Upgrade from 16 to 32GB RAM?


Has anyone upgraded their ram from 16GB to 32GB noticed any significant change or improvement when it comes to micro stutters? I’m debating whether to upgrade to decrease the annoying micro stutters I’m getting and improve framerate. Any thoughts welcome… Cheers

RAM improves some aspects of system performance- makes loading files quicker, etc. Processor speed and a good graphics card is what drives the sim- so RAM is just one component, and I’ve never seen the sim go above 16gb anyway, although my PC is happier with 32gb overall.

You really need all 3- get a 3090 (I’m still waiting for one to become available at a decent price), upgrade your processor, power supply and cooling system, and then you’ll see a big boost in performance.

I upgrade to 32GB from 16GB. Typically I see about 20GB used though it has gone as high as 30GB (O’Hare, thunderstorm, all traffic enable, in something like a 787, maxed settings ) .

Naturally no change to FPS, you would not expect any, but possibly less stutters, though how do you actually tell ?

Just to add, I recently went and got another 32gb ram now on 64gb ram. Found out by using a ram cache to use up the spare ram it gained me fps and allowed me to up the objects and terrain level of detail sliders up from 100 to 200 and have the same or better fps than before. Can even afford to up the res in less dense area’s

Sim runs alot smoother now, I bought the extra ram expecting it to be a waste of money but am pleasantly surprised.
I have also seen the sim use 19 to 20 gb’s while using MSFS it will use what is available to a degree.

my specs: use 4k monitor res 80 or 90 depending on density of area.
I9-9900k, RTX2070 both oc’d 64gb’s 3200mhz ram.

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yknow, now i’m curious if 64gb will help with VR performance. I Currently have 32gb which i upgraded from 16 for FS2020 before it even came out and it runs well at high end-ultra

do you use all 32 gb when using vr? you might be able to set up a cache with any spare ram of your 32gb that’s not being used.

yknow, i never really looked. I almost strictly fly tubeliners and they are inherently lacking in quality performance compared to a 152. I have a rift S and even with forced 45hz and ASW off it’s still pretty rough (not to mention i got kind of ree for an unrelated reason regarding the PMP A321 mod).

System specs are fine, runes other VR just fine (R7 2700x, Radeon 5500 XT OC Mech, 32gb DDR4 @ 2933mhz, 3200mhz crashes my system). This game is just a beast and brings better systems than mine to it’s knees. Shouldn’t need to upgrade to 64gb, but im curious if it would help at all. my logic being it’s gotta render everything twice basically

My pc is intel and nvidia so may not work and no idea if it’s possible on a AMD motherboard.

intel and AMD work different so might not even have same effect on AMD system.
So don’t go throwing money at it, without knowing it may make no difference at all.
It was the risk I took and was pleasantly surprised, but I honestly expected to have wasted my money.

to be fair, nobody ever really needs more than 32gb for the average gamer, save for the few games like FS2020 or cities skylines that require a ton of RAM as well as VR users. Anything more than 32gb you’re probably running virtual machines on your desktop or using intensive modelling and graphics applications such as Adobe or Autodesk products. Or you just want 128gb of memory just to say you have 128gb of memory

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Or crunching numbers :smiley:

The last server I got in for our genetics guys at work had 4 x 1200 watt PSU, 2 Xeon gold processors and 1.5 TB of ram. Cost us nearly 50 grand . But it will pay for itself in a year.

my Davince Resolve consume without any kind of “self-effacement” 50Gig RAM. They limit it because I have only 64GB RAM :wink:

In my opinion… 32Gig RAM is for a “new PC” the minimun default what users should buy. With 64GB you are on safe side, and in special for games like MSFS.

Less than 32Gig RAM cause with MSFS often trouble (current version), because necessary are is overall 32 GIG memory.

I ha´d 16 GB and changed to 32 GB a few days ago. Yes FS needs more than 16 GB if the scenery is complicated and you have many points of interest around. The RAM goes up to 29 , which cannot be handled quickly with 16 GB. Stutter has become less.


They were talking about ‘average gamer’. I’m pretty sure Davinci Resolve isn’t ‘average gamer’ software mate :slight_smile:


The sim sometimes uses even more than 32 GB of RAM or at least Windows allocates more than that.

That’s when CTDs tend to happen.

I did upgrade from 16GB and it was night and day in busy areas like London or the Socal area.

I was surprised.

32GB to 64GB.

Graphics improved.
FPS increase 5 - 10 FPS.
Speed improved (response to mouse and flightstick.
Quickness of screen response improved.
Flight more smooth (CJ4 like floating and responding to air curents).

It is not great/doubling of everything.

Just some. But wow, you will be amazed. Different kind of flying to me.

And to those who cannot expand to 64GB, don’t be concerned. I liked flying at 32GB just as much.

My decision was new CPU (MB required) and GPU and 32GB?

I’m happy with just the 32GB. Wise choice for me and saved a lot of money. I’ll make it for a couple of more years. Hopefully the current situation with PC hardware will stabilize. More products at less cost.

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Hi @MortThe2nd

yeah, of course… I only want to mention the aspect, that you not only get a beneffit in games like MSFS, DCS, P3D ( simple simulators or also newer games ) , also in case of “other” applications. And if you not need the RAM, windows itselft use it as cache :slight_smile:

Bumping this thread to say I just upgraded from 16GB to 32GB today. I’m running a Ryzen 5 5600X and an RTX 3080OC so thought I was overdue a RAM upgrade. Initial thoughts are yes there’s a fairly big difference to performance. No FPS increase for me (I wasn’t really expecting any) but the horrible long stutters I was getting when sitting on the runway at the start of each flight as things were loading in are now gone and it all seems much more smooth.

All that being said I’m still getting the terrible stutters and general lower FPS I’ve been getting since the last round of sim updates. Really hoping Asobo can fix that soon.

All in all I would definitely recommend going from 16 to 32GB of RAM. Its just a shame RAM is so expensive at the moment. My two 16GB 3600mhz sticks weren’t cheap.


Yes, for me it made a difference.

Keep sorting out any bottle-necks that may be present on your computer. Anti-virus, services, hidden updates, etc. You are bound to find “sompin”.

And, get to know and Love Task Manager/Processes.


Process Lasso is good for managing threads and processes.

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