Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight stick Controller (New and available on Nov 17, 2022)

I had to return my first unit due to the lights around the buttons on the bottom of the stick working inconsistently. My replacement is working fine.

I love the trim wheel and having both a digital POV and analog POV available for looking around.

How does this compare to the T16000M, feel wise? It has less buttons, but a second hat I see.
Does it have gamepad “rumble” feeback? Someone on reddit (ha!) said it did but I haven’t seen it mentioned in the specs.

No it has not. Compared to the T16000M the stick is a bit stiffer, more precise and you are right, it has a second hat and two sliders even with reverse positions.


I don’t know about “precise”, but the T16000M twist is fine for me even if it’s not contactless.

I’ll wait till my T16000M breaks before trying it. Wish it had a few more buttons though.

You are right but a work around is e.g. pressing the “fire Button” together with a dedicated button bind and save . Therefore you can double your choices.


I have a weird bug or something because every time I press Enter on my keyboard in the sim (for example inputting flight plan to the G1000) the plane goes to a nosedive and the camera starts to rotate and look down. Usually I do this stuff on the ground but it is still annoying. I can easily recover by just pushing the stick a little bit (aileron or elevator). I looked and resetted every key binding, nothing removes it, I am on Xbox.


Yep, happens in the menu screens as well. Ends up in bottom left corner. Annoying but I know what to look for now

So far I really enjoy the Velocity one flight stick and especially for the price. I’m just having a hard time finding the right stick performance settings Standard, precision or Fast. Does anyone have any suggestions on what their preference is including sensitivity? Thank you so much and happy flying

It is exactly what I do. MSFS is great for offering the multiple assignments.

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Hello - I am thinking about buying the velocity one flightstick for my series x but am unsure about it

I need to be certain about a few things before I buy

1 Is it good for flight sim on Xbox Series X ?

2 Is it just plug in and play - do all the buttons work on the stick as soon as you play with no complicated setup ?

3 Seen some reviews say that it crashes the game and is a bad joystick - and better to stay with x box controller

Look forward to your thoughts on this - so I can be certain before I purchase this

Thanks Sriram

Hi. In my opinion it is the best on the market but check out their discord here for reviews

Excellent joystick, I’ve played it on Xbox and pc without problem. Throttle stick is a bit small but it is thought Turtle Beach will add a discreet throttle to it at a later date making it an extremely useful system if they do.
Only complaint, when used on my desktop, if I bank hard left/right I have to hold the base down to stop it tipping, no deal breaker. Yes, you can screw it to the desktop or to the Velocity One stand (£179).
If you are short of desktop space, it is certainly the one to get.
….it does also link up with the £250 rudder pedals Velocity One do.
I also like a Thrustmaster’s Hotas One (mixed reviews online about its longevity, though mine is good).

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I planning on purchasing this stick on its own - with nothing else - just usb lead from stick to x box

Is this good ?

What is setup like - is it just plug in and play ?

I dont what to be tied up with a lot of time with setup and configuration - can you confirm I can just plug in and play flight sim easily - with the assigned buttons on the instruction leaflet ?

Does Cessna 172 easily fly on this ?

I know on x box controller cessna 152 flys well but Cessna 172 is impossible to fly

At the moment on my series x, I have keyboard and mouse attached - using 2 USB ports. Would I keep this for flight sim, and use the third USB port for the flight stick ?

Also heard that some people find that when they use the stick - the square base lifts of the surface it is placed

I just plan to use the stick on a light desktop table - would that be ok

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Simple solution is buy it from Amazon and return it if it is not ok.
Follow simple install and update instructions and it is plug and play, you will no doubt reconfigure the buttons to your own taste later.
It does lift off the table so I hold it down with my left hand when banking….left hand is there anyway for throttle and buttons.

1 Yes and the most recent patch also introduced compatibility mode with other xbox games, so you can use it for star wars squadrons and such, too.

2 You can take off immediately, although I later changed the rudder sensivity ingame and the input sensivity in the stick menu and esspecially disabled the touchpad.
The numbers of the picture in came however do not correspond to the button numbers assigned when scanning.
It comes with two keybind presetw in MSFS, for helicopter and default.
One of the lates firmwares also added support for the turtle beach rudder pedals.

3 People like to complain and youtubers get more clicks (and hence mroe income) with an alledged scandal (see the “factory fresh PS5 burns due to leaking coolant” story).
I would take such reports with a grain of salt. My VO flightstick so far did not crash the MSFS and I keep the firmware current.

You need to install the Turtle beach app on either laptop or xbox to update the firmware.
It is definetly an improvement over the standard controller, but I suggest mounting it on a surface you can put holes for the screws through (I use a couchmaster or a laptop cushion for the sofar).

If it is the price, you still can go with the Thrustmaster Hotas One. But here also the buttons shown do not match the buttons assigned and it has no left hand mode like the Velocity FS.

Would you share thebrufkdder pedal sensitivity set up for me please?

Flight Stick Performance: Precision
Rudder Lock: Off
Touchpad Sensivity: Off (all the way to the left).
Interface: Xbox

That’s the settion I am flying around in the TB-30 with.

Doesn’t work well with the ANtonov A225, but for that plane there’s the Velocity One.

I am starting to think now that if you have a flightstick only you cannot use rudders

Reason being - everything else works good without assigning settings but not rudder

Just straight out the box and plug in - all this works fine on default but no rudder

In default for me this is on the velocity stick

Release parking break - B

Apply parking break on landing - stick trigger at top

Throttle up and down - top left lever

Flaps - top right lever

Plane orientation and direction - stick direction - up down left right

Trim - trim wheel

All works fine but no rudder

This is reinforced by the fact that you have to buy the velocity one pedals for rudder - and if you have the stick only - no rudder works

If I try to assign the rudder on this flight stick -

When I go to control options for the x box controller - and check what the rudder is assigned to - it is listed as rudder left and right for the trigger buttons which is fine

The problem is rudder left and right is not listed in the control options for the flight stick, there is something called rudder x, rudder yaw etc

So I cannot find the exact match for rudder left and right for the flightstick - and as a result don’t know which rudder description to use when try to assign rudder left and right for the flightstick


did you set the ruder lock in the screen menu to “off”?
Available since one of the latest firmware update.

My rudder “pedals” (twisting the joystick) work just fine.

The assigned rudder axxis is Joystick “L-Axis 2”, reversed

VexedTurnip8607, I think you are mixing up the Velocity One and the Velocity Flight stick. With the VC One the trigger buttons (plural) work as the rudder pedals per default.
On the VO flight stick however the trigger button is assigned to the wheel brake.

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