[UPDATE v1.4 - 07.26.21] Airbus H135 Helicopter | Hype Performance Group With Developer David Amenta


Hype Performance Group is best known for our Icon A5 - 2021 Performance Edition where we improved the performance of the Icon A5, added autopilot and upgraded its avionics. Since then we’ve also added autopilot and upgraded avionics to the CTSL and the Long EZ .

We are now teaming up with developer Destroyer121 to release the Airbus H135 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Our model of the H135 is extremely high quality and will all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a payware developer like Carenado, but completely for FREE.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but I can confirm that At our 1.0 release our H135 will have a custom flight model as well as a fully working cockpit interior with custom avionics.


Aside from modding in Microsoft Flight Simulator Destroyer121 & I also make content on YouTube related to flight sims . Our Discord is just a friendly group of sim fans and fans of our YouTube channels.

Test versions with new features and bug fixes are offered exclusively via Discord and this is the quickest and most efficient way to receive troubleshooting help as our team and community are active throughout the day.



  • Unzip and place the folder into your community folder

Community Folder Default Locations:

For those who purchased the game from Windows Store:

  • C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator\LocalCache\Packages\

For those who purchased the game from Steam Store:

  • C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightDashboard\LocalCache\Packages\



* PharaohSteve - MediaHypeTrain – Co-Founder, Producer

* davux3 (David “Dave” Amenta) – Co-Founder, Lead Developer (Flight model, Gauges, Aircraft systems)

* Destroyer121 – 3D Artist, Developer

* zangeeef – Developer

* Crispy136 – 3D & Livery Artist


* Flightsim Squadron’s EggMan & kingdmac for their early modeling advice

* SJFLY2 who was the very first creator to make a heliport for our Airbus H135!

* mnpostema and FireFx for their sound design contributions

* Tonypezz, GBZH35, benimix, kubay, AeroLynx who have each contributed modeling advice or work


A few DMs asked if our helicopter will be able to hover. Destroyer121 has demonstrated this on his YouTube channel.

NOTE - this is not the model we are using for our release.


As always, updates are provided on Discord first.

Here’s a couple images we’ve posted recently.


Taking a lovely helicopter ride through Vegas this evening.

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We are announcing our model of helicopter later today, also here is an update from one of our devs Destroyer121.

"…we are planning on working on the flight model, making it more heli-like. Once we feel comfortable with it, we will give it to the testers. It might take a few hours, a few days. We know that you all want a heli, and so do we! We also don’t want to rush anything, making it seem like an unfinished product, even for the beta testers"


I’m happy to announce that our team will be bringing the Airbus H135 Helicopter to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

When watching this video please keep in mind that we are developing a custom flight model and avionics that are not shown here.

@Destroyer121 will have video footage coming very soon detailing our model in more detail so make sure you’re subscribed to his YouTube channel - Delta Simulations - YouTube

For now, here is our announcement trailer!


Thank you all for your excitement and patience!

I am happy to announce that we will be releasing our first alpha build of the H135 to the public no later than Saturday morning New York time.

The video linked below is a good representation of the build we will be providing for testing. I want to stress that this is absolutely a test build and not a build we consider even a 1.0 version.

There is still a lot of work for us to do for this to be a 1.0 polished product, but the most important thing in my opinion to get right are the flight dynamics which are why we are pushing this out so early so we can gain feedback from simmers and real world pilots.

We will have more details to provide alongside the alpha release, but for now I think we can finally put to rest the naysayers that said it couldn’t be done.


We’ve shipped our first test build


We’ve released a huge update for our Airbus H135 Helicopter Project!

  • New glossy paintjobs
  • Avionics panels progress
  • Collective control added
  • Door animations added
  • Sound fixed
  • Contact points fixed
  • PIC camera view corrected
  • Pilot model swapped with copilot model in left seat

IT IS NOW RECOMMENDED TO USE THE MODERN FLIGHT MODEL. This version doesn’t work like the earlier one. you MUST assign an axis to propeller control, and you MUST NOT touch the throttle. It’s set to 100% before takeoff and only lowered after landing. Your prop control acts as collective control in this build.


Our 0.6 update is available for download now!

  • Cockpit glass and side windows are now installed.
  • Non-metallic liveries are back.
  • Basic map, synthetic vision, flight plan and radio/transponder panels have been added to the cockpit.
  • Tweaks to flight model.
  • Updated liveries from Crispy.

Incredible photos provided by BilingualHarp7 aka Crispy136!


