"we don’t want people refering to Asobo or Microsoft in topic titles."

From this thread: Great job on the Sim

From this quote:


There’s nothing in the code of conduct that says “Don’t mention ze war!” er, I mean “Don’t mention our company names”, so did I miss an announcement that we can’t mention Asobo or MS for…some reason I can’t fathom?

A little joke there but serious question, why don’t you want people refering to Asobo or MS in topic titles on a forum for a software product made by Asobo under licence from Microsoft?

Probably because this is a MSFS forum, and it’s logical that MS and Asobo are involved.

Also no discussing moderator actions.

Yeah, right. And mentioning them in topic titles is undesirable because…?

This rule is a result out of topic titles like:


I am pretty happy this ■■■■■■ attention seeking has gone. Respect that rule, allowing to name the companies just helped mad people gaining attention for their topics.


… and google to index the complaints associated with the company names


it starts out as “Asobo fix this game”

Then it ends as “Asobo, can you do my homework?”

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it’s not like we don’t all know who made MSFS…moderators have a tough gig.
bottom line it’s their forum and their rules apply no matter how you feel about it.


Ah. So when more third party planes are released, I should write “Default Cessna 172”, and not “Asobo Default 172”.

Posts about third party stuff should be in the third party subsection anyways :slight_smile:


Before I answer the question about the topic title, it should be noted the title wasn’t the reason for the topic closure. Once the topic was closed, I made a snap decision to alter the title hence the lock message.

Topic closed as a duplicate

The decision to alter the topic title was made after the topic was locked, using the CoC and the actions of other moderators with similar posts as guidance.

Why did I make these decisions? I have taken similar actions with dozens, possibly hundreds of other topics in the past including topics that are positive, negative and neutral towards Asobo and MSFS. As a moderator, I am required to treat things fairly and be as consistent as I can. I came across this topic last night, it was a duplicate and so it was closed.

The Code of Conduct provides the following guidance on topic titles:

Be mindful with topic titles. The title should be clear in its intent and focus on the topic at hand. The following is prohibited:

  • Demanding Microsoft, MSFS or Asobo staff to read your post (e.g. “Asobo Read Now”)
  • Calling out community member names directly
  • Petitioning for votes
  • Using all caps throughout your title and/or post
  • Excessive use of font formatting or memes

By the written rule of the CoC, simply mentioning their (Asobo and Microsofts) names isn’t a strict breach of the CoC. However, it violates the spirit of the rule.

Additionally, most titles that reference Asobo or Microsoft can be made cleaner by removing those organisation names. This helps with both SEO Indexing and the search system within the forums. So as a general rule we typically remove the mention of Asobo or Microsoft UNLESS the use of their names is required in the topic title.


If you are writing to discuss a bug with a default aircraft/airport put it in the correct #bugs-and-issues category.

Otherwise default aircraft can be discussed in the “Default Aircraft” category, and airports in the #flying:airports category.

All third-party products should be discussed in #third-party-addon-discussion , and bugs should be reported to the third-party developers directly.


I hope I managed to answer everyone’s questions.

This topic is dangerously close to breaking the Discussing Moderation rule, if it hasn’t already and as such it is closed.