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Hi, I cannot find that much on it on this forum. Is anyone using the Virpil throttles and joysticks in FS2020 and is it working like it should be? Or is it not working well because of the early stage where FS2020 is in at this moment? It is time for a new set of controls and I want something more advanced after all these years of flight simming.

Using CM2 throttle + WarBRD based joystick. All fine. No presets, just configure like any other game/sim.


Using the Alpha on a Warbird base and the CM2 Throttle.
IMO the best HOTAS you can buy for (much) money. :slight_smile:
Works like charm… no presets though.
But I always like to configure my stuff by myself. Such complex presets could never match my likings.

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Exact the configuration i’m looking at for the moment (and also their pedals).
1/Is the alpha grip in combination with the warbird base not to high when placed on your desk?
2/Can you map altitude and heading to a rotating button on the throttle?

It is high: get the desk mount. It’s worth it.

  1. It is… by a lot. Its huge compared to cheaper casual HOTAS systems.
    I mounted it an a Wheelstand Pro because I am playing in my living room.
    If you are planning to play on a desk you should buy their mounting stuff too.

  2. jep, you can. Heading working like charm. Altitude too, but you have the same issue with the 100/1000 thing like with the normal button mappings.

Using a T-50 throttle and T-50CM2 grip. Very happy with the setup. Recommend getting an extension if possible. Here is a photo (have cleaned up the mounting some since then)


Do you like the pedals?

Yes, 100% like them. The forward / aft motion is much more realistic compared to ones that swing outward as they move back. The toe-brakes work well, and easy to remove the spring for use as helicopter pedals. Very hefty and solid feeling. Was concerned about the higher price prior to ordering, but very happy in the end. Bought them from, oddly enough.

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@ernieball74 I have the Virpil Alpha grip and CM2 throttle and use on desktop. I find the alpha grip + warbrd too tall for comfortable use. I still use on desktop, but it’s not comfortable.
I also own desk mounts which I never use, and slide out tables, which I sometimes use, lowering the height by about 5cm. This is more comfortable and similar experience to mounts, but I can sit closer to table and monitor.

Due to Virpil Alpha discomfort, I am planning to switch to the new VKB Gladiator NXT:
VKB also sells full metal bases and different grips, same as virpil.

I own the VKB pedals which I chose because of their small size and profile as I don’t have dedicated sim, but share with work desk. VKB pedals are awesome but don’t have toe brake and feel more like chopper pedals than fixed wing. There are other choices with similar build quality.

I casually fly planes, choppers and space craft, so want one HOTAS combo that meets all needs, as well as be conveniently and comfortably accessible from shared work desk.

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Thx for all info. I will check it out.

@ernieball74 I forgot to mention that my subjective criticism of the Virpil Alpha grip is two fold. One is the overall height for desktop use, which is a combination of both base and grip, the second is that most Virpil grips except the WarBRD grip seem to be designed for above average hands. The WarBRD grip, similar to Thrustmaster Warthog, is a replica grip which suits average male hands perfectly. VKB has intentionally designed the Gladiator base and Kosmosima grip for average hands and desktop use. If I were building a sim pit, I’d make different choices to an office desk.

You have lots of choices. Good luck!

OK clear. I am in the same situation as you: my desk is both for working and simming. I prefer a stick with base on desk (if possible) just because of the flexibility. For that reason, I will maybe also look to the Thrustmaster Warthog.

Virpil also have a desk mount that’s easy to relocate…keeps the stick down at a more comfortable level

Using the Mongoost throttle. Fabulous bit of kit and so many options!

The throttle is a no brainer for me. I already ordered that one. And now the waiting starts… (3 - 6 - 9 months??)

My order took around 2 (loooong) month … but I am really amazed by the high build quality. Impressive.

But if you plan on using it on top of your desk then the ergonomics will not be good, simply due to the height of the stick.

FYI … there is another discussion where we talk about possible command bindings for the Virpil gear …

I also received my order after two months (i live in Western Europe). Using the throttle now for 3 weeks. It is a fantastic experience. Also good software…

All - planning on getting the VPC T-50CM2 base, with their bracket and the VPC V.F Grip. Going to get the desk mount (required) and it should be a bit lower down. That will be good, because desk height for present setup is killing my wrist. I hurt it this summer doing something and flying with the desk height is aggravating whatever I did to it. Lower down, level arm to floor, will help. Just saw review, and they said it will last for years. That is good, don’t want to keep buying stuff to fly simulators.

The Virpil software provides lots of technical aspects that can be configured … and I somehow found it to be a very steep learning curve.

There is a YouTube channel where someone has provided lots of tutorials which I found helpful:

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