Hello there, I know there has been mention by VATSIM that it might not go to XBOX. But as we are getting major updates and new airliners the same as PC… surely there can be talks between Microsoft/asobo and VATSIM to try and get this working.

Is there any discord that is up and running for Australian airports for ATC. This is the only thing that MSFS is missing now. If they can get VATSIM to come to XBOX this would be the best simulator!

As live ATC makes the simulator so much more enjoying and realistic and for people who fly in real life, they can practice for flights they have coming up.

Maybe if we get some LIKES on this post it might get the creators talking about fixing some ATC and maybe speaking with VATSIM.


The lack of Vatsim availability on XBOX has nothing to do with aircraft type or availability. It has everything to do with connectivity.

The Sim (on PC) does not connect directly to Vatsim, we use a pilot client running externally, which, at present day cannot be done on the XBOX.

It all comes down to the closed platform of the XBOX, no different then many other addons not being available.

Vatsim’s official response;

VATSIM congratulates our friends at Microsoft and Asobo Studios on their long anticipated release of Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Xbox. However due to many factors, including technology limitations, VATSIM will not be compatible with the Xbox platform for the foreseeable future.

A key part of our inability to support Xbox is the network securities that are built into the Xbox itself. These protections do not allow Xbox games to listen for TCP connections within a game as a server as well as the incompatibility of SimConnect with the xBox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

VATSIM will continue to support the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator and is watching the development and reception of the Xbox version within the general flight simulation community. If bringing support to Xbox users is a positive direction for our network and becomes technically viable, it is something that we would revisit.

For now, VATSIM is committed to continuing our relationship with Microsoft and Asobo. We look forward to helping them improve the PC platform. We thank all of our members for their continued dedication to VATSIM through their flights, controlling sessions, and support activities.

Lastly, “likes” on a post do not prompt / motivate anything, create a wishlist item that people can vote on to achieve this. However, if you use the search function you will see this particular wish has already been covered.


Then… isn’t a Vatsim issue… it’s a Microsoft / Xbox issue?

VATSIM might not be possible on Xbox but something like it could surely be done. We pay the same as PC users for the game and its add-ons but get less. PC simmers even get their multiplayer free.

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You have access to all of the MS/Asobo provided add-ons, right? You don’t get any less official content than PC players do.* Why do you feel they must provide you with access to third party add-ons?

You want access to the big boy toys, play on a big boy system.

*(Other than multiplayer, which, frankly is a raw deal on consoles these days. You have my sympathy there.)


Third-party add-ons are not the same as third-party plug-ins. And I never said I expect MS/Asobo to grant me access to plug-ins, because it simply isn’t possible. They could, however, devise a VATSIM-like experience for console users, if they really wanted.

The fact remains, console users get less, but fund MSFS in exactly the same way as PC users (largely due to the fact that we have to buy directly into the MS ecosystem).

It’s not as simple as buying a ‘big boy system’ — I despise computers and just want to plug and play. In my case, budget isn’t the constraint — rather, my very limited understanding of and patience with PCs. In other words, I don’t want a PC.

It’s not unreasonable to ask for a level playing field and that’s what I expect FS2024 will do.


You get what you pay for - IF YOU ARE LUCKY.

Its not fair, I cannot go at 120mph in my KIA, when those with a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300, can go over 300mph.

Same road, same vehicle Tax … It just not fair that I cannot go as fast as I want.

Why can’t my $16,750 Kia go as fast as a $3,900,000 Bugatti. Just not fair !!

I am also upset that by $16,750 Kia, cannot fly as high as a $450,000 C172

So maybe if I want these things, I should be prepared to buy the things that do what I want them to do, instead of complain that what I have decided to buy, does not meet my unreasonable, and Technically IMPOSSIBLE, extended expectations ?

Those comparisons aren’t valid, and you know it. The Xbox OS constraints might not enable VATSIM but they don’t preclude something similar being implemented by MS/Asobo, if they so wanted.

It is NOT technically impossible, as you so eloquently (and ignorantly) suggest.

MS/Asobo have frequently stated that they intend to level the playing field — we’re just suggesting ways in which they can do this.

If you’re on PC, why even comment here?

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XboxSIM sound good to me !!