Update 0.62 is available now from Flightsim.to and contains the following:

  • Updated skid strut textures
  • Lighting kit installed and updated
  • Copilot moved back in their seat to a more realistic position
  • Windshield glass now working in rain (no rain droplet effects)
  • Doors no longer open at start, also no longer bound to beacon light
  • Many flight dynamics improvements, including transitional lift and ground effect
  • Better keyboard and controller support, you can now use your defaults mappings for engine and propeller controls - please note that rudder hotkeys and split-axis rudder are still not supported
  • Upgraded glass cockpit displays (still very basic, but now includes flight planning, nearby, direct-to, radio/transponder control, synthetic vision, touch map with route, airspeed starting at 1kts, dual compass)
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

This build contains fixes supplied by @zangeeef#5195, @JD3 (ChrisPiAviation)#9004 and of course our very own @Crispy136#4207!

Help our team out with a 5 star rating on Flightsim.to!


Update 0.65 is now up on Flightsim.to - Airbus H135 Helicopter Project • Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Disabled copilot (if you have problems, make sure to clear your Community package cache)

  • Flight model changes: higher speeds now attainable, no more getting “stuck” at 60 or 90kts

  • Flight model changes: smoother flight, especially in high speed. Reduced “pitch jerking”

  • Elevator trim is now ROTOR TRIM

  • Fixed rotor trim not working when starting while flying (vs at a gate or on a runway)

  • Quicklook default left/right camera positions fixed

  • Autopilot disabled (for now) to prevent uncontrollable rotor trim

  • Fix added to attempt to prevent incorrect crashing

  • Collective and antitorque application now has an acceleration factor, preventing yanking to immediately achieve a higher collective pitch or torque.

  • Toggle between the following flight models in flight by using the flight model button on the GTN.

  • NEW: Advanced Flight Model: For simmers looking for the real deal. This adds the need to apply antitorque using your rudder axis configuration as well as other effects.

  • NEW: Xbox Flight Model: For simmers looking for something even easier than the default BASIC model.

  • Indication of DO NOT FLY on the GTN when the rotor control module is compiling / not yet initialized

  • Disabled features on GTN that don’t work yet

  • You are no longer able to fly upside down

  • Flight model setting is saved between sessions

  • Interior flooring and seat textures improved


Airbus H135 v0.75 is now up on Flightsim.to! Leave us a 5 star review :slight_smile:

  • FADEC now controls engine RPM and the user’s throttle controls collective, it’s now unnecessary to bind a propeller axis
  • LOAD on the center G3000 display now sorta shows torque/collective power and no longer follows engine throttle
  • Thanks to @FireRx, @mnpostema & @Erik1520y’all have got some new turbine engine sounds
  • Disabled annoying sounds from airplane logic (spin around in a circle to notice)
  • Lights updated by @JD3 (ChrisPiAviation)
  • Load factor reduced so you now can have crashes. Be careful with the pre-flight cinematics if you use the advanced flight model. Use developer mode to disable crash detection if you have problems.
  • Enhanced feel of landings
  • Weather/Terrain settings added back
  • Color changes now for the flight model in use
  • ENG stop/start buttons on center display
  • GEN1/2 indication/buttons on the center display
  • Added ground power support with toggle available on center display
  • Fixed ground power button state
  • Added parking brake indication and toggle on center display (helpful for users of virtual airlines, VATSIM, etc)
  • Lights panel added to pilot’s G3000 display
  • Contact points tweaked
  • Repack 75 blackscreen fix
  • Tweaked EIS
  • Single engine support
  • Battery capacity to spec
  • Generator capacity to spec
  • Engine goes to 100% rpm now
  • Multiple interior lighting improvements
  • Translational guidance indication (green dot) on HSI… centered is zero lateral/forward translation… automatically shows up when at very low speeds at any altitude
  • Engine power now scales to collective in failures
  • Density altitude now drives collective as you ascend
  • PITOT HEAT toggle added on pilot’s G3000 display
  • Users wanting to map FADEC on their input hardware can map the toggle to variometer - don’t use the set binding option, only the toggle one


Airbus H135 v0.78 is now up on Flightsim.to! Leave us a 5 star review :slight_smile:

  • Screen brightness controls added to pilot’s G3000 display (BRT+/BRT- soft keys, bottom of the PFD on the right)
  • Windshield reflection reduced, but unfortunately rain will cause some visual glitching for now
  • Electrical monitoring instruments added to center G3000 MFD display
  • Main battery and added to center G3000 MFD display
  • Very large standby battery temporarily added to mitigate electrical issues
  • Cold & dark is now cold and dark, Toggle the battery switch between the two seats to power up.
  • “Green ball” now visible up to about 25kts
  • Tweak strobe light color
  • SVT (Synthetic terrain) has an attitude sky/ground wash added to improve readability of overlays
  • Power now scaled with current weight
  • Prevent illicit spoiler deployment
  • Rotor blur lowered to more closely match engine start
  • Engine start time slightly lengthened
  • Attempt at better sounds. NOTE there are better sounds coming!
  • Fixed: GTN: Minimums page clicking home doesn’t go back to MFD Home

