Update Today 31/01/2021?

Is there an update scheduled for today?

C’mon Meh. A little search does wonders. There are already three topics on this :rofl:


There’s been a few posts on this so far, but yes released at 2100Z.

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In a few hours Australia world update

Did they delay the update because of a hacker attack?

9pm UK time for the update


Why so late ???

To force a part of the downloaders to the next day to prevent server issues ??

it is not late for everyone .

I cannot wait for the next World Updates and game updates for the next 8 years so we can read these questions all over again.

I wonder why people don’t read the official announcements where it was plainly stated to be 21:00 Greenwich Mean Time.

I think it’s because of the Australians players?
It’s normal they can play first… No?

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Okay. Because it’s you:


Heh, yeah we’re just waking up here in Oz. :slight_smile:


Wow, Australians really do live in the future, it’s still yesterday night here in the UK :smiley:


Answered my question too, thank you. I’m in Canada and was surprised there was no update when I loaded the sim this morning…1 pm it is!

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I think you must mean 1AM.
2100 GMT is 0100, 1:00 in the morning, PST

nope. not quite.

Can’t seem to remember, when the beta for SU8 is supposed to release. I seem to recall that on the livestream they said there would be a beta after the release of the WU, but don’t know exactly when

1 hour from now


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65 minutes I think - 2100Z - it is 19:56Z right now

yes. you are right.

at work losing track of time and time zones


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