Video demonstrating the Live Weather only on 1st flight bug

During the Q&A, the Asobo guys requested that we post a video demonstrating Live Weather not working. Seb stated that the video he watched was someone clicking the live time button. In this case, I went though the steps in detail. I followed the steps on the MSFS ZenDesk page onhow to enable Live Weather.

As expected, on the first flight, it worked as intended. Then on the second session, I get Clear, 29.92, 225/5 default conditions. I don’t think this can be demonstrated any more clearly than this.

Since the previous thread on this was closed, here I am starting yet another. I also encourage anyone else having the issue to post a video in this thread (to keep them all together) following the steps listed on the ZenDesk page ( to enable Live Weather and to post their results here. We need the devs at Asobo to see this is not a case of user error, but a genuine bug in the sim.

If you would be so kind, @Jummivana, could you forward this thread to the dev team so that they can see it. They asked for it, so here it is. Let’s get to the bottom of this issue.

And as Seb requested, here’s a list of my hardware. I would recommend that anyone else that posts a video please do the same.

My hardware:
Ryzen 2700X
Gigabyte Aorus x470
32GB DDR4 @ 2666Mhz
Gigabyte Aorus RTX2080
1TB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe (primary OS drive)
1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe (MSFS content)
Internet - 1 Gbit fibre

Honeycomb Alpha
Logitech Throttle Quadrant
Logitech Pedals
Logitech Switch Panel
Logitech Switch Panel
XBox Controller



Thanks for making this. Now is this the best route to get it to them? This may get lost here.

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I tagged a CM in my post and also sent it to her via DM to ensure that she gets it. I have no reason to believe it won’t get passed on.

Now, whether it will get watched or actioned by whoever she passes it on to, I have no idea. I just hope this at least demonstrates clearly that the problem exists. At this moment, they’re considering this issue to be user error vs a bug.


nice one Crunch.

I also made 1:


CPU: Intel i7-8700
RAM: 32gb Corsair 2666mhz XMP On
GFX: NVidia RTX 2070 Black Edition
OS: Windows 10 1909
HDD: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB
Broadband: 100mb Virgin Media Fibre (Approx 11mb download speeds)


Logitech Pro X Headset
G502 Hero Mouse
Corsair K95 Keyboard
Saitek X52 HOTAS
Samsung 27" Curve 1440 144hz Monitor (Game running 1440 native, 100% res scaling, mostly ultra/high some medium settings).


OnAir (sometimes, bug occurs with or without)
Skypark (sometimes, bug occurs with or without)
MSI Afterburner (sometimes, bug occurs with or without)


I hope more people who are having issues can make these videos and share them here so we can clearly show that this is a real problem.


Agreed, looks like we took slightly dif approaches to the video which helps and shows its happening on both sides of the pond :).

Nice you made the video! But would it be better to be placed under the bugs section ?

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It’s a global issue for sure. I like how you went about showing it. A very different approach, but still very effective.

I had 2 goals with this video:

  1. Demonstrate that this was a genuine bug, and not a case of user error. That’s why I followed their documented steps from ZenDesk to set up the conditions. Right now, the popular assumption is that people are confusing live weather and live time due to the confusing interface. I wanted to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that this was not the case.

  2. Demonstrate that you don’t have to spend hours on end flying your plane to diagnose or demonstrate this issue. You load in, cancel your flight, go back to the world map, and the bug presents itself - assuming you’ve been stricken by it.

When trying to troubleshoot or debug, this part is a huge time-saver. Seb said he flew a bunch of long and short flights over a span of 5 hours to try to replicate it. You don’t have to waste all that time. If you got the bug, all you have to do is load into a flight for about 2 minutes or so and load back out. Live weather would suddenly be clear weather. If you’re not affected by the bug, it will show live weather as it should.

I hope they actually take the time to watch both our videos. And I hope others post theirs as well.


I thought I had actually. I had several tabs open at the time and I think I accidentally picked the wrong one to post in.

If a mod wants to move this to the bug section, that would probably be best.

Agreed. Seems like the only hardware we have in common is the SSD and 2666 32GB RAM :slight_smile: Like you mine also appear’d after an update, many had it from day 1; mine was great on day 1. Its since that update its broken its-self!

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I actually had it from day 1. One of the updates in September (can’t remember which) fixed it for me. The only time live weather didn’t work for me since was when they had some issues with their weather servers go down on a holiday weekend a couple of months back. Otherwise it worked perfectly fine until the last November update. It hasn’t worked for me since.


Actually to be fair, I recall having this bug before, sometimes in October or around that
and it disappeared after that. However, I recall it happened again like once in December on my end but didn’t see it again till now. Sometimes I think this error could be random though. However, I fly often in Europe and hence not sure if that makes a difference

I fly in Canada, east and west coast US, Australia, and Asia. Makes no difference where I fly, what server I log into, etc. I’ve tried it all. The result is always the same. Without a restart, live weather doesn’t work.

Canada, Brazil, England, Aus and New Zealand for me, always same result 100% replication rate.

This problem feels very random, but I don’t think it has anything to do with where in the world you fly.

Yeah I second that, it is random which makes even hard to dig down the cause of the issue. Nevertheless, I hope this video you made can help Asobo to dig on the issue.

I hope so too. I can appreciate that this may be a tough issue to track down. But the first step is for them to accept there actually is a problem.

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Thank you very much for everyone submitting your videos and information!


Thank you for raising it at the Q&A, almost leapt out of my seat to participate :smiley:

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Good work raising this. I will attempt a capture of the bug tomorrow. Everyone should, if we want this sorted.