We need a HOTFIX for CTDs - Sim Update 5

Same here. Constant ctf on su5 plus fix

I think I found something for me, deleting the rolling cache seems to be effective, I was able to start 6 flights without CTD.

Edit: just had a CTD … :nauseated_face:

Try to delete content.xml UserCfg.Opt and both manual and rolling cache.
The first two files are recreated by the game so it’s harmless.
Apologies in advance if you have already done it, just trying to be helpful.


I’m gonna try thank you.

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The first two files are located here:


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i think everyone is getting this issue. Please upvote this!

Before hotfix had 6 crashes in same evening. After hotfix I did 6 flights and no ctd and 3 were in vr all fine. I did see no internet connection 3 times towards the end of the evening when the Americans start playing more. So maybe its the content servers giving the issue. I have 10700 with 3060ti and oculus quest 2 no community plugins no overclock. If its cdn issues then will improve.

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It seems to be efficient to delete these 2 files and cleaning the rolling cache.

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I had also the CTDs and I just solved it indeed by removing Content.xml as well as rolling cache again.

But I also checked the “SimObjects” folder at the same location and found some files related to liveries from FBW A32nx mod which should not be there.

I removed from there all files non-related to the base aircraft of the sim and I restarted my pc.

On the next try, all went perfectly well and I’m not experiencing any CTD anymore.

I hope this could help you!

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Because we’ve paid them millions when we bought the game so they should sort it out. Can’t stand you people defending the developers like they’re making the game out of the goodness of their hearts. They’ve pocketed millions from us so the least they can do IS MAKE IT WORK.


Cool rant. I hope it made you feel better. By the way, do you have any idea what “the guys are running low” means in this context?

Glad if it helped.
It should be done programmatically though.

We really need a Update and Hotfix! since the the new update 5 I am encountering a lot of issues! : Airports CTD ! Blurry sceneries ! ex: the Sestri and nice sceneries are blurry! and some regions are not.

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I found out how to turn off the glowing knobs!
Mouse set to “Legacy”

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i think its maybe better for you to stop gaming altogether.

Installed the update from the weekend and it seems overall more stable though A320nx (Dev Version Updated 2nd August) still a no go CTD where it suaully happens during loading screen.

As for the FBW A320NX (Dev) I get random CTD when loading into a flight.
But just earlier today, I refused to accept it and restarted the sim and started the exact same scenario and it loaded instantly. I completed a full 2hrs flight then.

So whatever is causing this CTD it is inconsistent.
I was on Preset weather, no live traffic and no multiplayer.
So I can rule out any of these.
And as everything else was exactly the same on both attempts ( location, time, weather, aircraft, settings) it looks more that the reason for the CTD goes much deeper and probably is linked to the CPU / RAM “optimization”…

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For all people having CTD I suggest to take a look at this forum. Don’t lose your faith!


Much appreciated. Unfortunately I’m sick of having to fix this app everytime it updates. Why do end users have to fix anything or troubleshoot crashes?

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You are totally right @monkeytennis245 but at least we could give Microsoft/Asobo something to work on :wink: