Waste of time

Edited - thanks @Pieter1982NL for the clarification.

It would be great if more things could be auto-filled in Zendesk, but not sure how possible that is as it’s a separate website that offers this service to many products.

As it stands Zendesk is the most direct route we have to the Devs. Definitely worth taking the time to report.

Options -> General -> Developer mode -> Enable developer mode

Press ` for the console

The forum header:
The “Support” link brings you at Zendesk.


You have my sympathies. I’m in the same boat with repeat CTDs. My RTW trip is on-hold. There is nothing worse in this sim than crashing 4 hours into a leg.

I literally recoil at the thought of playing ATM, it has been too disappointing.

So I’ve packed my Warthog controls away and wait for a brighter day…

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I start to get a bit twitchy when I notice I’m at around 2 hours, and feel I am pushing my luck, and find the nearest airport to land at. :slight_smile:

I flew for I think around 10 hours at the weekend, maybe a little more, and had a single crash, not including the purposeful ones where I was testing the workaround for the Bing issue.

Ah brilliant, thanks @Pieter1982NL - I stand corrected!

So I come back to my main point, if you haven’t already:

Report CTD to Zendesk here!

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This is great news.

An issue faced by many users has clearly been reported, identified, and now acknowledged and is being worked on.

Hello everyone,

Thank you EdamllamaB for sharing the link regarding this issue.

I’m putting it once again here as the communication will be done also through this thread: [Issue] CTDs while loading 3rd party content

We understand the frustration that it causes and the impact that this situation may have on your experience of MSFS.

As the team investigate the issue, we will keep you informed with the latest information.

Thanks again for your patience.


No waste of time for me. Zero CTD’s since downloading FS2020 within a week after it came out.

Given the same timeframe, FSX was nothing BUT CTD’s. Some things I learned about “fiddling with things” which I include add-ones coming over from FSX are…

  1. I download all the freeware from one source. At Flightsim.to the manager keeps track of downloads plus a HUGE advantage is it lets you know from day to day which ones need an update with one simple click. Payware gets downloaded from withi FS2020’s Marketplace. Of course the only time this would change is with a major payware aircraft purchase with something like PMDG where it’s not available anywhere’s else but on their website. The point being it’s easy enough to backtrack it for an upgrade of fix.

  2. I have ALL my freeware sceneries, airports, etc in one folder. Inside that folder I have a sub folders I made with all the major continents. From there I made more sub folders containing all the individual states or countries. In the case of Canada I made sub folders based on each Territory or Provence. Originally I didn’t and quickly found my growing freeware library causing a massive increase in boot times within FS2020. It also saves TONS of time when all sceneries are logically grouped when you need to find a specific one for updating.

This method for me is two fold. One, why have sceneries in Spain load when I’m only flying in-state with sceneries from Florida? And secondly, if there ARE problems with a new update it’s very easy to home in on a culprit if indeed it’s a scenery by deleating the add-on sceneries within the sim and then adding back in the sim within smaller groups in order to achieve the process of elimination.

  1. I don’t ever follow through on a download if it eventually involves changing anything anywhere in a configuration file. In my waning days years ago of using FSX it was directly related to this action. One thing effected another and next thing you know even with backup .config files it became a nightmare of sorts trying to untangle everything.

Never again in regards to messing around with .config files. Either I wait for an official update and/or learn to live with it.

And with the potential for installing corrupted or conflicting freeware files (which I had to install a new SSD just to store them all) it’s very easy now to home in on the problem file in question.

I have been trying to figure out what may be the cause of the increased CTDs.
I now have evidence that something in the update to is the cause of most of the new CTDs. I did not have this problem before the update and have started to see alot of people talking about more CTDs after the update. I have tried everthing suggested from graphic card driver reverts or updates to an empty Community folder to setting changes on computer and in the SIM. It all comes back to this last update. I wish there was a way to go back and revert to the state before

I’ve already have round about 300h in the log book and almost all of the payware you can have, until now I haven’t had a single CTD apart from the current thing with the Bing data that caused CTDs in 3rd party addons, but that is easy to fix, turn off BingData in Trafficsettings for now.

So the problem seems to be on your side.

Might want to submit to Zendesk as well.

Ok, not a waste of time to take a look at your own system. Coincidence or not, my CTD’s seem to have stopped now after I updated Win 10 with “optional” Win 10 20H2 update. I tested the sim last night and this morning to the point I’m satisfied the CTD’s have stopped. Actually, the program was not crashing to desktop, but crashing and restarting my computer to a desktop.

I think I have narrowed the CTDs for me down. Just flew one of my best flights ever in this SIM. Flew from KSTL to KATL using RexWeather Force2020, SimTool Kit Pro, Imagesim KATL,Navigraph and Pushback Helper ALL active and working on 2 Monitor. Not a single problem but the TOO Talkie Talkie ATC.
Crashes are happening with FlightBeam KIAD and Cloudsurf Asia Simulations WSSS. Something that these too have in common are causing my crashes. Happens in other places in the world but these are the two airports I purchased last.

If KIAD and WSSS contain .cgl files and your CTDs started on Thursday or Friday, then it is probably the issue with the Bing data. If your CTDs started earlier then it is something else.

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This may be a memory issue with your computer, did you run a memory diagnostic?

You can search for Memory Diagnostic in the start menu and launch Windows Memory Diagnostics, do this when you are not using your computer because you will not be able to use it while testing.

After rebooting Windows will tell you if there’s something wrong with the memory.

It started since last update and after I purchased KIAD and WSSS a week apart. Its not anything else as I have done every suggestion including memory and all hardwire ideas. It is to do with the software.

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Close to 300 flight hours, not a single CTD yet. AMD Ryzen 3970x with RTX 3090 here on a 1000MBit glass fiber line, quite good specs but nothing special.

  • Did you try a fresh Windows10 install? If the problems are still there, it is most definitely a hardware issue.
  • My bet #1 is a faulty memory. Did you perform long running load tests?
  • Another thing to check out is Resplendence Software - LatencyMon: suitability checker for real-time audio and other tasks. Yes, it is for pro audio people, but it can help you finding bottleneck drivers and/or services in your system. When I was a beta tester for MSFS, I had some issues with a professional audio card using ASIO, which could not be set below 64 samples buffer without CTD. Guess this is not your situation, but who knows.
  • Cooling? Everything running fine? HWInfo will tell you everything you need to know.
  • Regarding internet connection speed, I would not think that this is an issue. I can throttle my connection over a proxy down to a few kB/s, and can still fly.

Alpha is not Betta :wink:

The issue that seems to be causing the problems is with addon scenery that have a .CGL file in them. Nothing to do with reinstalling windows, memory or anything else. As soon as you turn off the .CGL file, the crashes stop. Apparently this file holds Bing data used at custom airports, but Asobo have changed something with how Bing maps operate which is why the crashes are happening to addon scenery. Asobo are aware and dealing with it as already acknowledged.