Where's New York after SU5?

I was approaching 31R on KJFK today. 4 Nm before the 31R threshold - still no sign of a New York City.
Everything is running smooth and with ULTRA settings but the game just looks awful after SU5. New York City not visible 5 nautical miles from air? And what happened to the clouds? They look so ugly and cheap even on ULTRA settings now.

Ryzen 3600
Fury HyperX 16Gb 3600Mhz
GTX 1660 6Gb

no add-ons
all updates done in the content manager


Does the JFK airport need to be installed. Mind was not after update

Check Content Manager. There are new World Updates to download.

Nothing is missing there. Everything up to date. City shows up only when you get very close…


Airport is ok.

I flew over New York after the update and everything looked fine. Everything was drawn as far as the eye could see. I have seen no issues with graphic downgrades, pop-in or anything of the sort. My only issue is the wild swing in frame rate when you change view to the left or right.

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Can you make a screenshot please? 5 nautical miles from 31R KJFK threshold or close?

Since the update you can’t see New York from JFK, that’s so bad …

A comparison I found:

Before SU5 (you can see Manhattan in the background):

After SU5 (background is flat):


Tnx! So, it’s not a bug? Strange, but games usually look better after the updates.

This is the LoD nerf so they could make this run on xbox. You can edit your UserOpt.cfg and crank up these values to get that level of detail back. I run 3.5.

Plenty of talk on the forums right now about doing that. A quick search will get you there.


Go to your install location, by default will be …\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache

Edit UserCfg.opt

Change LoD Factor to something higher. 3.5 is my pref.
Save file, then (IMPORTANT) Set file to read only. Restart the sim and see if that helps.



They have reduced the viewing distance A LOT to have the game run on Xbox.

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Don’t expect it, because when you see it you will be even more disappointed.
Absolutely no photogramemtry.
10900K, 64GB ram, 2070 super, ultra graphic, 90Mbps Internet connection, everything up to date.

Check your live data, mine was off after the first update, and again post hotfix.

You’re getting that wild swing in frame rate when you pan because of the scenery pop in. Because of the new system, scenery loads every time you pan the camera. It’s not always easy to see but if you look carefully you’ll see trees and vegetation popping into view soon after you pan the camera

As a track IR user, this is really horrible. My system is so ■■■■ under utilized right now its not even funny.

a 4gig 1060 w/4core CPU is all you need now to run this with the way the nerfed the ■■■■ out of the graphics. For fun I throttled my 3900x back to two core, two thread, running at 4.4ghz and ZERO change in performance. Also haven’t seen my GPU use more than 3.5gigs of vram post update, regardless of settings / LoD.



It’s running like utter trash on my Intel/Asus/Nvidia build CPU is barely utilized and it just crashes on my 1080ti 11GB. Not surprising when it’s ported from an RDNA2 APU though really. They clearly never tested it on some setups. I wonder if it’s just the AMD rigs that are benefitting. Rest might just be due to downgraded visuals on the rigs that actually work and are compatible. Been a long time since I’ve seen a port come over from console and then brute force it on general PC hardware. That APU is a bit too specific to be porting anything from it IMO. They should have just went with two different builds. Would have been the smart choice.

My only issue is the wild swing in frame rate when you change view to the left or right.

Sounds like you don’t have enough VRAM so are swapping when changing view angle. Open developer overlay to confirm with real VRAM commit and allocation.

I can go up to LoDFactor 4 without stutters. But even on LoD 6 the difference in quality is minimal. Before SU5 update there was a big difference between LoD 2 and LoD 4, ground textures were in much higher resolution when looked above FL200. I know the that they have been degrading the quality of the distant objects and textures with every update but i never belived that they will go this far… Such a shame :frowning:

Makes sense to me now. This is why they switched the VSYNC swap chain for World Update 3 and broke GSYNC and never bothered to fix it. Asobo never intended to keep the PC version going. This has been the plan all along they just knew if they told us we would riot. It was a big mistake to not keep the PC version separate and just have crossplay.


That is not the case.The sim is using half of my 8gb and doing the same thing!
Happening to me even when the sim uses just 5-6gb of vram.
Was happening to me sitting at Antarctica in the c172 with just 2gb used.