What can I expect from SU5?

Hey @TroyairOne , I’d gladely takes you help :slight_smile:

About what you said above (the Tweaks with VSync and Full Streen Opti), it already done (I did others things but I forgot what it was)

I do not have process lasso, but if I get it, it will be the free version, is it the one you have too?

The guy on the stream said that too, that we have to wait til September for DX12 on PC :slight_smile: But he was pretty confident saying that with DX12 manages the simultaneous operation of the GPU and the CPU to really use all the performance of the PC.

I decreased a few mor setting, even setting Glass Cockpit refresh Rate to Low… I feel like am stuttering when in No Visibility

Regards, SkuLane

I hope the upcoming update makes a difference (& DX12 too)
What do you have rendering scale set to? I always find that’s the biggest FPS killer & keep mine at around 70-80%. I fly in VR though which is quite demanding


Reduced Render Scaling from 100 to 70 :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

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On my 6 cores 1 is running at 100% whilst the others are between 50-80%
That one core at 100% causes the game to be cpu limited.

Overall cpu is usage between 60-80%

Interresting, I haven’t cheched if thats the same case on my end, how can I see that on the Task manager btw?

I hope Next Update Fixes that, if CPU load gets decreased, I might be able to sent OBS to the CPU Encoder, but lets not yell Victory just yeat :stuck_out_tongue:

Regards, SkyLane

Yup using task manager

I mean, where on the TM can I see how much Cores are are work?

yes, am not really used to TM, haha :slight_smile:

also, I will only be able to try tomorrow, so I’ll give you the result after that :wink:

Regards, SkyLane

Click on the performance tab in task manager, second one, next to processes (dafault)

It gives me this currently (comparing boost disabled, vs boost enabled) in the Norway bush trip

It’s limited by the last core, bottom right. The graphs assume the full range though (up to 3.8 ghz) while I limit my CPU to 99% max processor state to prevent thermal throttling (the huge dips on the right causing massive periodic stutters)

Speed vs stability is the challenge with FS2020. Sometimes it’s better to be GPU limited to smooth things out, but GPU load can vary wildly as well.

Hey, Actually, I was asking to have the Core Display as it shows this way:

Right click and select change graph to logical processors, that should give you all cores.

Indeed, I feel stupid lol

I will post it tomorrow with MSFS (and OBS) running :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your help!

Reagrds, SkyLane


Okay sorry for the delay.

So first of all, I need to say that I actually did not get these settings to work quite properly until after I turned off VSYNC in both the simulator and the NVIDIA panel and loaded a flight and then exited it before setting the VSYNC settings as per below. I’m not sure why that worked…or did anything of value at all…but it did. :woman_shrugging: So I would start with that.

These are the settings I have in MSFS. None of the lower settings seem to make much difference in visual quality. It looks beautiful except for when there is sun glare on the instrument panel, which seems to be a bit grainy but is still livable.

The settings in the NVidia panel are pretty straight forward. Earlier I sad that I had set the MAX FPS in here to 60 but after I looked at it to get the screen shot I realized that I thought it would be better to allow RivaTuner to cap it instead. It made no improvement for me when I set it to 60 in the NVidia panel.


The main thing that ended the stuttering for me was setting VSync to Fast. There are occasional stutters that I think are attributed to the fact that I’m running this on a HDD instead of SSD. Because of having a HDD I turned the Rolling Cache off, which made a huge improvement on its own.

The next thing was to make sure that the Game Mode and Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling are turned on. By now I think most people are aware of where to find this but for anyone who doesn’t, it is easily accessed by going into the Start menu and typing “Game Mode” to get to the Gaming Mode settings.

Now with the Flight Simulator Executable (for those that don’t know), you must make sure that Hidden Files and Folders are set to Show in the Windows Folder Options before it can be accessed, and it may actually require editing the security options for the Windows Apps folder under drive://Program Files/Windows Apps, as well as the Microsoft Flight Simulator folder in the Windows Apps folder. For liability reasons, I will refer people to consult other sources (Microsoft Knowledge Base) for information on how to do that. Once that’s done, you can right click the FlightSimulator.exe file in the Microsoft Flight Simulator folder under Windows Apps and select Properties. Then set as follows:

Check “Disable fullscreen optimizations”.

Then click the “Change high DPI settings” button, and then check “Override high DPI scaling behavior” and leave it set to “Application”.


