Weather like pre su7 before 8 AM UK time, photos and videos provided!2

A summary of what’s going on so far
the weather system in the sim is showing a bug in witch the weather can still be rendered as good and realistic as it was pre su7 when users starts their flight before 8AM UK time, not really sure if the same timing applies to other country as people are still testing.
the Switch from smooth, natural and multilayered clouds happens around 07:04 zulu time, 08:04 UK time and this is a video from Perry that shows the switch in game
And another video showing the switch

Video showing the switch provided by [sydicek]

More examples

And some photos that shows the weather in game before the switch, provided by Perry

And then after the Switch at around 8AM UK time

Video provided by @sydicek 0600Z at LKMT:

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Interesting comment. Are you under SU10 Beta ?. Would be nice to know if people that are not under SU10 experience the same. I am not home so I cannot test myself.

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yes Beta 10. I was informed about it by another user but never really tested it because at that time I’m still in bed, but yesterday and today I started testing at 7 am and when I saw the clouds i was blown away and I thought that finally we were back to normal, then I remembered what that user told me and rightly so it only lasted until 8.30 AM or 9 AM I can’t remember…but I saw the weather switching like we all know it does at present ( by the way I also noticed that when the weather switch while flying is because the world map is also updating, but even then the weather injected is usually not correct with the real satellite data)

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Let’s hope more people will see your post so they can test and confirm if they see the same.

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yes I don’t know when for other people the right time would be. But if you are in Europe, I play in north west European server, and the time to test is from 6 AM (maybe even earlier than this) to 8 AM

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And by any chance, next time you test, if you could take screenshots with different clouds types and post them ?, so people that remember pre SU7 weather can compare and people that started using the sim post SU7 can realize how clouds were realistically depicted.


I’ll try to, but I play on Xbox so I have to take them with my mobile and they lose a lot of visual when you take them from a TV screen with a mobile phone

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This is the state of the weather at 15.20 uk time… exactly like at release of su 7. While this morning at 7 am it was pre su 7. What k8nd if work are they actually doing on clouds layers? This is the sorry state of the weather in Milan right now

Do you have any pre-8AM <SU7-like images for comparison?

no unfortunately as when I was trying to take one the weather switched to the usual and I was not expecting it to happen. but you can imagine the clouds being like pre su 7, very smooth, flat bottom etc… far far away from those photos I posted just above. But I mean right now I am observing the weather in game without flying and it does not match neither the world map or the meteoblue website that is reporting storms in the island of Giglio/ Italy west of Tuscany

Yesterday I was also getting very ugly looking cumulus ash clouds over San Francisco. Something’s up…

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So,so- as for me. Almost unlimited visibility between the clouds. It does’t look realistic.

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I know exactly what you mean. Early morning i always get the best looking weather. Later in the morning it switches to broken apart clouds. Will try and see if i can take some photos now in the morning. Recently came home from nightshift


there some examples of the weather early morning provided by Perry .
So this is how it looks before 8am

and after 8 Am the switch to the usual clouds with no variety


Very very interesting topic. I’ll try to test as well in early morning asap.


Will try to test it as well, It would be great if we’d all add the time of the screenshot in UTC.


Well if there is any proof needed to send to Asobo, it is this!

So the question is do they switch on some sort of “dumbing down the weather to reduce bandwidth” or something at 8am? Looks to me as if they do.


Yes, the switch happened at 07:04 zulu time, 08:04 UK time, My local time 09:04 Sweden. It’s around ENGM Oslo Airport.

Right before the switch. 09:03 my local time/07:03 zulu time

Right after the switch. 09:04 my local time/07:04 Zulu time

Has been like this since su7 actually. I’ve seen it many times. I think it’s data issues, server issue or maybe they forgot to change weather stream before that time 09:04. I’ve noticed higher winds changes at the same time several times a day at that same minute. It’s an update from Meteoblue data. Hope they realise it is an issue. They can’t fix that issue by improving cloudlayers, thats for sure.


Is the switch sudden?


Yes, it switches instantly. Too sad i didn’t record it. But now it will be easy to record. We have the time. Start record at 07:03Z