MS/Asobo must have told you something, they failed to tell the Vatsim Devs.

But it is, as Vatsim have already stated (and even put it in a “nice” way)

As a seasoned Xbox pilot im not sure Id really want to use VATSIM on console anyway, console already struggles running many of the high fidelity addons as it is. Add to this running another external source and performance would suffer even more.
Besides there are several good ATC groups via DISCORD which are already running on xbox with no extra cost to performance or your wallet.
Yes i get that a number of users wish that extra realism but is it really worth the development and performance costs for a relatively small group? Most console pilots are just casual users not hardcore full immersion virtual airline role players.
I honestly believe MS’s resources could be much better spent bringing VR to xbox rather than a niche novelty

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We’re talking VATSIM here which, in its present form, can’t be utilised by Xbox. But MS/Asobo could develop something Xbox specific that would do a similar job. Why is that so hard to understand?

“We want to level the playing field between console and PC”. Asobo’s words, not mine.

Exactly. We’re talking something only slightly more advanced to give us a VATSIM-like experience.

Possibly, but I think there are quite a few hardcore simmers out there who’ve opted for Xbox for ease and convenience. While I wouldn’t describe myself as ‘hardcore’ exactly, I do put in about 4-6 hours most days and more often than not like to do things by the book.

Why is it so hard to understand that an X-box cannot run any form of Vatsim Client, to communicate with a Vatsim Server, and that it has nothing to do with Asobo, – its an X-box security issue, that is NOT going to be supported.

Then the other question (Elephant in the room), is if Vatsim REALLY WANT a flood of X-Box users on their network.

Note: Even after 3 years, Vatsim still can’t get MS/Asobo to provide the ability to show optional labels on vatsim Injected plane, in the same way that labels are put on MSFS Multiplayer planes.

(Or MSFS labels on Vatsim planes depicted in LNM)

There just does not seem to be any motivation to address any of the above – probably for good reasons, that both parties are unwilling to directly express.

BTW: Its not just Vatsim – same applies to Pilot Edge

See MSFS Forum thread about the above, from way back in 2021

Why would that even be an issue? We’re not lepers.

Good Question – but I do not have any answers — suggest you directly ask the Vatsim Board of Directors :sunglasses:

or re-read carefully what Vatsim have already stated on the subject, earlier in this thread.

Vatsim on XBOX would be a terrible idea. There is already enough chaos on that network with people not following procedures correctly. Serious Vatsim or any other online network is favored to P.C. by a 1000 miles and I would not even know how realistically could connect to a console in the first place.

Well, you just said it – already enough Chaos with PC users.

So is it really going to get any worse with a new infux of enthusiastic X-Box players ?

I think you are ASSuming the worse !

While for some it would be nice to have vatsim on Xbox, my opinion is there are a lot of kids playing on Xbox that would only destroy the vatsim networks realism. So while some might appreciate and use Xbox vatsim correctly I think many wouldn’t and it would be to the detriment of vatsim. I know there are serious simmers on Xbox but the majority on that platform are not

Plus model matching on Xbox would be nightmare unless a 3rd party packaged aircraft and a .VMR file together somehow

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BeyondATC - no mess, no chaos, just words, alas NO xbox too.

plenty of kids on PC as well. I doubt there’s much difference between both the playerbases (those who are interested in joining Vatsim to begin with).

I’ve met plenty of XBox users that are way more mature than plenty of PC users I’ve met.

Anyways, refer to the community guidelines.

As a pretty serious Xbox simmer I honestly don’t think autopylit88’s post was meant to belittle console pilots. I’m inclined to also believe there are indeed many more casual players on Xbox, such is the nature of the machine. You only need look at the current promotion of three months’ complimentary Gamepass for new registrations — people can basically have a go at MSFS for free.

That said, this notion that any serious simmer would automatically choose PC over Xbox is way wide of the mark (as you suggest in your post). I personally know two PC simmers who are pretty casual. I have my own reasons for opting for Xbox — and I will never feel pressured to explain myself.

VATSIM is just as much open to abuse on PC as it would be if it (or something similar) ever came to Xbox. Unfortunately some (very paranoid, insecure) people clearly see Xbox as some sort of threat or affront to the sim on PC.