What can I expect from SU5?

Hey all :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for long story, I just want to let you know all details

I’m coming here because while I’m very hyped for next Update, I’m also in the NEED for it. after watching the Video and article about it, I start to fear that it will change nothing to me (or that it will make it worse…)

My PC; Got it Last year, based on ASOBO’s System requirement they posted last year before release, I am slightly above the “Recommended”


Nothing is Overclocked and I don’t intend to.
MSFS Runs on a Dedicated SSD

I used to Run the Sim in “Ultra” without much problems, then, after SU3 or 4, It got worst, Freezes/heavy stuttering and even CTDs in worst cases, when I’m on ground, but mostly when on on descent/low altitude, Final, Taxiing, and Bad weather.
I lowered Sim Settings to Medium/Custom, and also did tweaks on the PC itself following Guides on YouTube or Internet. Its Way better (Smoother) but not perfect…

Last week, I had Optic fiber installed where I live and so, I stated Live Streaming (Which ALWAYS been my Dream, I stopped streaming years ago as my Previous Internet speed was too slow)

After Many tries to Fix OBS (Freezing/crashing, probably caused by firewall as now that I allowed OBS through it, no more Issues) I can finally fly for long times with OBS running, Viewers being happy with the stream quality. But now I’m facing, probably, GPU related problems (OBS encodes with NVENC)

Either I have BSOD with “Video Scheduler Internal Error”, Or I have the PC monitors going black, sometimes it comes back normal, or it CTDes MSFS and come back, or it Dont come back at all and I have to manually shutdown the PC… I also sometimes have other Issues, but I’m persuaded its GPU linked, Always happens when Arriving (Close to the Ground, scenery loading etc)

So I checked the Task Manager, I will tell you why I fear that SU5 would do nothing to me (I hope you will prove me wrong):

On the Dev Q&A video is says:
SU4 has CPU at 100% and GPU is 75%, SU5 will lighten CPU to make GPU take all the load at 100%

In my Case (Without OBS Running):
CPU:75% or more, GPU: 95%-100%, Memory ~80%

Since my GPU is already suffering, imagine with OBS :open_mouth: … and so, I don’t want to imagine after SU5… CPU load transferred to GPU …

I just started Streaming and I don’t want to stop, I actually put the future of it on SU5 to be able to fly to NY, Paris etc, Without PC Crash

So, will the SU5 also brings overall performances improvements? better optimisation? will I get benefits from this update too?

To the people who would suggest me to Upgrade PC, Please, PLEASE, Very please, with a cherry on Top,
I live in a country where it’s hard to get Affordable PC Parts. Also, as I said earlier, My PC is based on the “Recommended” PC Specs :wink:

P.S: Sory if there is Typos or anything, I’m writing this at 1:30am.

Thank you in Advance!
Regards, SkyLane


Great question I also have a 1650S I7 4790K
32 GB ram it’s on my old system. I run it medium with ultra clouds it runs good. Also have a 10700KF 3080 32GB ram. I’m just wondering the same thing about people with older GPU will SU5 help them?

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I think only the Devs will be able to answer that question, and it’s unlikely they will before the release in a few days. You’ll just have to see how it works.


You are right, but I am being invested into LiveStreaming and I don’t want this dream to go away as I waited years to finally have the Optic Fiber, I wanted to get comfort with SU5 video, but it only given me doubts. I guess I’ll have to wait few more days :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering

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As you, Medium with Ultra Clouds :smiley:

From what I understand is it will depend on how CPU bound you are at the moment.

Currently 1 core gets hammerd hard limiting the frames it can send to your GPU
I beleive SU5 will share the load better accross all cores enabling it to push more data to your GPU.

With my 8700k and ti1080 I’m primarily CPU bound with my GPU running at around 75%
I expect that after SU5 my GPU will run closer to 100% so I’m hoping to squeeze anbother 10%-20% fps out of it.

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It sounds to me that your problem isn’t with the sim, it’s that you’re streaming while playing. That is a massive increase in workload on your CPU and internet connection, think of it as a 50,000 seater stadium, with 100,000 fans rammed into it. There’s going to be problems…

Asobo only recommend what you need to run their game, you should have bought a machine to the max you could get, I have a similar setup to yours and it all runs smoothly on medium to high but I don’t, nor will I ever, stream anything…

Sorry if that comes across as harsh…


That’s a very good point. It’s ok getting a pc that fits Asobo’s recommendations… or a pc that fits OBS’s recommendations, but you need one that will happily do both together. Maybe 32gb of ram would be better? I’d say 32 is better for MSFS anyway, nevermind while streaming.


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I agree with the 32 GB of RAM, it helps with DCS and helps with MSFS too. I used to use 16 GB but now use 32 GB. Personally I wouldn’t get a new rig without 32 GB these days. If you do have 16 GB you may want to consider 32 GB, it’s a good (and relatively cheap) upgrade. From what I have heard though it’s best to replace all of your RAM and not add to it. Keep in mind that RAM speed is somewhat important (though more so with AMD, Intel not so much), some say RAM speed is more important than the amount you have.

i9-10900KF / RTX 3070 / 32 GB DDR4 RAM @ 3200 / 1440p / SSD - I’m running maxed out aside from resolution scale at 100.

