Well I can tell you what they still haven't fixed

You think it will be fixed by 2023? That soon ? Wow… Didn’t expect such quick fixes.


The fix for the A330 is documented here:

I bet they didn’t fix the mouse disappearing bug either. That’s been around for months and should be a simple fix.

He’s just a mod dude

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My world map does not look like this at all. I zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. Does this appear when you zoom only with the keyboard? Curious.

Fbw doesn’t even load for me. Stuck on blue bar screen since update

It’s because key/mouse mappings are not set up for zoom in out. Any easy fix.

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because if you’ve ever worked in software development, especially for a major title like MSFS, nothing ever takes only 5 minutes to fix properly.


No I’m still on stable version

That’s the point though - it hasn’t been updated yet and hence why it doesn’t work


It’s in no way shape or form addressed to the moderators who are doing a pretty amazing job given the circumstances so I’m not sure what you want from me. Flagging as inappropriate? My my how sensitive everyone has become. Curious about which part exactly is considered to be "inappropriate ".

I assumed that since you were directly replying to a moderator’s post that you were speaking to him exclusively. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

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Except… there really is no competition anymore… this sim is so blatantly ahead of the rest of the pack in my opinion. They’re doing the very best they can to give us the best experience ever, and that’s some huge undertaking.


Delighted to see there are still forum members who keep a positive attitude in these difficult times :yum:

And by the way

I’m on PC and I see these 2 buggy buttons… until I click “more” (or keyboard SPACE)

It actually was, by all formal means: you directly replied to a forum moderator (perhaps unknowingly or accidentally).

That‘s just how the Internet and particularly forums work: you reply to a person and the consensus is that whatever you write refers to what that person wrote. As simple as that.

In fact, if you want to reply in general to a given topic… well… hit that „Reply to Topic“ button instead :wink:

No never had this problem

I’m not seeing this anymore either. Maybe need to reset your keyboard and mouse bindings to default to fix.

Is it just me who sees this persistent problem?

I have never seen that before.

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