Weather like pre su7 before 8 AM UK time, photos and videos provided!2

looks like there was switch on your last photo

Can you summarize what this finding is by adding it to your first post? I’ve been following this and if indeed more users can confirm, I’ll escalate this. The first post should have a good summary.


I could try make a new test, but would be good if more users can confirm with photos/videos at the same time as well as @Hester40MT says. Many of the users either work or sleep at that time when the switch happening though.

Would be awesome to have this fixed :slight_smile: I will try stay awake and test at around 01:06Z and see if the switch happening back to pre 07:06Z weather.

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do i have to use real time or happens this then setting manual time to this range?

It’s realtime. 07:06Z real time it have changed for me. Manual time will not change live-weather.

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So the other posts I opened in this section of the forum, like the METAR disrupting the weather/ high clouds need some work done, and what happened to high clouds overcast and localized convection, might all relate to this one bug!!


Actually, thats what i think. They changed the Meteoblue frequency at the same time they implemented METAR. And that change in frequency could be the thing that caused the weather behave like this. We all blamed METAR “including me” because thats what we all knew were changed in su7. I thought the change in frequency meant hourly updates of data but in latest q&a we got answere that it changed from 12 hours into 6hours data.

Martial says the frequency will increase in su7. From september last year.

My opinion is still that less frequent updates will result in more realistic behaving weather though. That gives Meteoblue more time to process the data Meteoblue calculates. Well, many users needs the weather to be spot on though.

Hope they can fix this issue. Will make many of us enjoy the weather as we did pre su7 again i think.

I can give advice to devs to check what causing the clouds to change like that when it is happening in early morning zulu time. We can only show pictures and videos of it. We can’t show the data. I can’t even be sure it’s because it changing data to new data because we have not got any times when the change of those 6 hour data is happening. I only know for sure the clouds has changed for me at confirmed 07:04Z 2022 08 24 and 07:06Z 2022 08 26


Well, tested at 01:00Z in the US to be able to see the clouds. It’s night here in Sweden. I couldn’t notice any big difference

Could only see a tiny change in clouds at that time 00:55Z. Not a complete change in rendering.

Will do more testing.

Before the change

After the change


Hey @Perrry ,

Noticed this post… thought it might tie-in with the discussion here. I believe this is referring to Atmospheric Scattering applied at specific times of day (the key being specific times of day). IF that is actually happening (a BIG if), then perhaps some other setting is being changed whether intentional or not. Just a thought…


I can try at 07:06Z at a place where it’s 12:00 local time next time and see what i get? I think this is an issue with the data though. Not that it’s hardcoded. That haze maybe they have hardcoded because they not have the visibility implemented from Meteoblue. They have the visibility from METAR after su7. I thought they should implement the global visibility from Meteoblue instead. Would have been more realistic but maybe not spot on what METAR says. I think they can’t have both because they will interfare the other source of visibility.

I have noticed the visibility data is injected though but it’s invisible. I have checked with simvar.

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I didn’t have time to read through the whole thread from the beginning. Just saw a “time specific” issue and remembered that post I linked to. I kinda figured it was a long shot😊

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No problem, good if we can find the cause of that switch but i think only the devs can check the data they sends to us that we can’t see. Only way to find the issue i bet.

Edit, if you @PopsMcDaddyo want me to show that visibility data is injected i can post a screenshot with that but do you know a topic about that specifically? Maybe it’s an issue that it’s not shown? Or maybe they working on implementing it? I’ve noticed the visibility not match 100% with Meteoblue but when Meteoblue show low visibility the values is also low in the sim.

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No, I don’t. Just something to keep in mind while troubleshooting and looking for patterns.

Thank you for digging-in on yet another weather related topic. Great to know you’re on the case!


No problem, i think we all want the weather to be as real as it gets :slight_smile: I know i’ve seen better/more realistic than we have now. I also know i didn’t have those sudden changes in clouds pre su7. I also know they didn’t mention su7 should have more noticable switches in weather/clouds even that they implemented METAR. They also said the weather should be improved in su7 but i couldn’t see that improvement at all.


It would be absolutely fantastic to see “Bug Logged” against this and we can finally begin to hope we are on the first steps to getting our pre-su7 clouds back.

What we’ve seen here is that the sim is perfectly capable of depicting the clouds in the same was as it did before. What we now need to know is whether is is intentionally being told to “simplify” the cloud depictions at the time allocated, or whether it really is a bug.

I hope it’s a bug, I’ve not really flown in the sim since SU7 simply because I really liked flying in “mundane” overcast kind of weather that was depicted very close to reality. I soon got bored of the constant and predictable puffy cumulus and apocalyptic CBs that are all we get now.

If Hester can get behind us on this it will feel like all my Christmas have come early!


I think it also would be a perfect way to celebrate msfs 40th anniversary with an amazing weather engine as we know we had.


Couldn’t think of a better gift! I don’t care less about Top Gun, Spruce goose, Reno races or any of that stuff, haven’t even downloaded it. Just want to fly in realistic looking skies like we had before! Thanks for all your effort on this topic!


That were the main thing that made me buy this sim. The weather also behaved like real weather. It were a fluid without hard transitions. Now when i see a cloudfront it can be changed into some puffy clouds anytime.

I’m not completely sure it’s a bug. Maybe thats how it must be now with more frequent Meteoblue updates and METAR imolemented. I really hope it is a bug. If it stays like this switching between different rendering i will soon stop using it. I’m a bit tired of that the sim i like how it is, is suddenly changed into something completely different. Also really hard to report issues when nobody knows for sure how the weather engine works. Not even the devs knows for sure it sounds like in latest q&a.


As Hester40MT requested in a post above, if more users could please confirm the same issue than described in the 1st post it would be really helpful to escalate this thread to devs asap. Unfortunately I am not home so I cannot test myself. Also I hope this thread will get as many votes than Sim now seems incapable of rendering overcast using live weather &
METAR keeps disrupting the weather/ bugged weather/Cumulus/CB clouds only/no medium to high cloud coverage since those issues could have the same root cause.


I’m constantly at work during those “shifting” hours, but I’ll be able to test it tomorrow morning.
I’m gonna report back with any kind of findings.