What Addon are you waiting for on Xbox?

I have, and I can say, from my perspective its totally worth it… Better runways(used) and better Lightning
Go for it Chap!

Im really hyped for the old


hopefully they will release IT soon ob x Box.
Best Airport ever !

i got the standard version of the flight sim (but still waiting to get a series x lol)
i live close to Frankfurt in germany, so EDDF is my place to go, but i read that only in the deluxe edition of the game the frankfurt airport is handcrafter/detailed

can you separately buy the “more detailed” airport in the xbox marketplace (official or 3rd party) ?

Guitar , i am too. German ? Or Just for the Job here?
Greetings aus dem schönen Taunus !

gude, ne lebe schon immer hier, rhein-main bzw hunsrück xD

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737… can’t believe Microsoft flight sim is so lacking on airliners

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Hessepower :smiley: Wetteraukreis.

But back to english. No, you are not able to buy specific content from the deluxe version.

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If a third-party has created the same airport then you can buy it separately from the in-game marketplace. I should look it up as I don’t know if it exists. But Asobo’s “official” handcrafted airports are only available in the Deluxe and Premium Deluxe bundles. I purchased the latter with all 10 additional aircraft and 10 airports and Frankfurt does look amazing (although keep in mind that framerate suffers on Xbox at these very detailed airports).

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So I checked but there’s no Frankfurt on the marketplace. You have to buy the Premium Deluxe upgrade or bundle for that.

Just bought this so will see what it’s like tonight! :+1:t3:

There is so much already I haven’t seen but I think I would like some more enhanced airports in South America and in Span. I already have the Madrid and Barcelona upgrades, would like something for other airports in Spain

I think I had this by FlyTampa on both FS2004 and FSX. It was amazing. I worked out there in the early 90s. The approach was incredible. You had to sit on the right of the aircraft and as you turned at the checkerboard you looked straight into people’s flats, it was very close!

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More aircraft certainly look like they are on the way. For me, we need Air Hauler 2 or similar - career mode…


alright, thank you very much

I’m waiting for the a32nx of fly by wire to be launched again and run on Xbox. I’m also looking forward to the launch of Fenix SIM 320 and run on Xbox. I also hope to have some landscape plug-ins and navigation data support


I don’t believe fenix intend to support xbox at this time :frowning:

Maybe it will support,but we should wait.
On the other hand,A32nx is also a good choice.I think it will support Xbox soon.


How frustrating is it having to wait for these Addons? I have just taken possession of my Thrustmaster HOTAS One, amazing, would like to be able to map the buttons but so much better than the Xbox controller.

I am enjoying the landing challenges though. Lousy scores all Cs.

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It is up to MS / Asobo with the marketplace updates. Just sim has every thing delivered to them and i think the other company too.

Yes it’s worth it