VR insight M-Panel working in MSFS2020

Hi. There is already a reply from Pete underneath my question and the Lua files are in the FSUIPC installation folder in a zip file called Lua examples ( I think, I’m not at my PC at the moment)

Any users having issues with FSUIPC7, with VR insight devices or other, should really report any issues to the FSUIPC7 forum. I monitor the MSFS forums but for support you really need to go to the FSUIPC support forum if you want me to look into any problems.

As for LINDA, this is an advanced lua interface built on-top of the lua interface provided by FSUIPC. If LINDA can do it, so can FSUIPC without LINDA (probably - I’m not a LINDA user ;)), but you need to be fluent in lua to achieve what is easily possible with LINDA. For many users, LINDA is an easier option. Just my 2cents.

But please make sure you have read the provided documentation before posting, especially the specific document Lua Plugins for VRInsight Devices.


This will be with the rest of the FSUIPC documentation, now installed in an FSUIPC7 folder under your windows Documents folder. It is only installed if you opt to install the documentation during the installation process (which is checked by default).


Thanks, I found it. Also others .PDF are very interesting to undestand the interaction from VRI MCP Combi + FSUIPC7 + Linda.
In the end, being an old programmer in a PC environment, I chose to use Linda for the possibility of creating User Functions to better customize my peripherals.

Thanks for that suggestion!

Slightly different topic but rooted to VrInsight mPanel.

Anyone succeeded setting the transpondeur ALT ON/Standby with IVAO Altitude 1.10.2b and the default C172 Classic ?

In order to report, using the MCP Combo II B (MCP2B), I just have to launch FSUIPC7 (not registered) with its proper INI section set for VRinsight, then launch VRiSim, nothing more and it works, also for the C172 Classic, not limited to though
There’s, a small issue with Transponder Input which is refreshed to fast by the Sim. We have only to make actions as quick as possible for this part. Other than this, I’m very happy with this situation in its current state, making me starting more constructive flights than before

My own MCP2B is seen on port Com15 :


Hi guys.

For those having problems with connection the startup order and also running them as admin or not matters. I have the MCP combo and what I did was just to add this line to the bottom of FSUIPC.ini:

Run1=READY,CLOSE,“C:\Program Files (x86)\VRInsight\bin\VRiSim.exe”

This just uses the FSUPIC autostart feature to load VRiSim.exe once at the MSFS main menu (if you manually launched FSUIPC before game) or at the aircraft cockpit (if you used MSFS EXE.xml file method). The EXE.xml option may require to run game as admin if for some reason you also run FSUIPC as admin, which should not be required anyway, and it will be set automatically during FSUIPC installation. It´s the most automated and error free option. Replace “Run1” by “Run2”, “Run3”, etc if you were already using that feature to launch other applications, like TrackIR for instance:

Run1=READY,CLOSE,“C:\Program Files (x86)\NaturalPoint\TrackIR5\TrackIR5.exe”
Run2=READY,CLOSE,“C:\Program Files (x86)\VRInsight\bin\VRiSim.exe”

Once VRiSim.exe it´s launched this way you can click on the “Fly Now” button and your panel will be detected properly and be fully operational in game.

If you run VRiSim.exe manually after loading game it may not detect the panel and will drop the FSUIPC not found error, no matter what you do. If you close it (to change the profile) it won´t work afterwards either. If this happens that could be caused by having run FSUIPC formerly as admin. In that case you will need to run VRiSim.exe as admin too when you launch it after having close it or when you manually launch it without being called by FSUIPC. This problem should not happen if you are not running any of the involved apps nor game as admin.


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One important addition. For those willing to remap the VRInsight devices as regular joysticks with FSUIPC you need to add the following block to FSUIPC.ini:


Where COM3 shall be the physical COM port used by your device (you can check it at the VRInsight software) and the other one is just a virtual one that will be used by FSUIPC. Add as many lines as devices you want to remap, but all must contain a pair of COM ports.

This will disable the usage of VRInsight profiles as the device will not be detected by VRInsight software. If you still want to use those profiles then you can´t use this method.


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