VR development appears to be slowing

Is it me or does it appear as if the VR development focus is slowing down? When I look at the bug list and wish list it feels like the estimated timelines keep moving out and.or more of them now say “not started”. Here’s the latest snapshots. [BLOG] April 8th, 2021 Development Update

I get the fact that VR is the smaller user base for sure but it’s still disappointing to see this when they appear to spending most resources on world updates and not making as much progress on bugs in 2D, let alone VR performance smoothness, and optimization. I suppose that’s what sells more software in more markets to a largely 2D user base (plus VR is more demanding on the hardware so it may always be lower priority from a software side view) so this is a business decision on what maximizes revenue.

Perhaps the developers will comment on this or get asked about it at the Live Q and A that is next week.

I’m surprised it’s not given a higher priority in MSFS2020 incredibly MSFS2020 was released without even working with VR , everyone I know that uses a PC for games/sim are just using VR or about to get a headset & tend to give titles that work best with VR priority

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I’ve written some comments lately about the first part of your remark, where I’m trying to help assessing the technical implications of some of the VR items. It would be presumptuous qualifying these as “very small coding work tasks” because it depends on the overall code context, nevertheless, from a technical standpoint, and in isolation, there is not much more to do with these items than what I’ve listed IMHO:

As for the 2nd part of your remark, I’ve just commented about a different point of view. You might want to read the rest of it!


Just adding: The CPU spikes we experience are the same in 2D and in VR, and have obviously more impact on a immersed VR user, so IMHO optimizing the core engine for smoothness and optimization will benefit for monitor and VR session. In other worlds, this is linked, and not a VR specific work.


They had an entire team working on the (belated) implementation, wishes are STILL “TBD” and Bugs have barely any acknowledgement after 3+ months…it doesn’t make good reading.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that they didn’t include VR from the start we now get a half baked implementation with no signs of solid improvement. Sure the last big patch had a few VR areas in it, but they also broke the in flight Windows with no signs of them getting fixed and there was no movement to improve anything, let alone add solid features.

Seems to me they just wanted to get it out there and forget about it, frankly this disappoints me greatly.

I said this from the start that a Flight Sim released in 2020 without neither native VR support nor a single helicopter is absolutely shocking. What were they thinking? Or perhaps they weren’t.

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It’s fascinating. In the MS/Asobo Q&A yesterday >1h and only 5 seconds spent on VR (Jörg mentioning controller support is in the works). Some people seem to work on VR but this clearly isn’t a priority. Since the beta we had 2 updates (public release, and last sim update). 2 updates in 5 months…
At this point we can just hope that the XBOX improvements carry over nicely to VR but VR in itself seems so be a side-product although Jörg and Martial mentioning that they only use VR at this point…

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I agree with you on the carryover benefits of better memory optimization, etc. But once Xbox launches then VR users will be a very small percentage of the total and it stands to reason that most development resources will go to Xbox (a large new revenue source), then PC and VR will be way at the back of the line. That’s a realistic view given that VR is also the most resource demanding on hardware and will never have a user base as large as Xbox or PC. Hopefully the optimization for 2D carries over in general FPS and smoothness improvements all around.

This give me tons of hope, and they seems to be honest here. So let’s be positive! :slight_smile:

Microsoft lost me on the XBox. First VR should come for XBox, then again not, then after all … a back and forth. Then I decided to invest in a new PC and Steam in order to use VR. If the Playstation 5 gets a good VR headset next year, I’ll buy the Playstation 5. Sony has many very good games for VR, all of which I haven’t played yet due to lack of PS5. From that point on, I only use my new PC for gaming purposes for X-Plane and MSFS.

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