What Annoying MSFS Bug/Flaw still remains in 2023

I see the flight controls being blocked by the right mouse button has been dismissed as ‘partially resolved’. Except the ailerons and elevators are acknowledged to still be blocked - basically the only two things that really matter with this bug.

It was introduced in SU5 with game controller support for XBox.

Issue was improved but not completely resolved - most plane controls should now stay available while in cursor mode for a second peripherals, with the exception of Elevator and Aileron controls.

As those are mapped to the same axis than cursor control on gamepad (LStick), we have no easy way to free them for another controller. Will potentially revisit this in the future.

A basic feature you need (to be able to fly, and look around) has been broken since SU5, because of XBox support.

To me that’s not really acceptable.
How could control bindings that I don’t even have be a conflict?!

Also, as this bug does not apply to the external view of the aircraft (you can still change your view AND operate the controls), perhaps a solution lies there.

There IS an easy solution if, as they say, it is the gamepad mapping is conflicting however. A simple toggle option would overcome it instantly.
Do you wish to use a gamepad? No. Done…
If you use one, well then perhaps this will continue for the time being for you.

How many more years now will we wait until they revisit this issue?
Unfortunately, I feel, that any new topics regarding this will, I would say, just be merged into the main thread.