VR Screen Offset with Cosmos-Unplayable

When enabling VR with the HTC Vive Cosmos, the screen within the headset glitches out and moves to the lower right. The view on the monitor looks fine, and every other VR game works fine.

The issue can be momentarily fixed by either taking a steam screenshot or moving the headset out of and back in range. However, it reappears within a few seconds.

I have updated both the headset and Steam VR to beta, and have disabled theatre mode.
This issue only started when I upgraded to the Cosmos; the standard Vive had no issues.

Because of how the issue rights itself when a screenshot is taken, it is impossible to get one. However, the appearance is nearly identical to this screenshot of another issue:

Simply enabling VR mode with the HTC Cosmos causes the problem to appear.

I have a Vive Cosmos and have tested it today, I am in the process of tuning to optimize the framerate.
I have not encountered the problem you describe.
As asobo states, I installed the beta version of SteamVR and Vive.
What is your configuration ?


Here are my system specs:
Windows 10 64 Bit
Intel i7-8700
GeForce RTX 2070

For my VR setup, I am using the Cosmos headset with basic Vive controllers/base stations.
I am also using the betas.

Thank you

When you use your cosmos, do you have a satisfactory light in your room?

The light is normal. I believe the bug has something to do with the software, as MSFS is the only game this happens on. In addition, I’ve just found other Cosmos users with the same problem.

Thank you for the information. So, I’m lucky because for my part it works well.
The only problem is that you have to constantly refocus the cockpit view.

That’s exactly the same problem I have. If I switch one the steam menu the panel appears to be in normal position - in front. but exit the steam menu and shifts back to the left.
I have also got everything to Beta version, no theater mode, no HDR. Tried different versions of drivers. reinstalled everything, updated firmware on the googles and the bases. nothing is helping.

HTC worked on OpenXR. I installed it but not tried it yet.
It frees itself from SteamVR.
Maybe tried.

I just tested OpenXR and it’s much better.
I was able to increase my graphics options.
I recommend you to test.

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Same here. Using Steam VR and Vive Beta, view is offset down and left on mine. Resetting view centers the menu screen in the offset field of view, but nothing gets the field of view centered.

Try this

I had the same problem. Very frustrating. I found that selecting “Play Area” from the Vive menu and turning on “Always show Floor Bounds” the problem went away!

Good luck.

That’s it lowdowndan! Thank you very much. This solved it for me.
Best Regards!

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