Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight stick Controller (New and available on Nov 17, 2022)

Turtle Beach is going to release or ship its new flight controller soon on Nov 17.
Has TB been working with Asobo to integrate this controller on the upcoming update 11?
I’ve preordered the stick and I wouldn’t be too happy if it is not MSFS compatible.

There really is not anything for Asobo to do. If the flight stick is Windows/Xbox compatible it will work with MSFS.

You can even make your own flight stick and use it in MSFS without any involvement from Asobo.
Just as an example The ROYAL AIR FORCE adopt VR & Microsoft Flight Simulator. I asked the BBMF team why! - YouTube the setup in this video uses 3D printed flight stick and throttle controls with MSFS.

Just arrived today - haven’t set it up yet, but I have unboxed it and fiddled with all of the buttons and axes. I’ve gotta say, for $129, I feel like I stole this thing. Such a marked increase in quality and feel from their VelocityOne yoke. I am so, so impressed!


Mineis arriving tomorrow and being left handed i can retire my hotas one.

Mine’s coming tomorrow also. I wonder if there’s a way to run it through the velocity one or if it takes another usb cable.

Really looking forward to mine coming Saturday. My pedals come tomorrow and I can’t wait to set this pundit the Bell helicopter

Check out all the in-game bindings that are accounted for right out of the box. I had planned to get this thing plugged in and hack it all to heck right away but this is a pretty robust and all encompassing array of things to play with here. With one USB-C cable. Cool!

What are peoples thoughts on the new flightstick. One YTube review is very positive. Waiting for mine to be delivered.
Also two usb connectors, one pedals, other??

If anyone has this and either honeycomb or Thrustmaster stuff, can they see if they can work together.

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Works well alongside Alpha and Bravo on Xbox.

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r/HOTAS thread: Just got the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Stick, initial impressions are bad : hotas (reddit.com)

Sounds about as much as could be expected. It was obvious from first glance that it would have ball and socket gimbal, so suboptimal center play was a known feature in advance.

On Xbox the Honeycomb joystick might still be years away, and what has been previewed does not show much more promise than TB, so definitely consider upgrade from T Flight.

On PC, I guess it’s still cheaper than GNX and and you can even buy it from regular store. And since it has contactless twist grip maybe it’s not doomed to early grave like T16000 one. But it’s not GNX, and sits at such price point GNX is almost no-brainer investment over it.

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Got mine today… first impression was very good! love the trimwheel! I had concerns that the thrust lever wouldnt be able for fine tuning because it is quite small. however I am very happy with it… works well. and it has two little detens on both end… one from FLX MCT to TOGA and the other one from thrust idle to full reverse! I am a big fan of that… however I do have to figure out how to configure it perfectly for myself… some settings are great. Others I dont agree on… and setting it up is kinda weird because it shows like 70 buttons in the settings… kinda confusing… I hope i will figure that out tonight…

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Well, mine arrived today and I am a little bit unhappy with it.

While it certainly is of high quality, it simply does not work with my XBox sX (10.0.22621.2488).
It only “funtions” when connected to my laptop.

Mostly crashing as soon as I connect it to the USB front port of the XBox sX (even tried the rear ports and a port replicator with it’s own power source) with the original cable.
It is not recognized as an input device at all, even those times the LED stayed on and the stick booted up, neither by the recommented “stick app” nor by the MSFS and of course not Elite D.

It’s LEDs mostly come on for a short second, sometimes thrice in a row, the TB logo is sometimes stutteringly displayed for brief moments, then it’s completely dark again.

Rebootet the xbox also with the stick connected and it came up once.
Menu came up, this time I was able to save “input mode xbox” (normally I can’t, it sticks to PC) and then the stick shut down, completely dark again except the white led below the jewel.
The only way to get it running is when it is connected to my laptop. Immediately the LED come on and after a short bootup the display shows the 4 expected menu items and the most recent firmware, 1.0.7.

Ok, I tell myself, now it is running, lets go to the Box, connect it and then… nada. Black again after a short LED flicker.
Tomorrow I will open a ticket with TB but currently I feel the need to vent my frustation.

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It was $129 what were people expecting, Titanium/Manganese space frame?

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Like I said it sounds about what you’d expect from it. Though perhaps something more innovative than a track pad could be expected? And maybe the price tag is tad high value wise, except on Xbox where the competition is so weak.

In comparison GNX EVO with the WW2 grip from VKB EU store is 147€ at the moment sans shipping, it’s not that far off. That gives you superior pincer gimbal design with adjustable clutch damper (useful as cyclic for these new helicopter things Asobo just introduced). Also robust programming software and neat interior design (intended to be user maintainable). Granted, you’ll lose on the functions with that grip and the one with more equivalent functionality goes for 177€.

Alternatively you can get passable entry level HOTAS like the T16000 at TB stick’s price point.

It’s the cable.
The original textile mantled cable Turtle Beach provided with the stick.
While the stick is functioning fine connected a PC, the cable intermittendly (and most of the time) cuts off when used for connecting to the XBox.
Pins are all straight, it must be somewhere in between.

To proove that the Velocity One runs fine on the same USB port the stick has troubles with, I just disconnected the stick and connected the Velocity One with that cable from the stick.
And guess what, the Yoke didn’t start either on the Xbox anymore.
Same symptons, barely starting up, crashing, staying dark mostly.

I switched the cable with the one I usually connect the Yoke with and all lights lit up just fine.
Now plugging back in the stick and voila, it lights and starts up, the app recognizes it nicely and MSFS also. The Elite D assignment buttons are a bit off (trigger (L1) is the left throttle completely pushed forward, L2 is left throttle full return, but nothing a little reassignment shouldn’t fix.

Now finding out if the rudder pedals work on the optional usb c ports.

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So finally arrived, and first impression are good. Would be nice to see more use out of the center wheel? around the stick and ability to display info on the led display.

Personally I think it needs to be attached to something, so that it does not tip over.

More buttons are auto mapped in MSFS than appear on the flightstick so trying to find button 25

I’m interested to know if the twist grip rudder can be locked and used with the V1 rudders?

Why is Turtle Beach notorious for not putting any info on their site or even in their instruction packs!?

I actually think they did a better job with their pre-release marketing and in-product documentation than any competitor I’ve come across (though that’s admittedly a little bit limited). The Z-axis “twist” rudder can be locked, but at the software level, not a hardware turn-key lock ala HOTAS One. The in-stick software menu lets you lock it up. I’ve just removed the rudder mapping from the Z axis when using it in tandem with my rudders but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

Thanks! That’s what I figured. Just eliminate the binding for the rudders on the twist. Do the V1 pedals plug into the flight stick? I’m on Xbox so wondering if they utilize the pass through mode as well. They don’t have this info on their site…

Yeah, just to be clear, I eliminate the rudder binding using MSFS Controls Settings. But Turtle Beach programmed it to where, if you want, you can go into the menu of the stick itself and “lock” the rudders so twisting it doesn’t do anything. I prefer the MSFS solution so you can just click over to the profile instead of goofing around in the flight stick’s menu, but that’s up to you.

Turtle Beach rudder pedals aren’t supported on the flight stick, but they will be soon, according to their Discord. Just waiting on a firmware update for the stick. I’m pretty eager for this; I bought the stick just to be able to use their pedals.

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