Upgrade option useable when gamepass subscription ends?

Now you get the discount if you’re a Gamepass subscriber. Premium Deluxe Version 20 percent discount for Buying the full game. Not upgrade!!!

Wanted to check I have this correct. Currently on Standard Edition through GamePass. Want to buy Premium Deluxe and Microsoft Store is giving me only the option below (with a 20% discount). If I go ahead will I also have to buy Standard Edition if I unsubscribe to GamePass a month from now? It does state that the base game is included in bundle. Very confusing. Please help! :smiley:

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If you buy it there (not ingame!) you own the full game including standard and deluxe version. You get 20 percent discount cause you’re a gamepass user. If you cancel Gamepass after buying you own the whole game.

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Awesome! Thank you.

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You’re welcome

I am currently on gamepass and planing on unsubscribing in mid October (my subscription renewed on 21/09/20). I have purchased the premium deluxe for ~85€ from within the game’s marketplace (and scenary addons also from within game’s marketplace). The standard edition was included within gamepass initial subscription of 1€ which renewed for 3.99€. Am I going to retain access to all MSFS content if I unsubscribe or will I need to purchase everything from the beginning?

You need to buy the standard edition, which is on discount now.

Ok I purchased the standard version which was priced 55.99 (orig.price 69.99) from the Xbox for PC app’s store page and now when I go to purchase options it shows this:

Does this mean I also need to re-purchase the other two? OMG nooo :rage: :angry:

No, the xbox app just shows the base version that you own, not anything you bought via ingame marketplace. You should be fine :+1:t3:

Some info on their servicesagreement page and also search for windows-10-usage-rules-digital-goods

** If your membership terminates or a game is removed from the catalog, you must reactivate your membership or buy the game separately to continue using these items. Requires download(s) (significant storage, broadband, and ISP fees apply) and Microsoft account. May require additional hardware and subscriptions.

Question is if you no longer have the GamePass sub and you want to install the purchased game say on a new PC in the future how then you would go about re-downloading it from Game Pass without re-joining it as I presume the £1 trial would only continue for the brand new subscribers.

You just open the XBox app, find MSFS and press on “Install”. As long as you own the base game, you are able to install it the usual way without Game Pass.

For those who don’t own the base game but use the Game Pass, they will only be able to install and rund the game as long as they have a running subscription for the Game Pass.

I think you’re mixing up the Game Pass and the Microsoft Store/XBox app. You can buy and play games with the latter without Game Pass subscription.

I think I am. Yeah, from looks of things the purchase is a full copy incl. the base game so I should be ok. Cheers!

It’s pretty easy to know. If you bought it via the ingame marketplace, it does not include the base game (it’s not available there, only upgrades).
If you bought it via steam or windows store, it is the base game (upgrades are not available there).

Sorry, I don’t get it and approaching the same scenario. My xbox game pass 1 Euro trail ended at 20 october. I have bought the complete upgrade as mentioned above at august 28 and my Microsoft Store and ingame marketplace is telling me that I own ALL the versions. I see also in the Microsoft Store dat my DRM for FS2020 is installed. By turn off/log off the Xbox app. I cant access the Sim. I first have to login again on the Xbox app.

Please advice more in detail how to handle to remain access to my owned and paid for complete sim AFTER terminating the Xbox PC Gamepass. You are suggesting that I am NOT the owner of a Basic version so stucked at a Xbox Gamepass subsciption


What do you mean with “mentioned above”? It’s your first post in this thread, or did I miss something?

The question is pretty easy, as I wrote:
If you bought the game via Windows Store, then you’ll be able to play it without game pass since that includes the base game.
If you bought an “upgrade” via the ingame marketplace, you only own the upgrade but not the base game and your access would be only possible as long as you have your game pass subscription (or you buy additionally at least the standard edition in the store, which is cheaper as long as you’re game pass subscriber).

Unfortunately the display in the windows store is not that clear, but you just have to remember where you bought the “upgrade”, that’s the relevant part.

Note that you will always have to be logged on in your xbox account in order to start the sim, this is mandatory not only for game pass users.

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I’m sorry, english is NOT my native language and “mentioned above” is the same question as the topic starter. I understand you are a “spokesman” of Microsoft? is that correct?

No I am not. Just a normal user that tries to help.

If you need support from Microsoft, the Forum is the wrong place. Use the support contacts on the Microsoft website.

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Ok Thanks for your very, very (un)friendly behavior. Maybe you better NOT answers to questions from starters here.

You would still use the Xbox app to run and install the game you just would only see purchased items and not all the others.

You dont have to be subscribed to gamepass to use the Xbox pc app.

Thx for your comment