Weather radar still doesn’t automatically update on Xbox after SU

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Brief description of the issue:

Through the betas and now the release of the SU, the weather radar still does not automatically update as it should, although the patch notes says it does. Only way to update radar is now change the range of the display.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Load into an aircraft, turn on radar and see if not automatically update unless changing the ND range.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Did you log this on Zendesk?

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I reported this while in beta. They logged the bug but looks like it didn’t get fixed sadly. that’s the only reason why I was hyped for SU8. 🤦🏻

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Yeah, I waited to report it since it was already brought up in the beta build, but since we now have the official release, I didn’t know if it needed to be reported again.

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Waiting on the confirmation email. Will update the topic with it once it’s there.

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It was probably just smart to re-log it. This whole bug reporting process is pretty confusing and convoluted.

Someone posed the question what will happen to all the beta bugs we reported. The answer wasn’t really clear.

Ugh I came to this thread hoping weather radar was updated properly. For anyone using the NXi mod is the nexrad selector fixed? Or does it just fill the screen with the precipitation colors like the previous build? I haven’t had a chance to test yet.

Tested the NXi, nexrad still does not function properly unfortunately either.

Hello, I’m testing the fix for the weather radar updating but i have a question. The weather radar is supposed to auto update or it only update when changing ND range?

Should be auto-updating, otherwise, it would be useless.

Oh, then i think is broken because it only update when i change the range in the ND.

Unable to replicate:

Tried default A320, rain preset.
I can see the radar updating as the screen updates from left to right.

Will try again, I’m sure is not auto updating. Thanks for your report

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So it looks like is broken for me, is not auto updating. I’m on xbox

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I’m on PC, so it may be something related to the XBOX specifically. If other PC players start to comment on here as well then we’ll know whether this bug is platform irrelevant.

Yeah, i will ask other Xbox players if they have the same problem as me to open a new topic for xbox platform.

I’m having the same problem, still not working on Xbox. Sorry English, I’m Brazilian

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I have been testing the beta update and i noticed that the wx radar still not auto updating on xbox, now it updates only when changing the ND range. In pc is working.

Duplicate thread… Mods, can you close this thread just to keep things concise?

Hello! Could you provide repro steps or more details on your parameters? Thanks!

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