What do you fly the most?

I have open a new Diskussion for High Detailed areas

Maybe you have something for that!


First TBM930 modded WT IFR in Europe
Next DR400/180 VFR
Waiting for JU52

I’ve been flying the DA62 a lot, with the DA62X mod. I usually tend to fly airliners, so I’m almost surprised how much I’ve been enjoying the DA62… it has a good mix of capability (you can really go places) and challenge (you have to pay attention to the weather much more than in a jet).

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Yeah that’s a bit of a shame. In terms of visuals it’s a beautiful aircraft, and if you don’t care an awful lot about flight systems other than the basics then I think it’s a pretty good plane in the sim.

FBW A320
Asobo Caravan
FlyingIron Spitfire

Gonna check out this Vertigo that has been mentioned, looks fun !

I leave good old C152 and Savage Cub in the hangar now, recently switched to…

Cessna C172
Zenith CH701
Cessna Citation CJ4
Grumman Goose
Blériot IX

Routes: short flights, everywhere, no single place.

CJ4 with Working Title mod - better than payware aircrafts :wink:

For testing purpose EPWA - EPKK, EPWA - EPGD, KLGA - KLGA.

FBW A32NX but that will change once the PMDG 737 is released I think. Can’t wait.

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FBW A32NX mostly.

For GA:

  • DA62X
  • TBM 930 Mod
  • JF Arrow III

For sightseeing:

  • JP C152
  • JF Warrior

Very special mention to the WT CJ4. A fantastic aircraft with an addicting and almost perfect NAV system.

I fly a little of everything, but usually not anything larger than the CRJ (which I generally pretend is a business jet). My current favorites are:

Piper Seneca
Caproni C-22J
Bede BD-5J
Zenith CH701 STOL
CRJ 550/700
Piper Arrow (both regular and turbo)
Aermacchi MB-339
Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante
Cessna Citation CJ4

As for where I fly, pretty much anywhere but I try to keep each leg to 30 minutes or less.

Britten Normen Islander, all over the Caribbean. My home base is TQPF, Anguilla.

Beech Bonanza
Beech KA350

i like low and slow mostly, so fly the bell 47 and cessna 172.
i do enjoy the odd landing challenge in the big jets.

bell 47 helicopter

Italian mini jet C22 J

both well worth grabbing.

I definitely fly most with the TBM 930, second would be the CRJ 550/700.

Doing 1-2 hour flights mostly within Europe or US. Usually between handcrafted airport’s. Have done some flights in the Carribbean and an around the world flight!

95% of my flights are in the Aerosoft CRJ.

I fly the Longitude almost exclusively…

TBM 930 and now i am learning WT CJ4

CJ4 with Working Title mod, C172 (Steam guages)

For me the most used one is the TBM 930, doing local flights within South Africa. But after the performance boosts, I’ve started to try get the hang of the 320NX, since now I can actually fly it with decent game performance.