(SU5) Stuttering and framerate drop when camera panning (TrackIR, mouse, joy hats)

Strangely enough this stutter and FPS drop vanished after hotfix and a windows update today.
Also had ProcessLasso disable the Dynamic thread for the .exe under current and always section.
Michael Moe

I just submitted a ticket on heavy stuttering. I have an i9-10900k with 64Gb RAM, three M2 SSDs, an RTX 2080 Super. Runs around 5GHz consistently even under heavy load.

MSFS settings are Ultra except motion blur off. Typically lock FPS at 30 with minimal latency. If I unlock at my home airport of Beverly, Mass., I get 42-46 on 1.17.3 and 55 on

The flight starts off smooth and can pan all around. After about 5-7 minutes, every time I pan left or right, I get stuttering that is so heavy that its like mini-pauses. Lasts 5-10 seconds and goes away until I pan again. After another 10 minutes, it start stuttering without panning and continues until I end the flight. Every now and then, I can get the flight to last longer without any stuttering, but since the hotfix, I haven’t had one of those.

I have tried shutting off all data to make sure it wasn’t a server issue. No change. I tried lowering all settings to the bare minimum with data off. Slightly less severe, but eventually shows up. So its not graphics settings in msfs or server connection issues.

I have tried everything. My next step is to try a second laptop. I just dread doing it. I had no issues with this until the last update. No hardware changes, no software changes, no changes to my benchmark flight. If I can’t fix this, I am going to ask for a refund. I have tried to enjoy MSFS for all its growing pains, but its become a second job for me. I have spent six hours in the last two days downloading and tweaking to fix this. Any good faith suggestions are welcome to keep me in the game.

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Thats what I’m seeing also. When panning and getting the stutter, the GPU goes to 100% for a few seconds. Its exactly the same.

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Does anyone else have a stutter when looking up from the cockpit? I have a hotkey on my joystick to look down in the cockpit (to adjust flaps, mixture, cowl flaps, etc) and now every time I look back up, I get a stutter. It’s really frustrating.

I dont use TIR or VR. Panning was always a little bit of an issue but before it was consistently stuttery because the framerate was not very good. Post update the framerate is much better but panning around the cockpit with the mouse is noticeably worse.
Although one my earlier flight it clearly looked worse on the ground and was not noticeable in cruise. Most probably as people have said, some type of culling issue.


I have same issue… but usually the FPS is catching up again to normal after we stop panning.


Same here,I think everyone is having this issue.
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Pretty sure everyone is experiencing this.


Well, i’ve had a problem with the exact those drawing stutters prior to this SU5, just after i updated my Nvidia drivers to the 471.41, but i was experimenting with the quest 2 at the time, not the trackir, but the drawing appeared to be late when moving my head… so i reverted back to the 471.11 that i had still sitting on my Harddrive and that stopped that issue from happening.
Hope it helps someone else as well.

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I’m still having this issue when panning cockpit, and I’m still on 471.11, so don’t think it’s driver related.

On my setup there is a long pause showing huge main thread activity and frame drop for a second when looking down on console floor and back up. There is also more micro-stutters when camera is not moving than before.

It’s so annoying I cannot use the sim ATM. I hope Asobo can fix this quick. On my setup I9-9900, 32GB ram and RTX3080 things became even worse after the latest hotfix.


Yes, I was going to post that as I found if I moved my head slowly, almost all pop ups were not seen. Not perfect but better

i have the same problems. Pop-in, fps stutters with view changes… With the previous version it did not happen to me.

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Try this fix: Slider to adjust/disable the scenery culling (reduce panning pop-in and stutters) - #41 by tibonono

Didn’t work for me unfortunately, but hopefully it will work for others.

I had terrible stutter with about 17 FPS regardless of the graphics setting. Deleting the rolling cache worked perfectly for me and now I see an acceptable frame rate on Ultra.

Great tip, Thank you!

I have found that I have had to downgrade my graphics options this update due to this performance hit. Terrain Detail and Object Detail could be ran at 200 for me but now BOTH must be at 100 for me to experience a stable 30-45fps (capped at 45) with an i7-7700k @5ghz, 1080ti, 32GB RAM and M.2 drive.

Whilst this gets me flying with some smoothness, I really don’t appreciate having to downgrade my graphical fidelity to achieve slightly WORSE performance with SU5 when this update was supposed to INCREASE performance!

What a joke!


Thanks but didn’t make any difference. What stuns me is just how much this panning issue saturates the CPU. To put it in perspective, it is the only time in five years with this CPU, that I have ever noticed audio of background music like Spotify, or a YouTube video actually stutter and pause. It has happened with loading screens of games in the past, but never during gameplay. I can literally turn my head in MFS and bring every process to a temporary stop - that’s the kind of godlike power I don’t want to have.

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Yeah … This sim is very CPU hungry even after SU5, but I mostly think it’s an optimisation issue, it shouldn’t starve your whole computer like that by simply moving your head around …


Well, so we’re starting to have a problem.

I stopped testing solutions for this problem in the simulator as it was saturating my processor too aggressively and the temperature was reaching 98 °C.

Even after restoring my operating system nothing has changed. Unfortunately it’s a processing optimization issue that’s hitting some people with some common setup.

Unfortunately I decided to stop trying with the simulator because I’m really afraid of burning my processor

If you continue, please be aware of the high temperatures


Replying to my own post for an update…

I tried it on my Surface Book 3 and had no stuttering on Medium on the exact same flight plan with FPS between 20 and 30.

Went back to my gaming rig and removed everything connected to the PC except power. No stuttering. Plugged my two external monitors in one at a time. No stuttering. unplugged my USB 1 to 9 ports box and started getting the stuttering. Unplugged it and restarted MSFS. No stuttering.

Plugged the USB box into the Book and started getting some minor stuttering. So it appears it has something to do with the USB expansion box. No stuttering since I have left it unplugged. The weird part is I have been using it for almost a year with no issues with MSFS.