Virpil controls

I had some 20yr-old flight controls and I decided to upgrade. Originally I ordered some of the Logitech stuff but while I was waiting I found Virpil and thought it looked a lot better. I ordered Alpha Stick, WarBRD Base, Throttle, Control Panel, and Rudders. Took just under 2 months including shipping. I’d still be waiting on the Logitech stuff from what I can tell.

The quality of the Virpil stuff is incredible, easily twice as good as I expected. It is a huge upgrade and I’m really loving it in MSFS 2020. It really makes the sim more fun to play. Their software is also quite nice.


True, but once you are used to it… it is what i need.

Hi all,

I just got the following from Virpil

  1. VPC Constellation ALPHA-R
  2. VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base
  3. VPC ACE Interceptor Pedals

However, I am confused as to how to assign / map SHIFT button states….holding a shift button and changing how other button send keys etc. I have the Virpile software loaded, buy I do not know how to map anything.

I have uploaded some documentation of my button mappings to the Alpha stick over here …

… and I am not using any “SHIFT” feature on the Virpil side of the config.
I do only use the native FS2020 “multi-button” feature in the command bindings to get “SHIFT” like behavior.

I am not sure if that answers your question … if not then please try to explain again what exactly you are trying to achieve and what “SHIFT” means for you.

I do use the Virpil Configuration “SHIFT” feature (via the “Mode” switch) with the Virpil throttle … and I documented my ideas for that here …

My Virpil Panel #1 arrived the other day. First ever Virpil purchase. Still learning the software and trying to decide how and what I want to configure. Really impressed by the quality of the Virpil hardware. Extremely solid throughout. So far, I have assigned the autopilot, flight director functions, and interior lights. No trouble at all getting assigned buttons to do what they are supposed to do. I am very interested in learning how to assign rotary switches.

Yes, Virpil equipment is pricy. Once you get past that, these are very capable and top-notch items. Should last for a very long time.

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