VR image at 50% brightness after first flight

For the past few weeks, I suddenly am having these weird “bug”. After my first flight in VR with everything looking great, I go to main menu and choose another location to fly from (doesn’t seem to matter where) the image is at the most 50% of the brightness. Almost dark. If I escape out of VR back and forth a few times, the full brightness comes back. Sometimes though I have to exit out of the sim and start over.
I haven’t removed everything from my community folder and will try that, but wondering if anyone else having same problem.

10850 I9
Nvidia 3080
Valve index
Latest Steam beta


I am experiencing this issue as well. I tend to end VR to go back to 2D mode before setting up a new flight.

The way I have managed to eliminate it from my VR experience is to go into VR mode while on the main menu before launching the second flight. If I start the flight and then activate VR I get this degradation in brightness.

Try hitting ESC twice… Been having the same issue. This always resolves it.


Thanks so much. I’ll give them both a try.

This is an awesome tip that works for me. Thanks!

I got that too with my Oculus, it’s not headset dependent. Double ESC fix it each time.

I’d also note that switching between programs resolves this issue as well, but not as elegantly as the double esc fix.

I’ve noticed if you go into the menu and click VR and then the switch to VR button instead of using CTRL-TAB, it never dims this way.

It’s happened to me too. It seemed to be that the mouse focus was lost when I ctrl-tabbed out and back into vr. Taking off the headset and clicking on the window fixed it for me.

I’ve definitely seen this too. Sounds like an actual bug. Being new to the MSFS scene… is there a place to formally report bugs like this? They can’t fix bugs they don’t know about.

@LBC832 A warm welcome to the forums.

In response to your question, it is answered in the forum welcome post:

I experienced this for the very first time yesterday (RTX 3070, Reverb G2, OpenXR). In my case changing the 2D window to full screen helped.