WAS Hoping for an Asobo Press Release

Ever since updates started rolling out you have winners and loosers with the SU. I have had no problem until SU3, all of a sudden random CTDs started happening. It has gotten better but not like the first 3 months where I had no problems what so ever.

This is not a stable product, also echoed by Aerosoft who shelved their traffic add on after the SU5, it basically borked the code with encryption and the product will no longer be made. This is just a big mess and the updates have an adverse effect on some and that makes it a risk. Your game will work fine and the next update you are in CTD hell or things change that are not listed in the notes.

Take it or leave it…at this point…this is the product.


Have you tried the C152 mod on flightsim.to. It’s supposed to be a complete overhaul aimed for reality

Did I stumble into the Star Citizen forum by mistake?


I have a little land you can claim just outside Heathrow if you are interested. :wink:

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I see this point made a lot.
It is perfectly valid to argue that only dissatisfied customers express their concerns while the happy campers are just out there playing. I get that.

But looking at the views and comments numbers on the SU5 threads, the dissatisfaction is, at the very least, orders of magnitude higher vs previous releases on the same forums.

Personally I understand the RTX3080+ crowd who are bothered by the graphics downgrades
I also understand the mid range folks who are happy with the performance boost. Both POVs are valid.
The MSFS team job is to find the right balance to satisfy these two groups, and it is not easy.

I am more concerned with the constant CTDs and functional issues in SU5. Basic quality control, quality assurance, etc.

In software, bugs are triaged.
The worst kind is called ‘show stoppers’, the kind of bugs that break stability or basic functionality so much, that the release will not happen if it is not fixed.

Example: In Flight Simulator SU5, after a few CTDs, when I flew my first mission (Naples) and took the plane lower, displayed altitude went up.

I dunno. Maybe reading altitude is not an issue for 99% of the pilots, and it’s foolish to think otherwise :wink:

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Hotfix for the Hotfix on final approach?

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The large number of comments is partly down to the same people commenting the same thing in several different threads.


The worst thing you can have in any business is a bunch of irritated customers because they will let their thoughts be known even if no one asks. Rarely do people who have received a great product or great service to out to a forum and say so. But when you look at the totality of things that simply no longer work you will see why the forums have somewhat erupted. I said several times in other threads that before SU5, I had a perfectly functional longitude model. Now there are the two mods that made it work so well that have been rendered useless and you are stuck with pretty much the original MSFT model, which in and of itself has multiple issues that MSFT/Asobo never addressed. SO now between the ctd’S i never had before, live weather becoming a joke after SU5 and all the other issues, the most common claim people make is “don’t worry, they will be issuing a hotfix soon to address those issues” right AFTER the hotfix they issued failed to address the things they claimed. So yes, the natives are restless…


They took out a whole bunch of folks with SU5 who were playing prior and now can’t start it without CTD. The hotfix added another crapload of people to that.

And that’s not to mention al the Xbox players having the same issues.

You or I may not be affected, but many, many very ■■■■■■ off simmers are.


lol Called it…


How many times have they said they are working on communication. Um since Aug 2020. Most of us would have been fired from our day jobs if we had the same track record as this group of people.


Besides making the graphics being worse, there are a ton of bugs and CTDs. I never had CTDs prior to this update.

I won’t take the time to repeat them here, but I have posted many bugs in 1.18.x.x bug thread.


Really happy to see message from @Jummivana that they are triaging and working on a fix!

Thank You @Jummivana !! :slight_smile:

Most people who enjoy a properly working game, play the game. The only time they visit forums is to look for tips. So all the negative talk is because people aren’t playing or things that worked before aren’t now. Its to confirm that the program is at fault and not their system.
Xbox users are crying they don’t know how to do something…
Bottom line is unhappy people need reassurance things will be fixed.
The hot fix came out quick because Asobo knew they broke things so they rushed a bandaid to fix a broken leg…
No other way to look at it.

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Well they have certainly made it worse. Up until the latest update I was fortunate not to suffer from any CTD’s or freezes since it’s introduction, it was just the FPS stuttering that affected me. Now with the latest updates I’m lucky if it doesn’t freeze or CTD. Maybe 1 in 10 flights I don’t get a problem.


Very true.
There are a lot of people voicing their concerns, some are satisfied with the release.
But I think we can all agree that the mods are bearing the brunt of the backlash. It’s not easy for them I’m sure. Kudos to them for keeping it cool.

they fix popping and ctd, but RAM management aka viewdistance i doubt MSFS 2020 will ever make use of a pc (with 16-32 GB RAM and fast GPU) again…back to MSFS 2010

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Doesn’t matter how much Asobo, the CMs, or even Jorg says it. This is Microsoft. Nothing gets released without approval from the PR and legal teams who will sanitize and make sure that there’s a lot of words that say as little as possible.

This happens above the heads of the MSFS team. Jorg may be the head of MSFS, but he still answers to several layers of corporate overlords above him.


Exactly. The problem is that Jorg, Asobo, and the poor Community Managers have been constantly apologizing and indicating a need for improved communication and quality control, yet after 11 months we’re back to square one with the Sim Update 5 mess. Words only mean so much when time and time again the same thing keeps happening. It might be time for Microsoft to start hiring some more contractors/employees to help Asobo because clearly something is not working.