What do you expect in SU6

not that much CTD on pc and xbox, and fix the missing jetways when arriving at the gate. thx I‘m happy then so far +nm distance to go in fms would be great!

Flight Plan Management. It’s unusable, WT CJ4 apart.

I expect also a Better Load and Fuel Page and System in the Menu

SU6 will be released tomorrow (tuesday) afaik ??

Decaying fps on longer flights to be fixed.


Can I say “what is in the release notes”?

Yes that’s correct :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would think that since it’s getting released tomorrow, they would have the Release Notes stickied to the top of the forum.

The published release notes are, of course, for the beta that is currently being tested. They also say that the actual update may not be exactly the same - so don’t get your hopes up too high!

No doubt there will also be a few “mini-fixes” that don’t appear in the notes as per previous updates.

default ATC update.

I expect that Asobo has been working hard to ‘fix the community issues’ when in fact it will only have been some in the community who wanted a specific fix/change and so when Asobo ‘fixes’ the problem it will cause many other community members to complain about ‘the new bug’ Asobo just introduced whether it be the intentional change or an unintentional side effect of that change.
and around we go.

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My sim is finally working after weeks spent debugging and optimizing every single aspect of it. I even upgraded to win 11 so much I felt better now. HDR looks better, found the reason I had stuttering sound . And now that I have access to my bios I finally turned on XMP (I have 64 GB DDR4 3600)which gave me a big boost making any flight in any conditions smooth. Now here comes SU6 and I know I will have to do this all over again. :rofl:

I would expect the expected. The release notes of what SU6 consisted of were posted weeks ago. Anything outside of what was outlined by the developer team would be a bonus.

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While the lighting inside the clouds is an issue, there’s also a massive rasterization of the color gradient.

Obviously they made changes to the rendering engine to adapt for XBox. Here’s what was discussed on the MS SDK Q&A platform . I’m not an expert, but what I am seeing in the images provided there may well explain that extra compression introduced in the colour palette for SU5 that is being used to render is now introducing the artefacts we are seeing.

If you are interested what the dev’s have to say, support this for the upcoming Q&A:

Provided this isn’t solved with SU6 (and there’s no hint in the release notes so far), here’s a thread dealing with the issue to upvote:


Yeah, I’m really confused as to why people are posting what they’d like to be fixed by SU6?.. As several have noted they’ve already told us everything that’s fixed in SU6, and it’s basically in the can and coming out in a couple of days. Won’t be much more in it than what they said would be in it, it’s possible even less (but not likely).

Not that I disagree with what’s being asked to be fixed. If it’s not on the list, it likely won’t be there. Doesn’t mean it won’t be in a future release…

sooo i just wanted to fly from venice to the canary islands with a b747
i nearly reached my cruise FL … but then: CTD (xbox series x)
i say to myself “no problem, i will just load my savegame i did 1 hour before…”
but then: my whole IFR/mcdu planning is messed up / gone

the CTDs happen on almost EVERY SECOND FLIGHT i do (i mainly fly long haul flights)
and you cant properly SAVE AND LOAD this game since essential data is missing and your flight is messed up for yourself/ATC

i want to quote the latest Q&A
“We are paying attention to crashes; we have a zero-crash policy.”

this is worse than cyberpunk…this is SCAM

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Not quite 100% correct, They have given a list of SOME of the major things they have addressed in SU6, but there are many other Bugs they have fixed, that are NOT on that list.

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I don’t expect much to be honest. Maybe a few things broken. ATC needs a complete overhaul and it’s my main beef as it’s pretty much useless as it is. And that won’t happen on this update.

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Fix blurry lights on 4k and (super-)UWs. Been broken since release. Gives a headache just flying for 10min as the eyes try to focus those unfocusable lights. Notes reports fixed, so x’ing fingers…

On the Release Notes, they mention “fixed gaps between some ground surfaces”.

I’m wondering what that is in reference to: the huge gaps in terrain bug, the (relatively) smaller cracks in certain coastlines/ground terrain bug, or the flashing, dashed lines that can be seen in all airport aprons and runways. Maybe all of the above?