reporting people with good graphics cards find they’re limited by CPU single thread and there’s currently a battle between AMD and Intel over who has the best single performance.
Having a CPU with good multithread performance is important but single thread performance is critical for the way MSFS works.
Intel are due to release a new CPU Q1 2021 and from the reports I’ve read, they’re suggesting it will beat the latest AMD CPUs in terms of single thread performance. Time will tell.
I’ll wait to see how the benchmarks turn out before deciding whether to swing in the Intel or AMD direction.


Using one 49 inch ULTRA WIDE and two 29 inch monitors.

I have to play in the WINDOWED MODE always as Nvidia surround doesn’t pick up my configuration due to that Ultrawide monitor in the center probably.

I get that annoying white boundary in windowed mode, if I try to remove it through SRWE software/, it starts giving graphic glitches/artifacts

Is there a way to remove the white boundaries in the windowed mode without the glitches/artifacts through some other software?

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Mark, I just built a 2K 3 monitor setup just for MSFS 2020… only to find out it doesn’t support 3 monitors. I also typically fly the TBM, so I’ll add pictures when I can.

PC Specs: i9 10th gen, RTX 3080, 32gb RAM, 2T SDD

I’ve tried two things thus far to get my 3 monitors to run MSFS:

  1. NVDIA Surround: Even though my resolution shows as 7680x1440 - it’s terribly distorted to the point that it’s not usable in a proper landing/takeoff scenario; I can barely even read the instrument panel when cruising unless you zoom in…

  2. Using windowed mode and dragging MSFS across all three screens: Even when I drop my settings from Ultra (which runs at 35+ FPS on a single monitor or using NVDIA Sync), my performance is so bad it becomes unplayable at 6-7 FPS when landing or approaching scenery

Microsoft needs to address this - I know they have plenty to work on with this game, but lacking multiple monitor support is pretty weak to say the least.

We all feel that way. It is supposedly high on the list but not promised until maybe this year, maybe next.

Consider this as a workaround to avoid distortion on side screens:


Well, thats a buzz kill. Sorry it is not working at 1440p for you. You have the correct gear, for sure.

Consider stepping it down to 1080p (11,059,200px vs 6,220,800px)? What size monitors are you using? The people that I have seen on YT, that have done triples I believe are all using 1080p. That’s why I ask what size monitor you are using. At 1080p with a large monitor/TV in my opinion it becomes to grainy to look at. That is why, for the time being I have decided to continue using a single 4K monitor/TV (8,294,400px).

I’m using 27 inch monitors - I may as well try 1080p, I don’t have anything to lose. Thank you for the help - I appreciate it! I’ll report back once I’ve had a chance to test

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I am new to MSFS and have a 3 monitor setup. I don’t understand how to do the procedure in the quote. How do you move the camera position all the way back (not zoom the actual camera position)? I do have my monitors set at 40* and I am using window mode with about 2/3s of the side monitors for the sim. I use the left over 1/3 of the side monitors for maps, ATC and my CPU/GPU monitor or any anything else I need to have handy.

I don’t remember if my assignments of “translate” camera are still default, but try to use arrows and alt-arrows. It this won’t work check the key assignments for camera translation.
With side displays set at angle you will have some distortions, check this:

1070ti as well, getting 45fps in high on 2560x1080p fullscreen 1 screen, but dropping to 22-26 fps same settings but windowed 3 screens (2x 16:9 1080p + 1x 21:9 1080p). It would indeeed be nice to have something to get a fullscreen option with multiple monitors withi minimal effects on the distorsion and performances

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I really hope that the game developers will soon add the ability to customize 3 monitors in the game. It remains only to wait and hope.

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The date Asobo specified for triple display support is 2021-2022, not very soon :frowning:

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Where can I find information about 3 monitors from Asobo?

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Feedback snapshot, top wishes

In the meantime consider this as a workaround:

OK I am impressed! How did you make this happen!!! I also run triples 5760x1080 on an RTX3080

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