Unrealistic Water Physics for Float Planes

The current wake looks too much like what it is - a triangle polygon with a sliding texture.

IMO - there should be a variety of states incorporated into the VFX - idle taxi ( v shaped ripples ), step taxi - similar to what’s there now + a rooster tail where the 2 wakes intersect, plus splashing / spray effects and water drops on the windscreen when ploughing or coming off the step. And the wakes should extend a lot longer…
Floatplanes should be handled with slightly different VFX than seaplanes, boats and ships.

This shows brief clips of various types of wakes throughout the video ( floats, idle, step, t/o, landing, hull seaplane ) but you have to scrub around to find them.

A solid pass at boat wakes in another game engine - better at the end

…and the science-y version :wink:


Interesting mention in the Dev Q&A today of a possibility that upcoming CFD improvements for aerodynamics could potentially be used for hydrodynamics in the future, but it seems like water interaction is extremely low on the priority list — if it’s on the list at all.

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For a game that came with a seaplane in the first place, you would think they would have spent a little more time on the water physics. I mean it is there and you can land on water, but it’s not good at ALL. Really hoped they would work on it consistently, especially with the 3rd party floatplanes hitting the market. As of right now, landing on the water feels like you landed on a runway. Takeoff isn’t right, seems some sailing and friction has been adjusted.

When the Milviz Beaver gets here I expect to be doing a lot more water landings. Really hoping they put some effort into making the water better. Doesn’t need to be perfect, but right now it’s just boring and not fun.


Totally agree, water physics needs more love in MSFS. A lot more.

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Yes, there’s a lot of hype over float planes but the water physics really don’t live up to expectations considering how long we have now had the sim. Have you tried taxying on water in the Bird Dog floater :rofl:

Indeed! I really hope water physics is next after all the aerodynamics updates planned this year towards helicopters. Engine simulation also needs major overhauls, especially turboprops and piston engines. Any major updates to the water physics are highly unlikely to happen this year, but I sincerely hope they do something about it next year. As well as a major overhaul to the engine simulation.

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This is not fixed in SU9, not much steering on the water - try to turn downwind - impossible!

Seb seemed surprised when it was brought up in the 2nd to last Dev Q/A.

There’re so many little things that really need to be fixed for basic control in the water and feel, and a bunch of polish stuff that would make seaplanes much more fun ( like they should be - they’re awesome IRL )

I’m surprised that they keep adding flying boats as DLC aircraft without addressing the water physics / handling.


I have to say I completely agree with you. They keep adding sea planes, but still we have pretty bad water physics that destroy the experience. It’s really sad because the water really looks stunning. I wish I could say the same regarding sea plane physics.


Has anyone figured out any semi-realistic way to slow a floatplane after landing? Seems like if you touch down at 65, even with full flaps and throttle at idle, the airplane never comes down off step. You continue to zoom along like you landed on an icy runway. You’d better have at least 5000 feet of water ahead of you!

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Idle power, full flaps, and running on 1 mag is about the best you can do at the moment, as far as I’m aware.
Flaps are best used if there’s some wind to play with. They can act as a sail, though it’s quite overdone at the moment.