Which Aircraft are at the top of your wishlist for third-party devs to make?

Never heard of this before tbh. Just googled the specs and think this is just my sort of ac. Smallish (9 passengers) but decent cruise speed.

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Good PA32 II TC steam gauges/WTT G1000.

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I see DC Designs are bringing the Hawker Harrier which is another fav of mine. I had an Airfix 1/32 scale model of it that I put together 50 or so years ago.


I would love to see these BUT…

NOT from Wilco

NOT from Carenado

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You might want to try the DCS one - you can try anything for free for a couple of weeks every six months, it’s a pretty spectacular experience.

I’d take pretty much anything DeHavilland ( any of them, but at this point more the original because there’s plenty of expressed intent in DHC already ) made or had a hand in as part of HS or BAC, but there are a number of core SDK issues that need fixing to really unlock a lot of potential first.

The Ercoupe 415C has been modeled by BrSimDesigns. IMO it looks great – well worth it for epic screenshots – but the sounds and flight model are off, according to folks on the thread on it. There are some recommendations on config tweaks for the adventurous!

Thank you for the update!! I really appreciate it!! Actually I have it already lol. Agree with what you say, a lot of it is very well done but it’s got a few issues. My problem with it is the landing, it wants to keep floating like a glider nstead of settling onto the runway. Irl it sinks quickly. Still excited this model is out but hoping for an update to fix that floating issue.

Thinking outside of the box here a bit, but if a jet waco ever came to MSFS, I’d definitely fly the hell out of it.

There actually is a real life jet powered bi-plane - the PZL M-15 Belphegor.


Mildly terrifying in a prehistoric sort of way.


PZL are Polish. Sikorsky bought them out some time ago.

They were used for crop spraying and if memory serves me correctly those big tank-like things on the wings held the spray.

DC Designs are also making the F4 Phantom which I also had a 1/32 scale model of by Revell. I live in NZ and got this from the UK but when I opened it one of the clear plastic canopies was broken so had to send to the UK for a replacement which arrived after about a month. This was in the early 1970s.

Still waiting…

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This really looks like there are cats living inside…

777 the most

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The Collings Foundation B-24 “Witchcraft” every warbird enthusiast knows of this only airworthy B-24

Definitely a must buy

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I for one would love to see a Convair CV990 if only just to look at it, it’s such a looker! Chances of one are probably really slim as the market for it is probably very niche just like in real life. If it ever happens JustFlight would be my best bet for the ones to make it and I will definitely be thrilled if they do!

Speaking of JustFlight, the VC10 they’ve made for previous sims will be an instant buy as well!

I’ll just leave this here