What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 1)

Yeah the NX add-on isn’t working correctly anymore (or so I’ve heard) due to changes. A shame, I wanted to switch to that but had the sensibility to wait until after SU5 to see if it would still work first. I’m glad I waited.

The only thing I had to adjust is that the spoilers toggle doesn’t work anymore (only retracts spoilers). An extra button assignment to extend spoilers fixes that.

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Next three US flights in my Great Lakes loop in the Cessna 152 are Mackinac Island to Beaver island , Beaver island to Houghton, and Houghton to Duluth

I’m choosing to skip Chicago because by basically hitting Beaver island I’m visiting that lake anyway plus I have had constant bad luck with live weather on approach for Chicago it got so bad I was on final during a tornado plus my plane got hit by lightning also on a different flight into Chicago on a flight before that

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Continued learning the Fly by Wire Airbus now after it has gotten this beyond awesome hyper-impressive cockpit update!

Gorgeous and impressive masterpiece from every angle after this full cockpit overhaul with new 3D models for the seats new texturing full hydraulics EICAS page and so much more.


“What did you do in MFS today?”

Nothing. My CH Pro Throttle stopped working after the Hot Fix. It still works in other flight simulators, but not in MSFS 2020.

So now I’m doing nothing in MSFS 2020.


My throttle quadrant is a little bit twitchy too since the update, and does not react in a proper way anymore.

What did i do in MFS today?

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Did some testing today to see if I could get my VR video captures to upload to Vimeo (eventually I did get it working, but at half the resolution I can upload them to YouTube due to differences in what formats/resolutions they want).

Will do a little VFR flying in regular 2d mode later. :slight_smile:

Great story and cool to see how knowledable people can think of solutions like you explained.

There’s one thing missing from your post…I WANT TO SEE THE VID!! lol

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went to do a quick edit and upload, only to find the audio failed to record. grrrrr. sorry

watching aircrash investigations etc, always made me respect how those pilots think on their feet and go about rapidly figuring out remaining flight time and distance, or finding an airport in an emergency… ie the real test of a pilot and how well they know their plane… when things go wrong. So, it was nice to give it a shot, and nicer that it was not planned so I really was working against the clock. It’s funny, I was just about to start setting up random failures to problem solve


Do you still have the video though? Even without sound I’d like to watch.

You clearly are far more knowledable about planes and how they operate than I am. However what I like to do, is make video fly overs of photogrammetry cities because I know people who don’t have the game love seeing their hometown in a video game form and in detail. I like to end each video with a random forced engine shut off so I have to make a quick decision as to places to land.

I give myself an honest challenge most of the time and often times I end up getting the crash screen. It’s all good though b/c sometimes I’ll do some really tough landings and actually not crash and it’s a very rewarding feeling.

Your story was detailed and really put the reader in the scenario you were in.

I tried to do a flight from KFLL to TJSJ and got 3 consecutive CTDs for the first time, I NEVER crash. So I was very excited about that and promptly said, I wont fly until this is fixed.

Over the past few days I’ve flown several FSEconomy missions in British Columbia, enjoyed the sunset in my home of San Diego, and explored Stryn, Norway (diagonally due to the heavy crosswind!), while tinkering around with graphics settings. One very cool thing I noticed is it now tells me what planes are being flown by other online players even when it’s not a plane I have myself (such as the Strike Eagle and DC-6), as opposed to simply saying “Generic” like before.


Nothing yet, but thinking through the ILS tutorial videos I have watched yesterday and continue learning VFR for airliner flights, continue learning how to handle and program the FMC-computer and do ILS landings with the Airbus - in a few hours when I have time :slight_smile:

Awesome screenshots of course will follow!


What did i do in MFS today?
Nothing! Because the game is broken!


After giving my young trainee his next flight lesson in the C152 (he’s a natural!) for some fun we fired up the A32NX, which I’ve been trying out in prep for his request.
To my disgust and despite problems with the mouse misbehaving the little **** pulled off an absolute greaser and parked it correctly on stand too! All done manually with no autopilot input at all! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Methinks a challenge coming up here! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Went to Niagra Falls with the 172 float plane , landed between the falls and the bridge, put down rudders, turn and took these:

Pretty sad the 1st falls looked like they were frozen and the horseshoe falls just look like they were painted on my a pre schooler.


You should try some touch and goes with the 172 floatplane on Sodus Bay NY area take off from Williamson Sodus and head nor east

I was flying along the East Coast yesterday heading south look for all those ufo’s that the navy boys were yapping about on the History Channel, as I was taking off for my last run I discovered these:

See then hovering there about the 11 oclock. And a couple of seconds later they just woosh disappeared from sight. LOL


Animated water, with some new particle effects perhaps, would be great. I wonder if anyone in the community is working on such a thing?

In one of the Q and A’s they said they were going to improve the weather vastly, so I would think that once they can get the sim to run for everyone that they will start with the rest of the visual upgrades in the future.

I just wish they would add the ground scenery like there predecessors and and competition have light poles radio towers roads that arent green and the list goes on and on and on…