I have quite a powerful system but if I went with 16 GB of RAM I feel I would run into issues trying to play at the settings I do now.


According Devs and AFAIK SU5 will mainly lower the pressure on CPU side (and I hope also some on GPU side), so less CPU spike at 100% usage for the mainframe core like currently. That’s mean CPU will not anymore slow down the other processes including the GPU. It can only be good whatever configuration you have. The GPU will have more room to manage more frame (or to manage OBS which use CPU and GPU resource).

In any case I strongly suggest to limit your framerate on GPU side whatever method you want (vsync, fps limiter in NVidia CP, external program, etc.) to eliminate stutters. E.g. if your sim oscillate between 35 and 45 fps, limit it to 30 and you’ll have a smoother experience, and your GPU will be able to breath between frame so will run cooler. Win-win. People have a tendency to let their machine run without limitation and complain about stutters which is expected. The CPU time management change for each frame, same for the GPU one, as each frame have different time of render, so without an fps limitation at the end of the process you see what you asking for : a random time between each frame. Being limited by the GPU (through vsync, etc.) is the way to go for a smoother experience.


I am not expecting much but I think the high end rigs will benefit the most.
Running an i7 10700KF 32gb RTX 2060super.
GPU is already pegged where I have to find myself OC to reduce latency.
Still a performance drop with Aircraft glass cockpit equipped but nowhere as bad as my old cpu.

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I’m not in beta but I think you would still see some benefit of SU - the total draw call # has dropped as well so it may mean the rendering pipeline is more efficient now, which could show a few % perform improvements even though you are already GPU bounded in SU4

I think the biggest benefit of SU 5 to everyone is hopefully the significant improvement in min FPS when landing/taking off and many fewer stutters

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I wonder that as well as I’m thermal limited on my laptop. Currently the sim runs at 72c to 82c CPU temp, similar for GPU, while using 30% CPU and 80% GPU. I’ve got a generally smooth experience at high settings at 1080p with terrain detail 100.

I have boost disabled (max processor state 99) to prevent the CPU overheating and thermal throttling to kick in. However for example BeamNG triggers thermal throttling even with boost disabled.

So kinda worried FS2020 might cook my CPU more after the update on the 27th. I have 32GB ram so while using less memory is great, it won’t do much for my situation. I guess I can always slow down the CPU more or maybe they’ll fix the frame rate limiter (doesn’t seem to have any effect atm) to get back to a stutter free experience (in case thermal throttling starts happening)


From the video they shown there was also a reduction in cpu usage so I would be more worried about the GPU being hammered after SU5.


I expect my mojo to come back


Thank you all for your answers :slight_smile:

About getting 32GB of RAM: I wish, but its not possible, having this PC was thanks to MSFS announcement, my previous PC was i3-4330, GTX750, 8GB RAM, and had it since 2014, as you can see, I can’t upgrade very often :slight_smile:

IF CPU gets Delighted with SU5, maybe I will be able to change the OBS Encoder from GPU to CPU? (I did that once to give it a try, did not ended well…)

But I still hope that the Overall Performances will be improved.

I really hope so

Are you saying it runs on 1 core?, If SU5 shares the load better as you said, I think that it would really help for everyone

I can’t wait for the SU5, I just hope to have benefits from it, having my GPU running at 95% already, its scares me…

Regards, SkyLane

It’s tough to tell what’s going on with your setup without knowing all of how it’s configured. I run an i7-4770 with 32GB RAM and a GTX 1650 Super OC and I get smooth performance without any stuttering, with everything on Ultra (1080) and I consistently get between 25-40FPS depending on what aircraft I’m using. I don’t know that the SU5 will fix much for you. I think it’s going to boil down to your config.

Well, we will see, I’m really Hyped for it, but also I start fearing I wont see much improvement according to my current TaskManager results and Q&A. Someone came on my Stream today, after chatting about my issues, he said DirectX12 support could improve performances and help… I personally know nothing about this, so if anyone can share his knowleges, he is free to :slight_smile:

Regards, SkyLane

Unfortunately we won’t get DX12 on the PC version for a while. The Xbox version will have it on day one (27th) and it’ll be added to the pc version later. It may not help you anyway. I know you said more ram wasn’t possible but it’s probably your best bet and it’s a reasonably cheap way to upgrade.


It took me a while to figure out how to get mine to be smooth. The problem is I could tell you how I did it on my system and you could replicate it, and you might still get unsatisfactory results. But I’ll be happy to share and hopefully it does help.

In order to get a good balance between CPU and GPU utilization, I left most of the work up to the simulator rather than dumping it all onto the GPU. I set everything to Ultra except for Water Waves, which I set to Medium. Both scaling settings in the sim are set to 100. I turned off VSYNC in the sim, and turned it on the NVidia control panel, and set the max FPS to 60. I also run MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner, with Riva set to 60fps. This is to optimize the GPU utilization. I also run Process Lasso to optimize the CPU utilization. In Process Lasso, you have to wait until the sim is at least into the main menu before turning off Windows Dynamic Thread Priority Boosts OFF. The last thing I did was turn off Full Screen Optimizations in the properties of the Flight Simulator executable.

I have to eat dinner right now, but afterwards I’ll write up a detailed setup and some snapshots of my NVidia Panel and MSFS settings for you and post it here.