What did you do in MSFS today? (Part 2)

MSFS Iceland Bush Trip


Fort MacKay and Athabasca River, Alberta, Canada last evening - real-time, real-weather


Dauphin Lake and Provincial Trunk Hwy 5, Manitoba, Canada


What scenery for Bloem is that? I flew there with the default, and it was not so nice?

Felix Airport To Nnamdi Azikiwe in the Fokker F28 4000 late last night

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Turks and Caicos To New York (MBPV-KEWR) Aboard the 737-900ER in UAL Colors.


You might think my landing could have been a wee bit neater … but have a look at the windsock:


Miami to Grand Bahamas. Very quick flight. Too bad there’s not freighter variant for the ATR.


Nnamdi Azikiwe To Maya Maya in the Fokker F28 4000

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It’s payware and I think it was Caelus Aerial, though I’m not in front of my rig so I’m not 100% sure

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Thanks. Yes it is Caelus Aerial. Many thanks.

Haha… good point!

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Congratulations on your rudder pedals. Yes, it will take some time to get used to it. But then it’s not possible to go back.
Also I use now twist to look left-right. Just a tip.

My third flight with the Fenix A320, but a great flight nonetheless.



Flew to Crater Lake in Oregon. The product of a massive volcanic eruption 7000 years ago, it’s pretty big and very deep.

On approach it doesn’t look all that big but once you’re over it …

… it seems a little bigger.

Landing was a slightly nervous experience because the surface is pretty calm and judging my height above water was basically guesswork. Hey, if I recall correctly from the DC3 they did actually have radar altimeters in the 1930s! Why did nobody tell Grumman?

The buildings in this shot are boathouses IRL, located on the lake’s Wizard Island - you can see the slipways in Bing Maps. Apparently there are boat trips on the lake during the summer. What I couldn’t see, either in the sim or in Bing maps, was how people get down from the car park on the other side of the crater rim to the cove where they pick up their lake ride.

The lake is five miles by six so finding enough water for take-off wasn’t too difficult. Just remember that you also need some distance for the climb-out over the crater rim. It varies in height, but it’s always at least a bit high, so pick your direction wisely and leave yourself room to climb over it.


Nightflight done, back at Airbase Meiringen Switzerland


CJ updated the Typhoon the other week, even a few more Spanish liveries. Ole! Also enjoyed some of the scenery of SE Spain. Armilla AB to Son Sant Joan (Palma de Mallorca).


Flew my first proper route using the rudder pedals from Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) to Malmö Sturup (ESMS)

I might need to either calibrate the pedals so that it would send smaller indications or train a lot more with it, because my inputs seem drastically huge. I completely ruined my landing when I tried to use it to better align with the runway.

Full video later here:


The Longitude is terrible in crosswinds especially. Unrealistic behavior. There is a mod for the C700 where the rudder movements are limited, but I am not using it due to other problems. I am rather limiting it in the joystick settings.

I normally remove the cross-wind (if I can) before landing. On Vatsim if you are you using real weather it is not an option.

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