Airbus H135 v0.79 is now up on Flightsim.to! Leave us a 5 star review :slightly_smiling_face:

  • XBOX CONTROLLER SUPPORT(rudder split axis, rudder buttons, aileron buttons, elevator buttons)
  • KEYBOARD SUPPORT (same as noted above for Xbox)
  • Flight model updates centering around transitional lift. (more tweaks here, mostly Advanced is feeling great other modes need tweaking)
  • Updated cameras (thanks to @Archer374!)
  • Fixed the ‘float off the runway’ bug, though it might be on its nose if you let it go through the whole ATC sequence and pull onto the runway - starting from a parking spot or ramp will put you into a cold & dark state so you don’t have to deal with this bug
  • Added a WASM failed indicator on the center G3000 MFD display

Our development team has released a tutorial video that was created using this build


Airbus H135 v0.791 is now up on Flightsim.to! Leave us a 5 star review :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Changes to critical alerts for (Low Rotor, Failed - JS, Failed - WASM, Collective Unsafe, Emergency Fuel)
  • Added Force Trim / Auto Pilot
  • When spawning in the air, the speed will now be 20kts and the AP will be engaged
  • Huge flight model update. Some focus on changes to transitional lift.
  • Updated cameras (added PilotVR for VR so the 2D view can point slightly down)
  • Fixes around low speed due to spoiler deployment
  • Upped generator power to ensure battery charges even at low rpm.
  • Added button/key bindings to change flight mode: GEAR UP GEAR DOWN and TOGGLE GEAR will now cycle between flight modes
  • FMA now displays the current flight mode
  • Moved many buttons from the top 3 displays into Aircraft Settings on the lower two displays
  • F/O’s PFD is now identical to the Captains.
  • Fixed NAV SOURCE button not showing NAV2 when selected
  • Added the ability to lock the doors (Systems page on the lower display)
  • Added cabin light to the cockpit
  • Added a binding for for THROTTLE 1 - make sure you do not have both THROTTLE and THROTTLE 1 bound at the same time.

The changelog for this one is short, but this is a HUGE update in terms of functionality so we hope everyone takes v0.8 out for a spin! As always, we need your 5 star reviews to help keep the MFS helo community growing!

  • Fixed windshield in rain. (No effects but visuals don’t duplicate now)
  • Added ENG and FADEC physical switches (below the center panel where they should be)
  • Upgraded avionics to multifunction displays
  • Added exhaust heat effects
  • Upgraded sounds
  • The following autopilot (AP) modes are now supported: LVL PIT HDG NAV ALT

Download: Airbus H135 Helicopter Project • Microsoft Flight Simulator


Airbus H135 v0.81 is now up on Flightsim.to! Leave us a 5 star review :slightly_smiling_face:

In the screenshot below you can see that the H135 now has an EFB that is capable of displaying a web browser or a screen capture from one of your computer’s displays.

This feature requires a bit of advanced setup and we want to walk users through the process as well as take your feedback - the files necessary to run the EFB are exclusive to our Discord members for this reason.

You can join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/dUNDGb2Z7c

0.81 changelog is as follows:

  • Install ADF radio
  • Add torque trim (bind to rudder trim controls)
  • Add trim indicators to MISC page
  • Another fix for copilot still appearing
  • Reduce default payload
  • Fuel quantity updated. Fuel burn adjusted
  • Engine sounds and fuel burn now responsive to collective input
  • Add EFB → Download the required external program
  • HDG and ALT synchronize buttons added to MISC page for ease of use
  • MISC page has AP modes with state indication
  • AP MASTER, BARO, FLT DIR added to MISC page
  • FMA text clipping fixed, AP disconnect flashing fixed
  • AP ALT mode tamed a bit
  • Fixed rotor blur texture
  • Better “light skids” feel when on the ground at higher power setting
  • Disabled terrain alert on GTNs
  • Add high visibility FADEC alert for newcomers
  • Add spotlight feature. (Note due to CTDs this is off by default. See the MISC page and dismiss the message to enable it)
  • Spolight controls: MIXTURE3 and MIXTURE4 bound to spotlight directional control. Use only the -100%/100% axis, NOT the 0%/100% option. Buttons to increase/decrease mixture 3 and 4 will also work for a hat assignment. Use ‘Toggle Wing Lights’ to toggle the spotlight on and off.
  • Fixed ENG2 not starting
  • Added N2 indication to VMS page
  • Added hydraulics indication to VMS page
  • GEN1 and GEN2 are now managed by the computer, no switches are available
  • Flight model: Torque reduced slightly
  • Flight model: ETL increased slightly
  • Engines: Adjusted fuel consumption at high end
  • Ctrl+E will now engage the FADEC
  • Rotor animations slightly more fluid through startup and shutdown.
  • Nav lights and panel lights now off by default from c&d
  • EICAS HYD added
  • EICAS alignment adjusted for dual-indications when one side is alerting and the other isn’t
  • Updated texture for engine controls
  • Better tooltips for FADEC and DOORS
  • Rotor load now reflects only online engines
  • Engine sounds added from both engines
  • DMAP ORI now has DTK HDG TRACK and NORTH modes
  • EICAS LOW and EMERGENCY fuel set at approx 12% and 6%
  • Fuel pump button + EICAS message added


