Whats up with flightsim.to?

It’s been down since yesterday afternoon. It wouldn’t load yesterday and all day today it’s had a scheduled maintenance message. Anybody heard anything?

Working for me at the moment, but they do have this posted so clearly having some issues they are investigating.

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Yea they are down

It’s been up and down all day, it’s up now but not for uploads.

Took me a while to figure out it was on their side because i could go to the main page but NOT to “my downloads” page. Thought they locked my account or something, was trying to brainstorm what did i do wrong lol.

Can’t even load the page at the moment. It’s going up and down for a few days now

Today it won’t let me download anything or log in - but the page loads - broken javascript?

Noticed that I get ads too now which never noticed (maybe isn’t new but I hadn’t had the pop up type before) since these issues have started so I’m wondering if servers and/or plug ins are causing problems.

I do think when now got a payware section, which I personally think is a good step, it is a bit cheap (if that is the right word) to also subject folk to ads and a 13 or so second wait to download.

Makes browsing on a phone a pain which I often do just to look at what is new without loading up PC. Even just in general though I feel the site has becoming less user friendly which is a shame. Obviously it’s not big things but does just add extra hassle to the users which I though the point of FlightSim.to was to make everything easier for users.

This is certainly one way to drive users away.


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You’re lucky, I’m 423 in line.

The queue goes quickly. This does drive home the point to be very efficient once you’re in there. Double-check your downloads are up-to-date and get what you need that’s new.

if it stays that way,i will remove all Liverys i have postet for free…
i even can´t go to my Files :-1:


To many takers, not enough donators. If you care about the site as a resource, put your hand where your wallet it.


That’s what a shop/payware tab and ads do. Subsidies the fact that a freeware site is used… for free.

I totally get the principle but there is putting out an appeal/ gradually making changes, while engaging with the community to find the best solution OR suddenly adding ads, payware and a wait all in super short time frames, with little input of community. They instantly go with the latter.

Basically going from being one of the gems of user friendliness to an absolute nightmare to use. I have been trying on my phone for over an hour to get onto the site just to look at what is new and any time even go to a new tab never mind leave chrome the site is kicking from que. That’s not how other wait systems I have used worked.


Henrick’s updated V2 shipping mod has been downloaded from FS.to 80,121 times since it’s MSFS native release 2 months ago. It’s presently 1.38gb

That represents 10 TB.

110,566GB. From one mod.

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I don’t understand what even getting at, the data from mods isn’t some cumulative build up that takes more and more space with every download.

That’s over a space of a year or so of the site being up. The 110,566GB of data is all small chunks sat on individuals PC’s not some server our PC connects to each time we load the sim. So that isn’t 110,566gb sat on their server. Sites hold the zip file, you download a copy of it.

I am not saying that it doesn’t take resources to keep up, but having friends who have ran sites much bigger, all for free, I know it can be done smartly without harming the users and those hosting.

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Bandwidth usage costs money.

I know @Vibstronium . My message literally says that right at the end I know takes resources… I also gave plenty of examples on how that gets mitigated.

Have fun then.

Like many people, I have used this new website a lot over the last year. However, I also felt they were rather pretentious in suggesting to uploaders that files should be considered exclusive to them.

It was as if they were deliberately saying “up yours” to legacy sites, not even attempting to work with those sites, but rather trying to eliminate or usurp them.

Perhaps then it is time for people who have been around this community for a very long time, to reconsider their choices when they are creating and uploading files for the community.

I am not saying that files should not be sent to this new site. Rather I am saying that files should be uploaded to several different sites, especially those legacy websites that have supported and encouraged our hobby for decades.

Yes, I know these older sites may not have the modern look or feel, but they have stood the test of time and have literally supported this hobby and kept it going. In many ways we are standing on the shoulders of the work done by these legacy websites. And it would only be appropriate for uploaders of files to diversify their storage options by also supporting these legacy sites.