Which is the Best Offline ATC software/add on?

I use Pilot2ATC with Ivona and Cereproc voices (used it also in X-Plane) and I like it a lot.

Hi all,
OK it’s now February 2021, so which is the best offline ATC program now please.
I used to use vox ATC in FSX and p3d, I really liked the way it gave me a pop up box telling me what ATC had spoken to me and gave me the text I needed to speak to move forward, obviously for experts this could be hidden, it used navigraph data to stay up to date and controlled the ai traffic, so I’m looking for something similar in msfs.

Read this topic first and then ask questions. :wink:
There is nothing new on the market then Pilot2atc.

I did read the topic, there were 2 up and running and 1 potentially coming soon, but that was last year, so I was asking if there had been any further developments or updates that made one stand out as the best, thanks.

There is a need for a realy good and users friendly offline ATC, but there are no developers who want to put there teeth in it. :wink:
For now the standard MSFS 2020 is the best there is.
Pilot2atc has an old and not so users friendly interface.

OK, thanks.
I think for the time being I will try the ATC phraseology mod.

Pilot2ATC interface is quite good. What’s more important you don’t need to interact to much with the interface when flying, because you communicate with ATC with voice, any other way of interaction would be highly unrealistic for me.

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How do you turn off the MSFS ATC off if using Pilot2 ATC? I can’t find it on the audio settings!

PF3 by Aerosoft is by far the best IMO. Takes some getting used to regarding setup but once you do it a few times its easy, and theres lots of AI voices that don’t sound entirely like robots.

I now tried both P2A and PF3 and honestly…both ■■■■. A lot.

The usability of both is straight from the 90s. Unintuitive and both horrible ugly UIs. Way to many niche options that are not needed in 99% of cases but clutter the whole ui.
Both are expensive and P2A doesn’t even offer emergencies. This is a feature that is scheduled to be added since 2018 appearently. Pf3 has no Navigraph integration which is baffling and has such a convoluted stupid hotkey system that I am not sure if it is funny or sad.
And on top of that this hotkey system can only understand a US keyboard layout.

As much as the default atc sucks it does the whole UI thing SO much better especially when using VR.
Pf3 has a 192 page manual and can’t assign approaches automatically because it doesn’t know any.

According to the Q&A it can take quite a while until the default ATC will be improved in a meaningful way but I will probably stay with it until then.

And I really wanted to like at least one of those programs, but as good as the devs might be at programming the core atc itself, they have absolutly no clue regarding usability and ui design.

I guess for that to change new devs need to start like WT and flybywire and the old sims have to die.


Please select OPTIONS-GENERAL from MSFS menu to open the GENERAL setting form. And set TEXT-TO-SPEECH SETTINGS of SOUND on that form to OFF.
Alternatively, please select OPTIONS-ASSISTANCE from MSFS menu to open the ASSISTANCE setting form. And turn off ATC VOICES of USER EXPRERIENCE on that form.
With these setting MSFS ATC works just by hearing no sound, so close the MSFS ATC window during your flight.

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They are so outdated! :disappointed:

I know that MSFS ATC is not realy what we want at this state.
I has many things that are not working as it shoot by, it’s incomplete and has a lot of bugs.

But P2A and PF3 are so far back in time and not worth spending money on it.

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Awww… It’s disappointing that a year has gone by and ProATC/X still isn’t available for MSFS 2020. Have they given up on it? I can’t find a peep about MSFS 2020 on the Pointsoft web site.

Im still hoping vox atc comes to the party, I found using that in FSX and P3D really good.

It’s so very old software. :sweat_smile:
They have to do a lot to bring Vox atc to the year 2021 and make it compatible with MSFS2020.

I purchased a slew of the Ivoinia voice sets, works very very well with P2ATC

With a bit of fiddling you can get Amazon Polly voices working in P2ATC. Absolut game changer, even compared to Ivona or CereProc.

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I have Pilot2ATC, a few IVONA voices, and FS-ATC-Chatter (just the audio files controlled by Pilot2ATC).

I currently still leave ATC in sim on and get the ATIS from the sim instead of PIlot2ATC as it matches in sim weather. PIlot2ATC uses IRL METAR data for ATIS. In sim ATC also gives a bit more background ATC chatter. As long as I don’t initially contact the in game ATC it leave me alone.

I tried REX weather force. But it still has sync issues with ATIS, is not good at transiting weather and is not as dynamic as in sim weather.

The Asobo devs recently mentioned two things that my help in sim vs external app weather sync. One, they are gonig to redo how METAR data is ingested on the back end to hopefully have it more in syc with current IRL weather. Two, there is talk about a weather API. This could allow software like Pilto2ATC to access in-sim weather conditions instead of using IRL data and hoping it matches.

All in all its a nice setup, that allows me to talk to ATC or use a menu system, I can also keep up the display and it will show me what my read back is. But I try to keep it hidden as much as possible.

I’ve looked into Amazon Poly for voices but have not yet tried to implement it.

The Amazon Polly voices sound great and are probably the most cost effective option. However, the setup can be quite tedious and you may need to launch and relaunch P2A a few times for the Polly voices to work. Not a big issues once you know what you are doing, though!