Weight and balance profiles

It would be nice to be able to create a profile for weight and balance settings, and to be able to set it as default. It’s annoying having to manually fill the tanks and adjust my pilot’s weight every time.

Also, it would be nice if new weight and balance settings weren’t applied until an “Apply” button is pressed, so that way if you accidentally type “500” instead of “50” in your rear baggage compartment, you don’t tail strike yourself before you’re able to fix your mistake.

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I agreed. Retyping information every flight does not make sense.

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Also, the default distribution of weight is crazy in the airliners (where I’ve noticed). It’s putting the same absolute weight for every class, not even scaled by the average number of seats in each class. This means that, with the slider, the aeroplane is almost always out of CG limits in low fuel situations.

This is a little old, but I totally agree. What I’m seeing (and maybe I’m missing something - fairly new to FS2020) is that the default empty weight CG is often the issue. Been flying an aircraft whose empty CG in real live would be around 20%, but sim always resets to 25%. It isn’t the default weights in the various seats / baggage area, it is the empty weight CG setting. If you start off really tail heavy, for example, a normal load will probably be tail heavy as well, even though the load would be normally no problem. In real life, the empty CG (and empty weight) will vary at least slightly from aircraft to aircraft of the same model (depends on equipment, accessories, etc). The aircraft flight manual will give a graph for weight and balance calculations, but each aircraft will use that same graph but with a slightly different starting point. It would really be nice if either the developer could specify an empty weight CG, along with the empty weight, of their model. If not that, can we at least be able to save our weight and balance settings for our aircraft? (My apologies if that is currently possible, and I have just not figured out how…)

Yes, profiles would be a great addition. Voted.

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The big use case I see for W&B profiles would be in GA aircraft, being able to have profiles for:

  • You (solo)
  • You plus your instructor
  • You plus your significant other
  • You plus your significant other plus kids
  • You plus your friends
  • etc.
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Ok, I need to confess to a little confusion on my part. My memory was that the empty CG of an aircraft I flew 20 years ago was around 20. I finally found a flight manual for this aircraft that was actually legible, and I was partially right. FS2020 uses 25% aft of the leading edge of the wing chord. The aircraft I flew had an 80" chord, and the graph of CG limits vs. weight used inches aft of the leading edge. Coincidentally, the empty CG for this aircraft was usually around 20", which is (wait for it…)… 25% of the chord.
So, while I still would like to be able to save my preferred load configuration, my concern over the empty CG default of 25% really isn’t so valid. Sorry for the confusion on my part. I only have 2 third party aircraft so far, but I did find the .cfg file where the default weights for each seat are supplied by the developer, so, technically, I believe I can tweak this file for my own default load if desired, but it would just be nice if there was a “save as default” button in the GUI. So far, haven’t found where this is saved for the aircraft that come with the bundles. The sim obviously knows where to find these…

You may want to give this topic a look, too:

It doesn’t specifically mention CG, but I would say that that’s implied in a weight and balance topic


I actually have another, somewhat related, wish. I would love to be able to change the weight & balance, after, say, landing at one airport, but before taking off for a different airport, without shutting down the whole sim and restarting from scratch. Am I missing something (I admit to still getting used to FS2020)?. Haven’t found a way to get back to the W & B without going back to the starting menu…

This is something super simple that I think would streamline every flight. Generally, default aircraft config is too light and can affect how the plane feels.

Increasing the weight slider adds unrealistically even amounts of weight to every seat. The only option is to manual edit each field with reasonable weights, which is easy - but time consuming for every flight.

It’d be great to have a set of preset config buttons for each aircraft… It’d save a little time on every flight and allow users to test how aircraft fly in various configurations…

Default - 1/2 Pilots, 50% Fuel
Normal Flight - 1/2 Pilots, 50% Passengers, 50% Fuel
Ferry Flight - 1 Pilot, 100% Fuel
Max - 1/2 Pilots, 100% Passengers, 100% Fuel

( In retrospect - the King Air was a terrible example, as there’s only 4 pax seats and no cargo field, for trying to max the weight :stuck_out_tongue: )


Presets would be great, as well as being able to add custom presets.

What do you think of this? edit: woah, I just realised I was the last one to post on this last year! ha!

It would be nice if you could save weights per aircraft and save different profiles just like you can with the weather.

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