WASM standalone Module causing CTD on launch after World Update 4 patch

I was using the MobiFlight Event Module so I could use the MSFS Mobile Companion App. It was working fine for weeks.

After the patch, I was getting CTD while the sim was on its first loading screen.

Removing its directory from my community folder got me around the crash.

Is there anything I can do to make this work again?

Same for me, the mobiflight module in community results in CTD

I use it for X-Touch-Mini-FS2020

Hi there,
I moved your topic to Home Cockpit Builders. The Bugs & Issues section is only for reporting bugs in the base sim.

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This IS a bug of the base sim: it’s the known issue of stand-alone WASM modules crashing the sim at start. Every stand-alone WASM module will result in the sim crash, not just this one.

Even an empty stand-alone WASM module that doesn’t do anything, like the Sample included with the SDK will crash the sim.


It is a bug.
Also other wasm modules cause immediate CTDs after the latest update, for example YourControls.

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OK, I will confer with the forum team. This may take a little while.

@Umberto67 , @SierraBravo6049 , @FlyinJPetrol , okay, this is back in Bugs & Issues. Mea culpa!


Yep, same here for me. I removed Mobiflight, RealSimGear, and SPAD.Next from the community folder and the game runs with no issues. If I put any of these modules back into the community folder it crashes as soon as FUICP7 Starts up (Does not crash with just FUICP7, unless one of the other modules are in the community folder, just to be clear). I already submitted a service request through Microsoft Flight sim.

Maybe rename this title → " WASM standalone Module causing CTD on launch after World Update 4 patch"
I can’t believe only 10 people vote for that.


I second this, could someone change the title?

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So to sum it up (in case someone at asobo is reading):
All custom WASM plugins cause a CTD on the initial loading screen once the sim is open.
There is no way for us to currently use many of our custom plugins due to this bug. It affects all custom WASM, and is not the fault of the plugins themselves.
Only way to fix the CTD is to remove the wasm files.
I am personally very disappointed in this as I currently see other moderators saying to just “remove the custom addons” and blaming it on them, where it is asobo’s fault in this. No clue how this got through any kind of testing, makes me wish that you aren’t forced into every game breaking bug.


It is a bug (+20 years experienced DEV and OPs IT pro here) and it is called a regression. Believe me, when Realsimgear, Logitech, Orbys and other Sim games changers representatives will be knocking at Microsoft door, it will be quickly considered as a bug in the base sim. And sure it is.

If it’s not, you would have considered explaining how to develop a wasm compatible module in the SDK documentation…


It is a bug…spadnext wasm module also causes a crash since the last update…
I just sent a ticket…everyone affected by this bug should send a ticket so they should put a priority to fix what they have broken…

You know what kills me about this? Your Controls notified Asobo before the public release of this patch that it broke everything with a modules folder. I guess the world update could not wait.


It’s completely unnaceptable. I don’t get why asobo keep pushing broken updates despite being warned. It’s unfair and disrespectful to all of us, why they think this is fine I will never understand.


Yet again, another update, another broken sim.

WASM modules should have been tested before you guys pushed out an update.

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This is unacceptable!

All my home cockpit hardware is now useless. Not acceptable indeed. Voted !

i want to second the request to change the title, it is misleading.

“WASM standalone Module causing CTD on launch after World Update 4 patch”

Even the SDK example WASM module reportedly crashes the simulattor.


Ok, changed the title

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