What Addon are you waiting for on Xbox?

the mod which add the possibility to get quests, earn money, pay for airplanes and fuel :slight_smile: I love the sim but I would love it more if it get a Manager mod :smiley: create your own airline, fly routes for money. I know there is a good PC mod for it :slight_smile:

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New airliner for xbox! B77W has been published in the marketplace update!

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It’s CS… I’d stay away

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Yep been burned once. The original 777 200 has a mind of its own!

Did Xbox get anything new this week? It’s 9:30pm est and nothing…

Update typically at 8pm PST. List of content can be found at the bottom of the blog

Hope you like 777 Frankenstein edition redux.

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■■■■■… why they dont care about the xbox user… only garbage since weeks… no Piper from Just flight, no update for seafront, no Piper PA-44 Seminole, no dc6, no update from seasons etc… they want that marketplace is dying.


I can cross two more airports and the Bird Dog off my list of stuff I want on Xbox, which I already bought for PC.

Still a lot to go though…

Wow the captain sim 777 300 doesn’t even come with liveries


So False Advertising ?
On my Xbox in the Marketplace it literally says the 777-300 has a growing number of freeware liveries. Whatever that means. Propably the same text as in the PC Marketplace, just copied it without thinking about it.
(I did not buy the plane)


Neither did I but theres definitely no liveries with it. The first release at least had about 10-12 real world liveries on it and it looked good.

Just avoid at all cost and if you must buy one get the 200 version.


Captain Sim 777-300 was a let down. Only one livery :frowning: Should of just given us another aircraft if this was the case. I guess PC gets all the fun only.

Does anyone know if TPA is in development for Xbox?

Is there any decent commercial planes in the works fro xbox?


Aerosoft CRJ is planned. Aerosoft is a pretty serious dev so it’s good news, they probably have even more planned for Xbox in the future.


That’s good news. Can’t wait for the Crj on Xbox !

My wishlist is definitely about new quality airliners. This would include a mcdu overhaul which I wish the native jetliners would get also ….

Some info if or when flying iron’s P-38 Lightning is coming to Xbox?

I believe they originally said 4-6 weeks after is comes to marketplace for PC. It’s not on the PC marketplace yet… and I don’t think a 3rd party dev has made their originally stated date yet because of hold ups on the Asobo/MS side.

Word of advice - don’t get too excited for any add-on not on Xbox yet because who knows when it will actually get released…

We can say now that the Aerosoft A330 is confirmed for the Xbox



Sounds promising, perks me up as x user, thanks for news