The good folks over at PC Gamer were kind enough to recognize our work :slight_smile:


Airbus H135 v0.82 is now up on Flightsim.to! Leave us a 5 star review :slightly_smiling_face:

0.82 changelog is as follows:

  • Add support for autorotation
  • Add support for legacy SimConnect axis mappings
  • Tweak various textures, messages and indications
  • Increase the bank angle of HDG AP mode when over 20kts.
  • Installed plush cockpit seat textures, collective/cyclic, glare shield.
  • Upgraded engine control panel
  • Added a tablet
  • rotor blur animation is fixed
  • rotor tilt animation added
  • AP MISC page buttons up/down will now repeat on hold.
  • Flight model: fuel burn adjusted
  • Load station and fuel tank points adjusted
  • Apron start will now have fuel valves closed, and subsequently the engine start switches will show OFF
  • Add POWER UP SELF TEST. It will run at startup and indicate success then disappear in about 90 seconds total.
  • Adjust sound to mitigate phasing
  • Disable copilot
  • Added a “check landing gear hotkey” warning if changing the flight mode more than 10 times in 2 seconds. This warning is intended to display for users who have incorrectly bound hotkeys for landing gear.
  • Add a couple README files about managing the copilot, downloading the EFB
  • EPU ‘white plug’ when available, EPU EICAS when available
  • EFB on all screens (commands only on the 3 primary displays for now)
  • You may now use the PFD Settings page to select the preferred Wind option for FND page, and the COM channel spacing may be set (2 digits vs 3 digits on COM frequencies)
  • Add hpa vs in/hg baro mode in PFD Settings. STBY not changed. Must exit sim cleanly for the setting to be saved for next time.
  • EFB may now be accessed from the Top-6 softkey on each display
  • FND/CLOCK now available on all 3 displays
  • Integrate GARMIN GTN 750 beta → https://pms50.com/msfs/downloads/gtn750-base-beta/
  • GTN750: Select Open GTN750 on the PFD Home page if installed. IMPORTANT: Avoid opening maps on the 3 main panels when using GTN750 to avoid a “max 4 maps” bug in the game that causes a CTD
  • Engine control panel revamped to use the yellow switches for OFF/IDLE/FLIGHT. Manual mode switches no longer used. Switch guards added.
  • You may now click the front pillar/strut to open the front left and right doors. the DOORS button will continue to open the rear cargo bay doors and the side sliding door.
  • Move (Cabin, Nav, Strobe, Beacon, Taxi, Landing lights to the overhead panel)
  • Move panel lights to the 6-pack of buttons
  • Remove all other 6-pack buttons
  • Move pitot heat to overhead
  • Move cargo doors switch to the overhead
  • Move fuel pump switches to the overhead (now two instead of one)
  • Move pitot heat switch to overhead
  • Speed up switches
  • Play some of the correct avionics sounds at startup
  • Move parking brake to OH
  • Move EPU connect/disconnect to an EPU softkey
  • Add a brightness control to 3 main displays
  • Add a power button to all 5 displays
  • Tablet is retracted by default
  • Aircraft systems page is deprecated
  • LOW NR warning aural below 97%
  • VMS NR gauge now goes to 100% for flight, stays at 100% until doing an auto
  • VMS N2 gauges now go red on failure
  • VMS Engine status IDLE/FAIL/STARTER at the top of page
  • Engine switches are wheel-only now
  • Add Animated cyclic control
  • Add Animated collective control
  • Two brand new liveries by @Crispy136
  • D-HYPE: a Black HYPE group livery (default)
  • D-HECB: Airbus Helionix corporate livery (soon to be default)
  • Baro on standby attitude indicator (knob only, not the display)
  • Click base of cyclic to hide it
  • Add red guards back to engine panel
  • Remove/hide LUM buttons from main displays (confusing/inop)
  • Tweak bladeslap sounds
  • Boost avionics sounds
  • Fix clipped ORI indicator in DMAP page