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First, it’s a pleasure to meet you all! I’m James, part of Turtle Beach’s New Product Categories team. I’m very excited to join the sim community and more specifically the Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) community. Having joined the company a week before they announced the VelocityOne Flight pre-orders, I’ve been spending every waking moment I can getting to know the controller. Although I haven’t been involved in the design process behind the VelocityOne Flight, I am excited to be involved in some more new developments coming soon… exciting times ahead! Hopefully this thread will help answer some FAQs – thank you all for being so patient thus far.

How did pre-order go?

We had an amazing reception from the community! Initial pre-order stock for US, UK and Germany was sold out within 15 mins. The stock for the Rest of World sold out within an hour. These are some of the best and quickest selling figures ever from Turtle Beach. If you were not able to reserve a unit via pre-order, there will be additional quantities available in waves following VelocityOne Flight’s 14 Nov ’21 launch

When can we expect to see reviews on YouTube?

The review samples are being shipped out to the YouTube and Influencer community very shortly, so I imagine there will be some unboxing and usage content coming in the near future. Who would you most like to see review our product?

What’s the compatibility like?

The VelocityOne Flight is compatible with Windows 10, 11, Xbox Series S, X and Xbox One.

PC: The controller is compatible and will work with Windows PC sim titles, like X-Plane. However, some features such as the aircraft profiles (which auto-map the controls) are only set up for MSFS2020. Currently, other simulators such as X-Plane and DCS World will require manual control mapping just like any other sim controller. We intend to work with developers soon to integrate other simulator programs to allow the same easy plug-and-play setup we have with Microsoft.

Xbox: For it to be compatible, the title must support the MS flight stick controller type. Examples of these are Star Wars: Squadrons, and Elite: Dangerous.

What are ‘profiles’?

The in-built aircraft profiles are designed for MSFS2020. It will ship with two profiles, the Single Engine Prop (based on C152/Bonanza) and Twin Engine Jet, based on the Airbus A320. These are designed to minimise the time needed to remap the entire controls set when you switch between single engine prop and passenger jet / airliner, so you can focus on the flying! They are customisable and the intention is to expand this collection and release more aircraft profiles along with software / firmware updates for the product in the coming months.

Does it have rudder controls?

The VelocityOne Flight does have integrated rudder controls in the form of triggers on the back of the yoke. The idea is that on a single unit, you’ve got everything you need to taxi out and get into the sky. If you’re new to flight sim I’d recommend making use of the ‘auto-rudder’ setting in MSFS2020 until you get used the controls.

Future products?

As teased by our CEO Juergen Stark at the FSExpo San Diego ‘21, if you’re looking for an additional peripheral and prefer using your feet for rudder, one of the exciting products we’ve got in the pipeline might be of interest! He also very rightly said that this is a rapidly growing market. “…our entrance with these first products is the start of an expanding portfolio into other adjacent PC simulation hardware categories” so there will be plenty more exciting news on the way.

Finally, congratulations to those of you who were successful in pre-ordering their VelocityOne Flight! Next available stock is expected to be 14 Nov 2021. Please let me know if you have any further questions about the VelocityOne Flight and I’ll do my best to answer and give you as much information as I can. There will also be a full FAQ channel with many more questions answered on our Turtle Beach sim-specific Discord server, due to be launched on 14 Nov. If you like how the company’s growing and you’d like to be a part of our community, you can find a wingman or hang out and chat to the Dev team there too. We love getting involved and will be hosting all sorts of activities for the sim community like group flights, giveaways and more. Links will be in my bio when they’re live.

Happy simming!



Not even a link ?
Commercial communication needs to be reviewed a bit… :wink:

Hey James, any word on the Canadian distribution of the product. I’d really like to get my hand on this controller but unfortunately you guys don’t ship here.

Here’s a link to the webpage PlumGlue67

I’m not sure about specific countries but I’ll check for you. The support channels on the turtle beach website may have access to more information.

Ok thanks for the info, if there are any updates on Canadian stock let me know

I pre ordered this…

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Very very strange that you did preorder first and then sent samples to reviewers after that? Shouldn’t that be the other way around? There is not a single opinion view or review on the internet of this controller and it is already sold out. Props to people who pre-ordered it point-blank tho.

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Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you on the Discord and flying together when it arrives!

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I agree, it does seem a little backwards. I helped the team finalise the key content creators to contact a week ago, when I first started. I thought this was really important to get right because I know how much the community values their opinions.
Plus, as hilarious as it would be watching Dr Disrespect with a V1F, I don’t think that’s the kind of content the flight sim community would be looking for :joy:

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There are quite a few youtubers that many people in this community follow

Are the “rudder triggers” an axis or just buttons?

What type of sensors are you using for the axes?

What materials are used for the core mechanics?

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they have added some more details in their website now

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Yes, the rudder triggers do behave like an axis, so you can have a variable amount of rudder input depending on how much the trigger is depressed. The throw is similar to an xbox controller, about an inch in total.
The axes are: 4 thrust levers, 3 vernier controls, 2 axis yoke, 2 rudder triggers and a trim wheel. Hall effect sensors are used for pitch (elevator), and potentiometers for the others, apart from the trim wheel which uses an electro-optical sensor. There are a further 18 customisable buttons and 2 POV and 2 hat switches.
I’ll get back to you on the specifics of the core mechanics because I haven’t seen inside one just yet. As far as I’m aware it’s a mixture of plastic and metal, with a stainless steel yoke tube. Does that answer your question? Let me know if I can help any further.

Very curious to see mounting options. I see the “clamp” style mount for desktop mounting but are there other options?

Any place we can see a manual?

I’m currently working on an unboxing / how-to video which I’m sure would help answer your questions. Plan to release it on 14 Nov.

There are indeed integrated clamps on the bottom of the yoke, which you can access using the detachable panel on top to adjust with the inbuilt tool. It will also be shipped with residue-less vacuum tape for sticking it to a flat surface. We also plan to release a pdf of the footprint so people can attach it to their own custom rigs using the 3 threaded bolt / screw holes on the bottom.

As far as I’m aware the manual will be available online once the product is released after 14 Nov.

Hope that answers your questions! :slight_smile:

Thanks James - very helpful.

Follow up - do the mounting screw holes you mention conform to any current standard? I’m looking to buy a stand for this and they come with the predrilled holes to mount steering wheels etc.

when will the velocity one be available for canada?


Had a reply from the design team. The screws are 5mm diameter and the holes are in a triangle. I will try to get hold of a photo if I can. I’m honestly not sure whether or not they conform to any standard but we do plan to release a Turtle Beach V1 stand soon too. The stand will have clearance holes, and the screws that come with V1 would fit through the stand and screw into the holes I mentioned in the base. So if you can wait for that, it’s compatibility guaranteed.

James, is there anyone I’d be able to contact about getting a review unit? The Inquiries email at TB has gone unanswered and I was just wondering if we could coordinate something like this.

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