USA World update detailed: Airports are Atlanta (KATL), Friday Harbor Airport (KFHR), Dallas/Fort Worth (KDFW), and New York Steward (KSWF)

Asobo has detailed the next world updated dedicated to the USA which will come in Late November (update 7).

We’re getting a “great digital elevation model” with resolution up to one meter and completely new aerial textures for many areas. According to Jeorg Neuman, the visual appearance of “many states” is going to be “significantly improved.”

Four new hand-crafted airports will be included, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL), Friday Harbor Airport (KFHR), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW), and New York Stewart International Airport (KSWF).

There will also be 50 points of interest and a new bush trip focused on Alaska.


Correction, update 7

Yep. My brain ■■■■. Thanks.

Dallas needed fixing…I was hoping Phoenix and Tucson would get touched up also. Also hoping the terrain resolution is a little better.


As they said,

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KATL is just huge, and world busiest airport up till COVID. DAL home base (Uncle and C. E. Woolman) started DAL after WW-II in Monroe, LA. Now DAL no longer fly’s into Monroe period, or if they do it adds 600 dollars to price of ticket from last time I tried to fly into there from KPDX. Just a little history for all the young guys around in here. FWIW - Zeta is heading our way, should hit here around 03-0400 hrs. local tomorrow. Winds will start to pick up about the time I get ready to sleep. Rough night tonight. No telling what is going to blow in, most likely lose power too. Mother Nature at her finest. Love it. Wait till the sun burps wrong and then the stuff hits the fan.

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I was surprised at launch when KATL wasn’t hand-modeled, as it’s the world’s busiest airport. Glad they decided to give it some love.


Imagine Sim just lost a lot of money after this announcement.

To be fair, unless the KATL is one of those subcontracted to Orbx, I don’t expect it to be as good as a payware airport.

We shall see, regardless I love their WSSS scenery and I hope it arrives quickly.

please gib photogrammetry for entire UK


Was hoping for St Louis

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Same here.

Except Millwall. For obvious reasons.


Pretty excited about this!

I REALLY hope Alaska is included in this update. It needs it in a bad way.


am I the only one avoiding huge airports because my PC is melting near them?
maybe it will help with the CPU update they are supposed to bring soonish


** KSWF - New York Stewart International Airport

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Nothing about updated photogrammetry? I was hoping they would have updated data, as the photogrammetry in the Tampa, FL area is about 6 years old. And Minneapolis is several years old, as well.

It will be nice to have more detailed terrain, though.


It’s gonna be the setting of the new bush trip, so I guess yes.

They said nothing about photogrammetry, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t. The US is the country with the most photogrammetry in the sim, by a long shot.

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