UI broken and reset user settings - Gaming Services update

Another one to the list.

Another one with problem, using Game pass ultimate. Sim worked normally on Friday, but not on Saturday anymore. This is a major issue and it is really exhausting to adjust all settings at every game launch.

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Im having the exact same issue since the update, everytime I launch the sim I have to redo my settings like Id launch it for the first time. Really annoying.

Another victim here!

Yeah at first I thought it was one of the add ons I have but I cleared it all out and tried it again with no success. It worked like a charm before the patch.

+1 my achievements are also gone…

I think the problem is not directly with the SIM but more likely with the XBOX accounts or something like that.
On Friday I installed all the latest SIM updates and everything worked perfectly.
Then on Saturday I decided to try out different settings for real-time AI traffic.
I restarted the SIM more than ten times without any problems, then suddenly around 22:00 Italian time, it started asking me for the initial configuration.

Something changed after that time on the server side

I am currently on version 2.50.5005.0. It updated automaticaly this morning to this version, but regarding the problems eveybody is encountering I don’t dare to launch the sim unaware of this version is troublefree.

Hey there @Grigna2020. We already know that the root cause is 99% Gaming Services update. Please read above. :wink:

I could confirm that the workaround from @TenPatrol work :ok_hand::+1: Thanks for that.
I will add it into the initial post.
It’s mandatory to work as admin and admin file settings WIN 10. Also powershell with admin settings.

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I’m not sure if that’s the case, I’m still with this version: GamingServices_2.50.18001.0_x64

Yes, this (2.50.18001.0) is the latest version causing this issue. Once again, read previous posts here. :wink:

How can it work? If we are on the old version of Game Services, MSFS does’nt launch and points to MS Store to update Game Services.


Looking at STORE, seems that Game Services was modified yesterday, but without any notice to me!

How come it updated to version 2.50.5005.0 this morning in Europe? I assume this is an earlier version than 2.50.18001.0.


Yes this is the latest version.

Same issue here

Same problem, hoping for a hotfix!


TenPatrol…this is the second time that you gave us a work around regarding a Gameservices failure…you are our hero…thanks man ! it Worked.

same problem here after yesterdays update. It’s very frustrated! Please do something