Click OK, then Apply.

Once that’s all set, you can start the sim. Once you’re in the Main Menu, start MSI Afterburner and then RivaTuner. Locate the Flight Simulator in the RivaTuner window and select it, and then set your desired FPS there. Now my GTX 1650 Super OC was factory overclocked, so I just left MSI Afterburner on its default settings.

The last thing I do before I go to load a flight is start Process Lasso and there are a couple things to make sure are set in there. Process Lasso is free with only a 10 second nag window that goes away. The settings are as follows:


If you are unable to turn off Performance Mode in the main Process Lasso window (it might tell you that you have to close Flight Sim if this is the case, but don’t close it), ensure that “Induce Performance Mode” is unchecked in the context menu of the FlightSimulator.exe listing in Process Lasso (outlined in red in the above image).

With these settings, I am able to average 35fps in city (Seattle for instance) with the Icon a5, and average 30fps with the Citation CJ4 (Working Title). The only thing I haven’t been able to figure out is how to get better frame rates with the amazing Aerosoft CRJ (Love this airplane). In large city areas I can’t seem to get more than 20fps with the CRJ but once I’m in air it’s solid at 40+, and nicely at 28-30fps in smaller cities. With the CRJ the bottleneck is all in the Mainthread, and it’s the only aircraft I have that gets limited by Mainthread. I think performance will increase with lower graphics settings in the MSFS settings, but I can’t bring myself to lower the settings because it’s just so beautiful and even with the CRJ and 20fps, it’s smooth and still feels fluid, even when landing and taxiing at larger airports like SeaTac and DIA. Utilization of CPU and GPU is pretty balanced at an average of 60-70% each, with some spikes on GPU to 90% from time to time.

As someone who worked for years in IT as a technical writer, I know I can do a better write-up but it would come off as too technical and wordy, so don’t judge me on this post LOL.

I hope that this at least helps to some degree. Once I got it running without all the stuttering I fell in love with the simulator all over again and can now enjoy me some flying. I really love the Icon A5 and flying low around cities and landing on water and such, but my flights in airliners are much more fun and immersive now.

Let’s all hope SU5 brings even better performance for those of us without the means to buy the big fancy systems.


Oh, one more thing that seemed to have helped… I used the Windows Disk Cleanup utility to empty the DirectX Shader Cache after I did all this. Sometimes this can get crammed full and corrupted so deleting it once in a while definitely helps.

Edit: And one more thing I forgot: Make sure your maximum Virtual Memory in Windows is set to at least as much as your RAM (32000MB) to avoid CTD’s!


Wooaawww Thanks, I will have a look at this tomorrow!!! Thank you for your time @TroyairOne

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Everything is perfect except for Game Mode and HAGS in my opinion.

Game Mode simply averts things like Windows Update from starting an install during gaming and it turns on Focus Assist which I loathe.

HAGS is also known to cause spikes and stuttering and is fairly well documented as such.

Both really only show any improvements to very limited systems.

Lastly, I think some of that shadow grain isn’t at all preventable.


Yes, Game mode should be disabled according to all Tweaking tutorial I seen :wink: HAGS I havent seen this that much tho, I can’t tell

Regards, SkyLane

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Honestly I tried with Game Mode and HAGS off and it was worse for me. I don’t really understand the inconsistency across different systems with that. :confused:

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…one more thing I forgot to mention previously…

You have to set the settings in Process Lasso every time you start the sim with the free version. Other than that all of the other settings should hold, but the changes to the flightsimulator.exe properties might get overwritten when the sim is updated (but who knows, maybe they won’t be necessary after the update?)

From what I can gather the update will particularly help cpu limited systems and those with less and presumably slower ram. This in turn should help gpu limited systems too although it’s anybody’s guess to say exactly how much. As I won’t be streaming and don’t expect to be simming at anything above 1080p I am confident that my 16GB of CL 16 at 4000MHz won’t come under any pressure whatsoever. By my calculations the extra speed I have is equivalent to an upgrade of 8 - 10GB of slower ram.


Don’t think it’s inconsistency.I just think higher end rigs do not benefit as much from HAGS and game mode on.
Installed process lasso on my PC a few months ago.Makes little to no difference for me.Runnimg an i7 10700K.
I think those with very powerful rigs will benefit from SU5.
Hopefully everyone benefits but if you’re already gpu bound it may not offer the improvement you’re looking for

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