What is going on with live weather?

Really, really nicely demonstrated. Good pics.

Pictures of clouds looking similar are not proof of live weather working correctly. There are many more aspects to the weather. I could care less if the clouds look similar if the wind is wrong, temp is wrong, and pressure is wrong.

And seeing as you don’t care about live weather working, your comments about live weather either working or not working are meaningless.

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Yep, I don’t care… :yawning_face:

I’m out!

Metars are not 100 percent accurate and many have only update every 30 minutes and only cover the area immediately around the airport. As a result you can’t really use metars to determine the accuracy of the weather system in msfs2020.

I use windy as a good comparison and in Australia it’s off… maybe a few hours?

Yes cloud appearance is not just enough but in my first answer I was also mentioning that the other aspects of the weather were also accurate most of the time in my area.
Flying around here, winds and temperatures match local observations, not just a feeling but I am talking about IRL flight measurements prior to the 2nd lockdown and monitoring of local weather stations.

Nothing is a 100% accurate but METARs are the most up to date and reliable info we have, I don’t believe the Meteoblue data is updated more frequently.

Sure METARs don’t always reflect reality and are observations and not forecasts, but at this point there are three different realities, the weather in the sim, the weather reported in the METAR and the actual real life weather. It would be nice for the sim to at least reflect the most current METAR properly as a start.

That said we have to understand that “no clouds detected”, “sky clear” or CAVOK do NOT mean the sky is clear and sunny, there might still be high level clouds. CAVOK is given for example if there are no clouds below 5000 ft or highest MSA.


I don’t understand your posts on the topic, you obviously don’t care whether live weather is accurate or not. And maybe you don’t have the problems others are facing. In my case the real world weather, that whats reported in the METAR and the weather in the sim are three completely different realities, on top of that the lightning in clear skies is really annoying.

If you don’t care about these issues or don’t experience them yourselves, what is the purpose of your posts here? They certainly aren’t very helpful. It’s better to continue scrolling on the forum until you find something you are interested in. May I give some suggestions:





I kinda’ wondered a bit about this myself. Someone saying weather doesn’t matter and they concentrate on their flying is a bit puzzling. Weather is such a huge part of flight planning and flying.

Getting back to the topic, I hope that some work can be done on the live weather. Variations of pressure, temperature and delayed weather I can understand. But what I’m seeing is local conditions that neither were nor will be on given days–even in general terms. If the whole day is clear and a million, I’m a bit surprised with the sim showing 8/8 and rain.

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There must be an issue with the meteoblue tiling and timing. I am sorry to repeat, right where I am the sim is really close to IRL measurement at least on the first flight of a sim session.
Today in southern Vosges we have a strong inversion. Local weather station measures an OAT of 12°C at 1200m (3900 ft) so does MSFS, average winds on ten minutes 12 kt at 120°, I get winds from 6 to 10 kt at 140° which is not so OFF for me. Very high above, the cirrus layer visible on the west side of the mountain range has a similar look in the sim. If I go down in the Rhein valley under the inversion, temperatures decrease and I get in low clouds similar to those I can see from my window. So this makes the immersion very enjoyable…

However: when restarting a flight during the same session, I often loose the live weather, get a clear blue sky and wrong temperatures and it has been the case this morning after my nice immersive flight. I suppose the sim is going back to the clear sky mode even though it tells me that I am in live weather. Sometimes I can make 3 or 4 consecutive flights with live weather in the same session, sometimes only one and that is for sure a real issue but I know it has been “zendesked”.

The only Live Weather airport weather parameter that appears to be coming from current METAR is wind direction and speed, and though it sometimes is an exact match, sometimes it is not. Pressure and temperature have never matched current METAR exactly, sometimes they are “close”, sometimes very different.

This has always been the case on my system. If I back out to the aircraft selection screen and change aircraft or airport, Live Weather is inop on reloading 100 percent of the time. I have to exit the game completely and re-start.

If I do not exit the scenario - simply refuel after landing and then continue flying the next leg, then Live Weather continues to work.

Live Weather?

What the sim says!

I could get a screenie with one snowflake after many attempts.
As you can see live weather in the sim says it +15C and no precip. I always get +15C

What you read in this weather window is not what you have in the sim when the sim is under live weather. You have to look at your instrument to know the actual conditions in the sim: OAT for temperature, set the altimeter to the known altitude of the ground in order to get the pressure. For the wind, if you fly with a G1000 or similar you can get the information on the screen (PFD, wind dislpay…). If the plane does not have an instrument like the G1000 you can check your ground speed with something like Flight Events. Facing the wind in level flight, the difference between true indicated airspeed and ground speed is wind speed as far as I know.

@PierrePhot68 Okay, thanks. I was not aware that that window was useless! Bugged?
I don’t see any weather information in any of the c152 gauges. I guess I need to try a different aircraft.

On the c152 you have an OAT thermometer at the top right of the windshield. It is analogical with a needle and reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
Once the altimeter is set to the known altitude of the airport, you can read the pressure in both mb and IN-Hg on the altimeter (zoom in, you will see).

Okay, found the thermometer! It says 0C when actual is -4C but that’s closer than +15C. :smiley:
Thanks for your help.

If you don’t move and you keep the engine on, it will read higher temperatures than the actual OAT due to warm air around the cell ! :smile: Just kidding, I don’t think it goes through that kind of realism but who knows…

:smiley: :smiley:
We have had 10 cm of snow since 6 am. It is cuurently 12:46 pm.
There is a heavy snow fall warning in effect since yesterday. Expecting 5 cm more by tomorrow morning.

No snow in the sim though!!! :astonished: :astonished:

I understand there are some accuracy issues with the weather engine, but, Ceiling and Visibility OK for VFR seams pretty accurate here.