Was There going to be a Hotfix for

Was There going to be a Hotfix for

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Yes we expect a Hotfix-1 update for WU-6 this week. There’s a topic about it running since tuesday…

Nobody knows… the million dollar question.

When will there be a Q&A as well? Lots of questions need answered.


I’m playing the sim right now. Works great!!

Hotfix coming tomorrow.


I’m on now… I did not see an update in The Netherlands yet, 23:45 here. When it comes to NL it is often around 16:00 hours… or else… next week, we’ll see ? taking some more time is not always bad with software updates.

That is one of the most glaring problems I see with this forum, not necessarily in this thread, but all over the forum. We have questions being asked that can ONLY be answered by an OFFICIAL member of the dev team or their representative.

Then, we get answer after answer from forum members that are intended to sound official but , in reality, may not based on any fact and is just an opinion. Now, we are left trying to figure out if this came from an official rep or just another " my opinion" forum member.


we do get official announcements.

we can’t expect devs to be at our beck and call 24/7.

I’m sure you and others only have 1 or 2 important questions that you’d like answered but then multiply that by the user base and you can see the issue.

and forum mods won’t have all the info either.

we simply have to wait for any announcements which will be posted in the usual areas.

the forums are more to get an overall feel from a section of the userbase but mainly for a place for us to chat.

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True. However, one of the things I truly loved about MS/Asobo were the monthly Q&A’s – this was typically where we got our questions answered. It just isn’t “normal” for them to go almost 2 months without one.


yeah, but “going quiet” isn’t unusual for a dev but can be frustrating for those not used to it!

they’ll chat when they’re ready :wink:

It could be DX11 / DX-12… these night light issues have to be solved for PC and XBox… let them do the hard work, don’t open a second complaint topic. We’ll get this update, you can trust that.

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The responses here on the forums are more bellyaching, complaining and opinions

Closed as the Development Announcement has clarified there will be a Hotfix and ETA.